Things to Do in Salina Kansas

Things to Do in Salina Kansas

Salina is a city rich in art, culture, history, and natural beauty, situated on the banks of the Smoky Hill River. The best things to do in Salina Kansas has numerous scenic parks, remarkable galleries, outstanding theaters, fascinating museums, diverse wildlife, vibrant festivals, and so much more. This city has something for everyone and is an excellent place to plan your next vacation.

Explore the historic downtown district, which features excellent restaurants, boutiques, antique stores, theaters, galleries, sculptures, and much more, and have a fantastic time doing so. In Salina, you can enjoy nature while living in a city. Book a vacation here to create cherished memories.

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The 36 Best Things to do in Salina Kansas

1. Amusement at the Stiefel Theater

The Stiefel Theater, formerly known as the Fox–Watson Theater, is one of the most entertaining locations in Salina, Kansas. This 1931-established theater was included on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

This captivating theater is worth $400,000 due to its magnificent chandeliers, elegant staircase, and magnificent gold leaf. Throughout the year, the museum hosts a variety of live performances, including dance shows, comedies, concerts, plays, orchestras, and many others.

Emmylou Harris, the Goo Goo Dolls, Darius Rucker, Lindsey Buckingham, Sarah McLachlan, and Peter Frampton, among others, have all performed in this magnificent theater.

Additionally, the Theater features a visual arts gallery with rotating exhibits that display various works of art. The theater has a spire with beautiful lighting, which gives it the Ghostbusters building ambiance; this makes it a pleasant evening destination.

The Stiefel Theater is ideal for enjoying evening entertainment with friends and family. Obtain a ticket and enjoy the performances.

2. The Stiefel Theatre for Performing Arts

The Stiefel Theater, a striking Art Deco landmark in the downtown area, opened in 1931 as the Fox Watson Theater and closed in the 1990s.

A non-profit organization subsequently raised close to $3 million to restore the building and transform it into a regional, high-tech performing arts venue, which opened in 2003.

The exterior of the building is a work of art due to the intricate terracotta details, while the elegant auditorium, which can seat 1,265 people, is equipped with the most modern sound and lighting technology.

Past performers include Al Green, B. B. King, Emmylou Harris, Kris Kristofferson, Chris Cornell, and Peter Frampton, among others.

3. Explore SculptureTour Salina

Explore SculptureTour Salina
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Many of the city’s amenities are concentrated in downtown Salina. For an excellent orientation, explore SculptureTour Salina. Each year, 15 to 25 sculptures are installed in Downtown Salina by sculptors. On the sculpture, pedestals are silver ballot boxes.

Additionally, ballots can be obtained at downtown businesses. At the conclusion of the exhibition season, Salina purchases the winning sculpture. Sculptures may also be purchased by anyone interested. We are always excited to see the new sculptures.

4. Meet Rare Animals at the Rolling Hills Zoo

The Rolling Hills Zoo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Salina. It contains both a zoo and a museum. The zoo is home to a variety of exotic animals, including flamingos, giraffes, camels, giant anteaters, ring-tailed lemurs, cotton-top tamarins, grand Cayman iguana, golden eagles, green and black poison dart frogs, snakes, giant African millipedes, chimpanzees, tigers, wolves, bears, Sum

It is a contemporary zoo where animals are housed in more naturalistic settings. The museum contains displays of flora and fauna from various regions of the world. The Helen L. Graves Hideaway Hollow is an education center in the museum that features a variety of hands-on wildlife exhibits.

This location also features an art gallery with rotating displays. The museum’s exhibits include a large number of humanoid robots, which makes the experience of touring the place more intriguing.

Spend a day of fun and adventure at this zoo, getting up close and personal with the exotic animals, exploring the museum’s fascinating exhibits, and ending the day with a delicious meal at the on-site restaurant.

5. Cool Off in Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park

This popular aquatic park has numerous pools, enormous water slides, a lazy river, a wave pool, a water playground, and cabanas, among other amenities.

It is a wonderful place to take a break from your daily routine and enjoy quality family time. Soak up the sun and enjoy some pool time. Have a thrilling time sliding down the tornado slide and enjoying the wave pool. This location also offers swimming lessons.

6. Oakdale Park

Oakdale Park is a beautiful park with two playgrounds, eight lighted tennis courts, picnic areas with barbecue grills, the Eric Stein entertainment stage, a pond, and dense vegetation, among many other features.

