20 Types of Asian Massage Therapy Near Me

20 Types of Asian Massage Therapy Near Me

Asian Massage Mesa has been looking forward to the day when we can open our doors to clients again. Now, we’re happy to say that we’re starting to reopen our spa according to local, state, and national rules.

During the time that our spa was closed because of COVID-19, we worked hard to update our already strict sanitation and safety standards. We also think about every step of your service experience to make sure we meet your needs in a way that is focused, safe and follows government rules.

Before we go into more detail about the massage parlor secrets you need to know, let’s first talk about what an Asian massage near me is.

What is an Asian Massage?

You might have guessed that an Asian Massage, which is also called an Eastern Massage, is a broad term for many different types of massages from all over Asia. Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and other Asian massages are usually put in this category. Shiatsu, Thai, Balinese, and Thai are all kinds of these massages.

All Asian massages have one thing in common: they all try to find the root of a problem by balancing the energy meridians. Then touching certain points on the body. Once the problem has been found, therapists hit, roll, and put pressure on the area to reduce inflammation and make it feel better.

In general, Asian massages are more intense than Western massages, and the therapist has to “discover” the problem instead of being told where the pain is. A lot of Asian massage therapists will suggest Yoga and Tai Chi along with massage for even more relief.

What are the Best Massage Places Near Me?

There are a lot of Asian massage shops all over the United States. The best massage parlor near me is easy for a client to find out by going to one of the Asian Massage Stores.

Even if you’re busy, you should still take care of your body. If you can’t do it well, don’t worry; visit an Asian massage store. It will help you find a good massage therapist in your area. At the best massage place near you, you can get a luxurious massage.

What to expect at Asian massage?

No matter where it is, it usually starts with a table shower. Nothing feels better than having hot water poured over your body while you sleep on a soft, stuffed table. Every square inch of your body is cleaned well, except for your face. The hot oil is another pleasure that gets into all of your backside’s nooks and crannies. I liked getting a good massage on my toes and soles, which most people can do well.

What is a table shower Asian Massage?

A table shower makes 5 to 7 shower covers that are attached to a long metal bar that tells me where to hang the shower rods. The bar is set up on top of an unusual, waterproof table for a massage that uses trash for the water. You can choose to use all of the table shower items as part of hydrotherapy at a spa.

Depending on what you want, the therapist will move a bar to direct water to different parts of your body. For a more general experience, you might use a handheld showerhead in some hotels.

If you can, always ask for this treatment after a body scrub to increase the amount of products you use before massaging them into your skin. But if you want a full-body massage, the table shower will warm you up, make you feel better, and give your body all the pleasure it needs.

Different 20 types of Asian Massage Therapy

1. Thai Massage

Thai Massage
Photo Credit:cgtn.com

Thai massage is a type of massage that has been used by the people of Thailand for thousands of years. It is a mix of yoga stretches that are helped, Ayurveda, and acupressure. Thai massage is done without oil and is based on a system of meridians called “sen” lines.

Thai massage may also involve being massaged by the therapist’s feet while they use a metal rod attached to the ceiling of the treatment room to support their weight. Most of the time, the sessions involve stretching with help and applying deep or rhythmic pressure.

Most Thai massages are done on a mattress, which may or may not have a place to rest your head. Some people may find this less comfortable than a standard massage table.

2. Shiatsu Massage

This famous type of Japanese bodywork puts pressure on specific spots on the body with the hands, fingers, and palms. Each point is pressed for 2 to 8 seconds.

Shiatsu massage therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine. It uses acupressure to stimulate the body’s energy flow and bring it back into balance. Shiatsu massages are different from most other types of massage therapy because they do not use oil or lotion. The person getting the massage wears loose clothes, and it can be done on the floor or on a low massage table.

Shiatsu is known for helping people deal with stress and the health problems and diseases that come with it, such as insomnia, arthritis, back and neck pain, sciatica, and even sinus problems.

Shiatsu may help boost energy, speed up the healing of injuries, and get the digestive system going.

3. Tui Na massage

Tui Na is a type of Chinese massage that helps the body’s patterns of discord get back into balance. This massage aims to balance the body’s yin and yang, like acupuncture, but without needles. This is done by manipulating certain energy points in the body.

Tui Na is done by pinching and pulling on the body. Practitioners don’t use needles to stimulate energy points. Instead, they use their fingers. Tui Na massage is a whole-body treatment, which means that it balances and heals the whole body instead of just focusing on one spot.

