Best Tips for Turning TextEdit to Your Advantage

Best Tips for Turning TextEdit to Your Advantage
Best Tips for Turning TextEdit to Your Advantage

When it comes to choosing a word processor for Mac, there are numerous options. There are loads of great word processors for Mac that will satisfy different types of requirements. But these apps are for people who search for a specific type of word processor. There are people who do not extensively write all the time. These people do not need a special word processor like Microsoft Word. But still, they might need a processor that might come in handy for doing certain tasks like preparing resumes and letters. These people need not go anywhere as there is an app that comes as part of Apple’s OS – the TextEdit.

As people used to assume, TextEdit is not a simple app. It has many features that can easily meet the requirement of your writing needs. Though it does not have advanced features like the other apps, it does have all the fundamental features. Thus, this App has its own benefits that can be efficiently tapped. Some of the advantages of this app are:

It is very sleek and very fast

There is no lag in the speed even if the document spans across hundreds of pages

It is fast during launch time too
The documents saved using TextEdit are saved in iCloud, thus making them more accessible even if you are moving.

Here are some more tips to turn TextEdit to your advantage. Knowing these tips means that you can use this app more efficiently and more easily.

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The Zoom Feature

The zoom feature of TextEdit comes with two options – Huge and tiny. This is not very useful when you want to write something. But it is accessed through the View menu. Through this option, one can either Zoom in or zoom out without the option to pick a zoom percentage as in other word processors. But this zoom feature can be fine-tuned with the trackpad. If the trackpad is pinched inward or outward to zoom the display slowly. But note that this cannot be done with the mouse. When you are well versed in this option after enough practice, you will find it easier to work with this feature on the TextEdit documents.

List Styles

The list styles can be chosen from the Format > List menu or from the List Bullets and Numbering button in the toolbar. List styles are useful when you want to make an outline or to-do list. Also, make sure that when you want to work with this option, the mode must be in Rich Text Format.

But if you are not in need of list styles and want to make some points to be marked by hyphens for brainstorming, then there is a tip that saves a lot of time. If you select the Options > Tab at the beginning of a line, the text will start as a paragraph that is preceded by a hyphen. At a later point in time, the type of bullet or numbering can be changed by using the Format > List option.

Active Links

Making an active link is easy with TextEdit. If you want to link to a web page from your document and want the user to directly go to the web page by clicking the link, then it is not possible to do it by copying and pasting a link.

First, the link has to be pasted and then selected. After that, it is right-clicked and the ‘Make Link’ option is selected. By choosing this option, the selected text will turn into blue color and will become an active link. The active link can be edited at a later point of time using the ‘Edit Link’ option.

Saving Documents as Word Documents

With TextEdit, reading and editing word documents is possible but it is to be noted that certain advanced formatting is lost. But saving a TextEdit document in Word format is possible. Either the document has to be saved in Rich Text Format or as a word document. This is done through the Save Dialog box where the File Format menu shows these options.

Embed Option

The Rich Text format is an option where both text and files can be stored. Thus, if you want to add photos, videos or music files, then convert the file to RTFD format. This is done when a file is added to the document.


TextEdit has autocompleted option to make typing easier. This can be enabled when Option-Escape is pressed and as soon as the autocomplete menu appears, use the down or up arrow to choose the right word.

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