It is the ideal location for strolling or attending events. It is the site of popular events such as the Smoky Hill River Festival in June and classic car shows in July, among others. The park is also frequented by numerous anglers who come to fish.

Take a stroll through the park in the evening and admire the well-kept garden and beautiful surroundings. You and your family can also have a picnic at this location with its tranquil atmosphere.

Oakdale Park is one of the top things to do in Salina, Kansas, with children. Explore this magnificent park with your family and friends!

7. Smoky Hill Museum

Smoky Hill Museum
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The Saline County Historical Society was founded in 1879 by the town founders and has amassed an impressive collection of over 30,000 Smoky Hills-related artifacts. This is the basis for the fantastic Smoky Hill Museum, which opened in 1986 in the former downtown Post Office.

This attraction is popular due to its interactive, custom-made exhibits. These are biannual and focus on a different aspect of local history; they run concurrently with the permanent galleries, which are continually updated, so there is always something new to see.

The museum is prominent in the community, hosting a popular lecture series on the first Thursday of each month and participating in events such as the Street Fair on the fourth Saturday of September, which features live music and historic demonstrations.

8. View an Independent Film at the Salina Art Cinema.

Enter an alternate reality at the Salina Art Cinema. The 92-seat theater across the street from the Stiefel shows first-run independent, documentary, and international films. During the free Science on Screen events, the theater pairs a screening of a film with an expert-led discussion of the film’s scientific themes.

9. Go on a Picnic in Jerry Ivey Park

This picturesque park features a charming pond, lush vegetation, and beautiful walking paths. In addition, there are basketball courts, picnic areas with grills, a playground, a volleyball sandpit, soccer fields, tennis courts, a splash park, and a multitude of other amenities.

Hike the park’s verdant trails, play a game of tennis or soccer, cool off in the splash park, and end the day with a picnic by the pond. Admire the picturesque views of Jerry Ivey Park and feed the ducks and geese at the pond. It is the ideal place to escape from everyday life and enjoy a day of relaxation.

10. The Webster Convention Center

In Salina, Kansas, the remarkable Webster Conference Center encompasses over 220 acres. This stunning location is the ideal place for relaxation, as it is encompassed by a tranquil stream. This destination aims to provide a place where people can relax and rest for at least a day after a stressful day or season.

In addition to relaxation, there are numerous outdoor recreation activities and facilities for visitors of all ages to enjoy. These facilities offer basketball and volleyball courts, archery ranges, open fields for outdoor games, Frisbee golf, a swimming pool, obstacle courses, canoes, paddle boats, and nature trails, among other amenities.

The Webster Conference Center in Salina, Kansas, is a great place for families, friends, and even organizations to visit during their time off.

11. Central Salina

Central Salina
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The historic commercial district of Salina has undergone a series of public and private renovations over the past decade. Recent changes to the streetscape along Santa Fe Avenue have been astounding, with wider sidewalks, imposing gateways, new lighting, and flower and native grass beds.

These projects have coincided with an increase in construction, providing Salina with a Hilton hotel, a family entertainment center (more on this later), and a state-of-the-art sports facility, the Salina Fieldhouse. Despite all of this growth, the terracotta-clad facades of the city’s historic core have preserved its unique character.

The Salina Downtown Inc. can provide you with a pamphlet for a self-guided tour. Both the headquarters and the Chamber of Commerce are located downtown.

12. Purchase Artwork At The Salina Art Center

The Salina Art Cinema is a department within the Salina Art Center. Stroll through the galleries at the art center to view the rotating exhibits. Many of the works are available for purchase. Buy some artwork from the Art-O-Mat machine to add a little mystery to your life. Buy a $5 token at the art center and place it in the machine. A miniature work of art will emerge. Accept the unknown, as you won’t know exactly how it will appear.

13. Participate in the People’s Choice Awards at Salina Sculpture Tour

Sculpture Tour Salina is an annual competition in which talented sculptors from across the nation vie for a $15,000 prize.Here, 15 to 25 artistic works are selected and displayed for an entire year for the enjoyment of visitors.

Additionally, the sculptures are available for purchase. Visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite sculptures as part of Sculpture Tour Salina’s People’s Choice Award Program. Explore downtown Salina and view these extraordinary works of art.

14. Smoky Hill River Celebration

The Smoky Hill River Festival has been held since 1977. This four-day festival is annually held in June. It is a significant part of Salina’s culture and aims to unite people through the region’s creativity.

Numerous musical concerts, arts and crafts markets, fine arts performances, dance battles, food stalls, fascinating art installations, interesting games, parties, health runs, treasure hunts, and much more are featured at the festival.