Even though this is true, it doesn’t mean that Tui Na isn’t good for certain injuries and illnesses. Tui Na can help people with headaches, IBS, PMS, breathing problems, sciatica, and musculoskeletal problems. Even though “pinching and pulling” sounds like a bad thing, Tui Na is actually one of the gentlest forms of Asian massage. It can be done on people with weaker bodies or even on children in some cases.

4. Soft Massage

Soft massage is almost always done to help people relax. The massage is great for people who have never had a massage before because it uses slow, broad strokes to gently get rid of tension or stress.

Your massage therapist will work with you to find the right amount of pressure for you. Your massage can be soft and gentle or strong and firm, depending on what you want. Moisturizing cream or massage oil is used to stop the muscles from rubbing together and make it easier for the therapist’s hands to move over them.

5. Massage in Swedish

Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massage therapy around the world, and this is also true in the west. The main goal of Swedish bodywork massage is to make the whole body feel relaxed. Long strokes in the direction of the heart help blood flow and increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. They also make the body more flexible and improve circulation.

Swedish massage is done by putting pressure on the body in circles with the hands and kneading, tapping, bending, and stretching the body. Your Swedish massage therapist will use different techniques based on what you want and what you need.

6. Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is sometimes thought of as a very simple form of acupressure massage. This is because it is based on the same ideas as acupressure but only focuses on 26 points instead of the 300 points that acupressurists use. These 26 points are called Safety Energy Locks, or SELs, and they are all along the energy pathways of the body.

A Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner will hold a few of these SELs in his hands and gently massage through them, letting the client feel the flow of energy, which can be both relaxing and healing.

7. Medical Qigong

A very old part of Chinese medicine is Medical Qigong. It’s been around for a few thousand years. Medical Qigong is based on ancient Chinese philosophy and theories about meridians and points, just like acupuncture and Tuina.

Medical Qigong is a term for a wide range of healing techniques, such as breath training, psychosomatic exercises, meditation, and guided visualization. These techniques are used to help people feel healthier and more balanced.

The people who do this Asian massage in Miami are trained in how to transfer and replenish Qi as a healing art, which is different from the self-Qigong exercises that are taught for personal use.

8. Massage of the feet

Reflexology massage of the feet can help people with leg injuries feel better and relax. It can also help heal those injuries. This massage is a traditional Swedish massage that focuses on pain in the toes, ankles, calves, thighs, and knees, as well as arthritis and other conditions. Stress and worry will leave your body and mind when you get a foot reflexology massage.

9. Therapy for trigger points

Trigger points are tight spots in muscle tissue that can cause pain in other parts of the body that don’t seem to be related. If you press on a trigger point in the groin, the pain in your lower leg may go away. In the same way, a trigger point in the back can cause pain in the belly.

Trigger point massage therapy uses isolated pressure moves to find these sources of pain and get rid of them. The person getting the massage takes deep breaths and talks with the masseuse to find the referral and trigger points.

The result is that tight muscles get less tight and painful trigger points hurt less. Even just one treatment can make a big difference in how much pain someone feels. Regular trigger point massage therapy is a great way to help people with long-term pain and other problems.

10. Integration of structures

Structural integration is based on the idea that there are functional lines of fascia that work together to make the body work as a whole. The Structural Integrator will look at the body and try to find where these fascial bands or slings are too tight.

In theory, once these things are balanced and fixed, the whole body will work better and hurt less. It is common to take photos of the client over the course of 12 treatments to show how their posture has changed.

11. Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi Massage
Photo Credit:northernholistic.de

Lomilomi is a popular form of massage in Hawaii. It can be done with or without cream. The person doing the practice can use any part of their body, like clubs and stones. The work has been done this way for a long time, so it can be done with prayer and intention.

The patient may be told to make certain changes to their way of life to improve their health. During a lomilomi session, clients may undress to a large extent and be massaged with long, flowing strokes over their whole bodies.

12. Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga Massage is an ayurvedic massage done with oils like sesame, coconut, sunflower, almond, etc. that have been infused with herbs. It can be made by a massage therapist or by the person getting the massage. The Abhyanga massage is meant to nourish the whole body. It is often done after a warm bath.

It has many benefits, such as lubricating joints, improving circulation, making hair grow faster, giving and smoothing skin, and getting rid of toxins from the night before.

13. Therapy with glass cups

Ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cultures used glass cupping as a way to heal. Glass cupping is another type of therapy that focuses on specific parts of the body. It can help relieve pain and inflammation, improve circulation, and make you feel more relaxed and healthy.

