Best Hospitals Around the World That Offer ASD Closure Treatment 

Best Hospitals Around the World That Offer ASD Closure Treatment

ASD or atrial septal defect is a defect that occurs in a human body when a hole gets formed in the upper heart chambers of the patient. When someone goes through such a condition, the patient is not able to get an oxygenated blood supply as the oxygenated blood gets mixed with the deoxygenated blood. This can cause many problems in the body. It can be a cause of irregular heart rhythms, fatigue, exhaustion without much physical activity, and so on. It is important to treat the atrial septal defect because, with growing age, it can prove more and more dangerous for a person. It can lead to serious problems in old age. There are several hospitals worldwide where ASD is treated. In recent times medical tourism has spread its roots to many countries. Patients are now traveling to different countries to get treated for different diseases and defects. The growing tourism has helped patients get the right treatment at affordable costs and at the right time. Medical tourism has not only helped in reducing the cost of treatments but it has also enkindled hope in the patients. There are several countries where effective treatment for ASD is available. India is one such country. ASD closure-Adult cost in India is very nominal.  Here is a list of all the top hospitals of the world where patients can receive the cheap and best quality treatment for Atrial Septal Defect.


Gachon University – Gil Medical Center: Established in 1958 Gachon University is a multispecialty hospital located in Inchon South Korea. It is among the top hospitals that are known worldwide for ASD closure treatment. The Gil Medical center is an ISO-certified Medical center that has about 1600 bands and a team of experienced surgeons and doctors who work to provide top-notch treatment to the patients. Ever since the hospital was formed it has been providing cutting-edge treatments with the latest technologies. With a staff of 500 plus specialists, it makes up one of the best institutes for the treatment of ASD closure.


Foreign patients can expect a comfortable stay and exceptionally excellent quality treatment in this hospital. There are several facilities that are offered by this hospital to both the patients as well as the career or family. They are provided with personal space, laundry, translators, and much more.


Pusan National University – Yangsan Hospital: Established in 2008, this is one of the best hospitals offering treatment for heart diseases.  One of their top specialties is the ASD Closure treatment. This hospital has about 1008 beds and it has always strived for the expertise and best treatment for its patients. With a huge team of more than 3000 professionals, it aims to provide the best health care facilities to all patients. This is the first hospital in the world to provide all the facilities like a university hospital, a place for teeth wellness, a childcare hospital, a place for all the clinical trials, a specialized disease center under one roof. It has around 15 departments, 8 clinics, and around 1000+beds under this hospital. Foreign patients can expect top-notch treatment when they plan to visit the Yangsan hospital. There are several facilities that the patients can get access to. The foreign patients and their careers can choose from different accommodations. There is a complex in the hospital where there can be cafes, salons, spa, and many such areas for leisure activities and relaxation. Apart from the best quality health care services and specialized treatments they offer great hospitality to foreign patients and their families.


Medanta- The Medicity: Founded in 2009 by the world-renowned heart surgeon Dr. Naresh Trehan, Medanta is one of the best multispecialty hospitals in India that is located in Gurgaon. It has a huge staff of more than a thousand expert members. The well-experienced doctors and surgeons have performed thousands of successful surgeries and transplants in this hospital. People from all over the world visit Medanta to get heart, kidney, liver, and lung transplants. It is a multispeciality hospital that offers a large variety of treatments for different and crucial diseases like cancer, organ failure, open-heart surgery and a lot more. ASD and VSD closure treatment is one of their expertise. Closure of defects like ASD VSD Cost in India is nominal which makes it beneficial for the patients. At Medanta patients can access all facilities like a great accommodation area, a place for relaxation, personal translators, food of choice, and much more. Medicity makes medical tourism in India a welcoming option for the patients.


MedsurgeIndia is one of the best Indian companies which provides foreign patients with the most experienced and knowledgeable health care consultants. The consultants can guide the patients and help them find the best hospital and doctors for themselves. MedsurgeIndia has helped patients from 85+ different countries find the right treatment at affordable prices.



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