The Festival employs four live stages featuring inventive bands, renowned artists, and entertaining children’s acts. More than forty international groups with diverse musical styles, genres, and crafts are represented.

Over 135 artists from all over the world have contributed numerous incredible works of art for your viewing pleasure. These are affordable, high-quality original works of art, and you also have the opportunity to communicate directly with the artists while viewing their work.

There is a lively children’s area with face painting, dance battles, hands-on arts and crafts, Game Legos, Street fun, and other activities designed to inspire children’s creativity. Wandering performers interact with festival attendees, enhancing the festival’s incredible moments.

In addition, there is a food row with numerous food stalls selling every conceivable dish, including funnel cakes, homemade ice cream, Asian noodles, catfish, and Indian tacos, among others. Participate in the celebrations and explore the rich local culture of Salina, Kansas.

15. Salina Public Theater

In 1960, a national award-winning community theater company was established in Salina. 1973 marked the opening of the Salina Community Theater’s own purpose-built facility, for which it had begun to raise funds within a decade.

This continues to be a non-profit organization that produces a variety of professional-quality productions to enrich the cultural experience of Salina and surrounding area residents.

Recent seasons featured productions such as The Music Man, Sunday in the Park with George, Beauty and the Beast, Annie, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and Mamma Mia!

16. At The Alley And Salina Fieldhouse, Stretch Your Muscles

Visit The Alley and The Salina Fieldhouse in downtown Salina if you still require exercise after visiting the zoo. Bowling, laser tag, virtual reality, and arcade games are available at The Alley. The Fieldhouse accommodates all team sports, including basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer, and football. The Fieldhouse welcomes walkers as well.

17. The city of Dodge City

If you desire a taste of the authentic Wild West, Dodge City should be on your vacation wish list. Here, you can watch the exciting Dodge City Rodeo or be transported to the 1800s on Main Street at the Boot Hill Museum; if you visit during the summer, you have a good chance of witnessing a gunfight and can-can dancing. You can get a great overview of Dodge City by taking the Historic Trolley Tour or by walking around on your own.

The United Wireless Arena regularly hosts entertainment of the highest caliber, and art enthusiasts can visit the Carnegie Arts Center and the Depot Theater Company. Golfing at Mariah Hills Golf Course and visiting Long Branch Lagoon Aquatic Park and Dodge City Zoo are examples of outdoor activities.

18. Explore regional history at the Museum of the Past

This museum focuses on the agricultural and rural history of Kansas. It displays various historical artifacts and local memorabilia, such as agricultural implements, appliances, and equipment from the bygone centuries.

The museum also contains two historical structures, including a church from the early 20th century and a schoolhouse.

The museum hosts a variety of events, including tractor and car shows, Fourth of July parties, and Christmas celebrations, among others. Explore the museum and examine its fascinating exhibits.

19. Hickory Hut Grilled Meats

Hickory Hut Barbecue is among the finest establishments in Salina, Kansas. The business, which has existed for more than three decades, is family-owned and -operated. This restaurant’s proprietors, Robin and Dale Blake, have been serving some of the finest barbecues in Salina and the state of Kansas.

Robin and Dale Blake seized the opportunity to open a barbecue restaurant in Kansas and have enjoyed tremendous success, attracting loyal customers from all over the country.

The exceptional Hickory Hut Barbecue is open from Monday to Saturday if you’re in Salina, Kansas, and you want to try some of their mouth-watering barbecues, among other dishes.

20. Indian Rock Park

Indian Rock, situated on a dramatic stretch of the Smoky Hill River, is arguably the most scenic location in Salina. Here, the river flows between 30-foot-tall bluffs, and the trails lead to a number of breathtaking vantage points.

There are two relatively small waterfalls on the river, although the lower falls have an impressive horseshoe shape. As the site of the 1857 Battle of Indian Rock, which was the last significant confrontation between the Kansa, Delaware, and Potawatomi Indian nations, Indian Rock Park is also steeped in fascinating history.

21. Observe Action-Packed Events at the Tony’s Pizza Events Center

The Tony’s Pizza Events Center, with its 6,500 seats, is home to two full-contact sports: roller derby and indoor football.

The Liberty won the conference regular season crown in 2018 and 2019. Additionally, they won the 2019 conference championship before losing the Champions Bowl. Indoor football is played on a significantly smaller field than outdoor football. Be aware that if you sit in the front rows, players may crash through the barriers.