In glass cupping therapy, a trained person puts special cups that have been heated on the skin. As the cups cool, they create a natural suction that causes the skin to rise and the blood vessels to get bigger. It is a slow and easy process.

We’ve just started to talk about Asian massage. Shiatsu, Thai massage, acupressure, and acupuncture are some other powerful Asian massage therapies. We’d love to tell you more about Asian massage and help you choose the therapy that will help you relax and feel better. Get in touch with us today at Reflexion Spa to make an appointment.

14. Massage with essential oils

A Swedish or deep tissue massage can be turned into an aromatherapy massage by adding scented plant oils, called “essential oils,” to the massage oil.

Aromatherapy massage can help with a wide range of problems, such as headaches, insomnia, certain digestive problems, back pain, and even symptoms of menstruation.

15. Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage in some ways, but this popular type of massage uses less pressure, which helps relieve long-term muscle stress. To do this, the deep muscle therapist focuses on the deepest layers of tissue, muscles, and fascia.

Deep tissue massages are great for lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormone levels. At the same time, they improve mood and sleep by making serotonin come out.

16. Massage with hot stones

The massage therapist uses warm stones to relax and loosen up tight muscles, making it easier to get to areas of muscle tension quickly. The smooth, hot stones are put on certain parts of the body, and the person giving the massage also holds the warm stones. This type of massage helps muscles relax more deeply.

17. A massage for sports

As you might guess, sports massage therapy is for athletes of all levels. Depending on the sport the person wants to do, the sports massage focuses on the parts of the body that are used and stressed from doing the same aggressive actions over and over again. Sports massage therapy is an important part of recovery and an important part of any well-balanced training plan.

It is now used both to prepare for events and to help people get better afterward. Athletes agree that sports massage can help them be more flexible and have more stamina while also making them less tired and less likely to get hurt. Can also improve their mental game with the help of sports massage.

18. Craniosacral therapy

Cranial sacral therapy is a massage technique that is used to release pressure on the head, spinal column, and sacrum bones. It is non-invasive. Because of this, the body feels less pain and stress.

Cranial sacral massage therapy puts the bones back in their natural position. It also reduces chronic pain stress, migraines, neck and back pain, and joint disorders that affect the jaw, like temporomandibular joint disorder.

This type of massage has been shown to help people with migraines sleep better, and the effects of just one session can last up to three weeks. A related part is massaging the scalp, which helps get rid of migraines by relaxing the small muscles that run along the scalp.

19. Massage for Old People

Geriatric massage therapy is made to meet and even go beyond the needs of older people. The benefits of a geriatric massage are many, and each massage is made to fit the needs of the person getting it.

Geriatric massage involves stretching with the help of light pressure and putting oil on the skin to stop it from rubbing too much. Some of the benefits are better blood flow, flexibility, joint mobility, posture, overall health, and less arthritis and depression.

Massage is a great way to keep and improve health as you age. It lowers stress, encourages movement, and boosts morale. Depending on a person’s health issues, different strategies can be used.

20. Couples Massage

A couples massage is a massage that is done on two people at the same time by two massage therapists. Usually, the people getting the massage are placed next to each other. It lets friends, family, or even business partners all get massages at the same time.

Asian massage therapy has a lot of benefits.

1. Better circulation of blood

This Asian massage therapy in Miami can help your body heal better by giving it oxygen and blood, which keep your body’s engines running. When the body’s respiratory system is better and the blood flow is steady, it can make the body’s immune system stronger. A good Asian body massage can also help you breathe better if you are having trouble.

2. Relieving Pain

Many people have body aches because their jobs are hard and their lives are stressful. Painkillers and other medicines are only a short-term fix. You need an Asian body massage to get rid of these pains for good. In Asian massage, the key points that control the whole body are worked on.

When the massage stroke is used to move these points, your body starts to respond in a good way. This good response makes it possible for your body to heal itself. When you get an Asian massage in Miami, all the pain and tension in your muscles will go away.

3. Help with anxiety and depression

Having emotional problems in life can be bad for your body and mind. Sometimes, a good Asian body massage is all you need to feel better. Massage strokes and techniques like yoga and acupressure can help you relax and let go of your depression and anxiety.

Asian massage therapists include those who do Chinese acupressure, Thai massage, Japanese Shiatsu, and Indonesian Japanese massage. Most of these Asian massage techniques in Miami are meant to help people with certain health problems and muscle tension.

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