The Sirens are members of the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association. Roller derby matches consist of two 30-minute halves separated by three 2-minute jams. The jammer of each team attempts to score as many points as possible by passing blockers. The blockers impede the jammers of the opposition.

22. The waterfall at Cottonwood Falls

Cottonwood Falls is a small Kansas town situated on the Cottonwood River in the picturesque Flint Hills in the Great Plains. The region was inhabited by nomadic Native Americans for millennia until it was claimed by the Kingdom of France in the 16th century. France ceded it to Spain in 1762, then Spain returned it to France until the United States purchased it from France and incorporated it into the Kansas Territory.

The charming, tranquil downtown of modern-day Cottonwood Falls is dominated by the beautifully restored Chase County courthouse, which was constructed in 1873 in the French Renaissance style. The Flint Hills contain one of the last large expanses of tallgrass prairie, which once covered the entirety of the Great Plains. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve provides protection for the prairie.

Chase County Historical Museum is the best place to learn about the city’s past. The Flint Hills Gallery displays the paintings of Judith Mackey, a renowned painter of the Flint Hills Tallgrass Prairie.

23. Lakewood Park

This picturesque park features dense vegetation, a prairie, a nature center, enchanting gardens, a tranquil pond, a variety of wildlife, hiking trails, a playground, picnic areas with grills, and a disc golf course, among other amenities.

The pond is well-liked by anglers. Hike the verdant trails to explore the vast wilderness of the region and to hear the sounds of nature.

You can spot deer, squirrels, beautiful birds, and raccoons. Enjoy observing insects in the butterfly garden and putting your skills to the test on the disc golf course. Make some burgers on the grills and enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The nature center also features captivating displays of flora and fauna that arouse curiosity.

24. Fossett Plaza

Fossett Plaza, which was inaugurated and dedicated in 2018, is a fantastic location for aviation enthusiasts. It was established to recognize Steve Fossett’s 2005 solo, nonstop, around-the-world flight in the global flier, which covered 22,936 miles in 67 hours without refueling.

Bruce and Brent Bitter of B&B Metal Arts in Hoisington, Kansas, designed the monument, an 8-foot stainless steel globe that stands above the 3,900-foot runway. The awe-inspiring sculpture is a prominent feature in Fossett Plaza at Salina Airport.

In the lowest portion of the monument, the entire route of the human-crewed flight is recorded. According to the Salina Airport Authority, Tim Rogers, A.A.E., the executive director of the Salina Airport Authority, stated that the sculpture will serve as an inspiration to aviation enthusiasts of all ages for years to come. Fossett Plaza is one of the most fascinating locations in Salina, Kansas, particularly for aviation enthusiasts.

25. Ad Astra Coffee & Books

Ad Astra Books & Coffee, a downtown institution for more than a decade, combines a bookstore with a coffee shop, but it is much more than a cozy place to read and enjoy a cup of coffee.

One can purchase vinyl, comic books, and handmade gifts. In addition, the calendar is jam-packed with events, including lectures, author readings, film screenings, children’s theater spoken word performances, and live music performances.

The result is a sort of intimate cultural center with programming intended to reach the widest possible audience.

26. Fill Your Garden At Stutzmans

The Stutzmans Greenhouse is situated outdoors beneath a canopy. Unique vegetables are available for purchase alongside other types of plants. For plants, you need to look no further than Stutzmans. Your yard will be finished with whimsical outdoor decor. Have a question? Ask the experienced staff.

27. Discover Exciting Friday Night Events in Salina

In Downtown Salina, clubs, bars, restaurants, and other venues host a variety of arts-related entertainment events every Friday.

These events feature performances of music, stand-up comedy, and poetry by regional artists. The purpose of these events is to promote and encourage regional art, as well as to support local artists and businesses.

Additionally, a monthly art walk is held on the first Friday of each month, showcasing the exceptional works of regional artists. Spend an unforgettable evening enjoying these extraordinary events.

28. The Warm Inn

The Cozy Inn in Salina, Kansas, is one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas Cuisine. Since its founding in 1922, the same 100-year-old grill has been used at this historic hamburger restaurant.

The tiny burgers are sold by the bag, but sometimes they are unwrapped and simply stacked in a brown paper bag from the Cozy Inn. The Cozy Inn offers all of their burgers without cheese and with onions for a very reasonable price. Only 90% lean hamburgers, coffee, hot chocolate, soda, potato chips, and Cozy Inn mementos are available at the Cozy Inn.

The tiny eatery has only six seats along an old counter covered with old news articles about the Cozy Inn. The restaurant’s constant aroma of hamburgers and onions contributes to its homey atmosphere.

Despite having a new manager, the Cozy Inn has maintained the high quality of its burgers; however, they are now larger. The Cozy Inn is better known for its history than its cuisine.

This eatery is open seven days per week.

29. Display Your Salina Visit

The downtown area of Salina is highly walkable and filled with boutique shops. At Ad Astra Books & Coffee House, relax with a book, coffee, and a bagel and lox. Take a picture with the 67401 mural on the north side of the building to demonstrate that you are in Salina.

30. Travel Destinations in Kansas: Salina

Salina is widely recognized as a cultural center and is home to a thriving arts community where you can enjoy a variety of museums, concerts, and live theater performances throughout the year. The First Friday Live Art Walk in Oldtown Salinas is the highlight for art enthusiasts, as galleries and studios remain open late to enchant visitors.

You can still enjoy public art installations, the Salina Art Center, and the Salina Sculpture Walk in the spring if you miss First Friday. Over 700 acres of green space provide excellent opportunities for fishing, swimming, hiking, and biking, to the delight of outdoor enthusiasts. Wonderful family-friendly attractions include Rolling Hills Zoo and Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park.

31. Observe Classic Automobiles at the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Car Show

Enhance your travel experience in Salina by attending one of the city’s largest and most popular events. This four-day event is held annually in July. It includes a classic car exhibition, car races, a vintage marketplace, car auctions, dances, and concerts.

The KKOA Leadsled Spectacular Car Show dates back to 1980 and attracts a large number of enthusiasts of vintage automobiles. If you attend the event, you can view the fantastic displays and enjoy watching the race.

32. Stutzman’s

Stutzman’s, located at 9th & Cloud in Salina, Kansas, is one of the best places in the city. Ervin and Emma Stutzman opened this establishment in April 2007.

The outdoor Stutzman Greenhouse was founded by Ervin and Emma Stutzman due to their passion for growing vegetables and flowers.

These plants are raised in a nursery until they are transferred to pots or a more stable growing medium. This location offers a variety of common and uncommon flowers and vegetables. Their website contains a list of all available plants.

Stutzman’s is the ideal location for plantings if you are in Salina, Kansas.

33. Dine With Delight In Salina

Salina offers some of the best food in the state within walking distance. The Cozy Inn is one of our favorite hole-in-the-wall diners in the Midwest. Purchase a bag of hamburgers and eat them in the picnic area of The Cozy. Rub your hands with salt to remove the odor of hamburgers soaked in onions.

Rosie’s Special wood-fired pizza is available at Blue Skye Brewery and Eats. It is comprised of cream cheese, homemade pork chili Verde, a mixture of black beans and corn, and house blend cheese, with red peppers on top. Enjoy their delicious Fire Engine Red or CrankCase IPA.

Martinelli’s Little Italy is a Salina institution and the place where we congregate after Salina meetings. We recommend lasagna and beef ravioli followed by tiramisu or chocolate cake molten from Mount Vesuvius.

34. At District Eat & Play, You Can Spend Quality Time with Your Family and Friends.

Everyone is welcome to have a good time at the world-class District Eat & Play, where each day is a unique adventure filled with enough surprises to keep everyone entertained.

Customers can enjoy half-priced games and access to their industrial-scale Arcade machines every Wednesday. The escape room, which provides an opportunity to test one’s problem-solving skills, is one of their peculiar attractions.

Children can also enjoy go-kart racing at District Eat & Play.  In addition to delicious beverages, they offer burgers, chicken sliders, and homemade nachos.

35. Dagney’s Frozen Treats

Salina, Kansas is home to the locally owned and operated Dagney’s Ice Cream. They are renowned for making and serving the highest-quality, freshest ice cream possible. In addition to ice cream, they offer frozen yogurt and soft drinks.

This destination has gained widespread popularity among locals of all ages. In addition to their delicious treats, Dagney’s Ice Cream is renowned for its exceptional customer service. They offer takeout as well.

Dagney’s Ice Cream is ideal for those with a craving for something sweet. The ice cream shop is currently only open on Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Come to experience the difference!

36. Visit the Salina Public Library to Soak Up Some Knowledge

The Elm Street location of the Salina Public Library houses an extensive collection. The library’s facilities provide all the amenities necessary for patrons to pursue their interests in comfort. This haven for bibliophiles offers some of the most enjoyable workshops and classes you could imagine.

The basement of the library contains an extraordinary children’s section with books about dinosaurs and planets and dozens of large tables for art projects. Several PlayStation 4s and PCs are also available here.

Plan your Trip to Salina, KS

Salina, Kansas, despite its small size, is rich in historical sites, recreational activities, and much more. You should not miss this city’s attractions, which are entertaining, relaxing, and educational. Plan you’re itinerary and come for the vacation of a lifetime.

The Best Cuisine in the Midwest

While the Midwest is known for its hearty beef cuts, in Salina you can sample the region’s specialty in a fun size. The menu at the Cozy Inn (108 N. 7th St., Salina) has featured signature sliders and little else since 1922. USA Today has dubbed it the “Best Burger Joint in Kansas.” Blue Skye Brewery and Eats is the place to go for wood-fired, thin-crust pizzas and a menu of craft beers brewed on-site (116 N. Santa Fe Ave., Salina). Hickory Hut Barbecue (1617 W. Crawford StSalina) is an institution that serves signature ribs, burnt ends, and brisket.


Salina, Kansas is a picturesque city brimming with art, culture, history, and natural splendor.

In this recreation and adventure hotspot, you can find exceptional theaters, fascinating museums and galleries, beautiful parks, and a variety of wildlife (especially Black-chinned hummingbirds).

If you’re a tourist in search of an ideal place to frolic, then you should kick up your heels and explore the city’s attractions!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) Best Things to do in Salina Kansas

What is Salina, Kansas notable for?

Salina is the commercial hub of a vast wheat-growing region, and grain milling is the primary industry. The city is home to Kansas Wesleyan University (founded in 1886) and Kansas State University College of Technology and Aviation (formed in 1991 through a merger with Kansas College of Technology).

Who established Salina?

Gotthardt and John Schippel arrived in the territory in the summer of 1856 and settled three miles northeast of present-day Salina on the Saline River.

What county is Salina, Kansas located in?

Saline County is located in Kansas, a state in the United States. According to the 2020 census, the population of the county was 54,303. Salina is the largest city and county seat

What is Salina’s meaning?

salina. / (səˈlaɪnə) / noun. a salt marsh, spring, or lake.

How do you pronounce Salina KS?

The city of Salina, Kansas, is pronounced sal-eye’-nuh (singular, with a long I in the second syllable), in contrast to the city of Salinas, California, which is pronounced sal-ee’-nus (i.e. plural, with a long E in the second syllable).

Who is a native of Salina, Kansas?

George Murdock. George Murdock was born in Salina, Kansas, United States on June 25, 1930. He is known for his work on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989), Orange County (2002), and Breaker!

What is life like in Salina, Kansas?

Salina is an excellent location for raising a family. In close proximity to the city are parks, arcades, team sports, water parks, and a zoo. It is helpful to have a car, but most locations are accessible on foot. There are few activities for adults without children.

What occurred in 1858 in Salina, Oklahoma?

Ross stumbled upon the first oil in Indian Territory while drilling for saltwater in 1859. (Oklahoma). For a year, it flowed at a rate of 10 barrels per day. In Salina, he operated two stores.

How many universities are located in Salina, Kansas?

Here is a list of the best schools within twenty miles of Salina, Kansas. There are approximately four 2-year colleges in the area, including three private colleges and universities, none public, and one community college.

What is Salina, Kansas’ highest average temperature?

July is the warmest month of the year in Salina, with average high temperatures of 94°F and lows of 71°F. The cold season lasts for three months, from November 25 to February 25, with daily high temperatures averaging below 51 degrees Fahrenheit. January is the coldest month of the year in Salina, with average low temperatures of 22°F and highs of 42°F.

When was Salina Kansas?

In April of 1858, a group of Lawrence, Kansas, men established Salina and formed the Salina Town Company. William A. Phillips, David Phillips, Alexander M. Campbell Sr., A.C. Spillman, and James Muir were these gentlemen.

Where is the origin of the name Salina?

Spanish: habitational name from La Salina in the province of Teruel, or a topographic name derived from salina (salt marsh). Italian: topographic name derived from salina, also meaning “arid and lifeless place.”

What is Salina’s claim to fame?

Salina is the commercial hub of a vast wheat-growing region, and grain milling is the primary industry. The city is home to Kansas Wesleyan University (founded in 1886) and Kansas State University College of Technology and Aviation (formed in 1991 through a merger with Kansas College of Technology).

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