Creative Destruction Beginners Guide on How to Master the Game

Creative Destruction Beginners Guide on How to Master the Game
Creative Destruction Beginners Guide on How to Master the Game

You may like to read about this Creative Destruction Beginners Guide that you can use in your game in order to prevent passing unnecessary time or money in the game.

Creative Destruction has taken the gaming world by storm. By far the best sandbox survival game available on Apple and Android platforms, this new take on the Battle Royal concept has captivated players with its amazing gameplay and addictive in-game missions.

Within a week of release, the game crossed over a hundred thousand downloads. The game works on computers, mobile phones, and consoles without any lag.

Ready to get started? Here’s a quick creative destruction beginners guide.


Creative Destruction Beginners Guide to Get You Started

There are top 4 ways that you can use in the game for progress faster and to avoid unnecessary spending in the game.


Basics and Objectives

In Creative Destruction, your primary objective is to be the last one standing on the battlefield. Survival is the key.

As you load the game, you will get an easy-to-understand tutorial. For the first couple of matches, the game will set you up against bots to make sure you get a quick hang of this game.

As you level up, you will start getting matched against real players. That’s when things start getting interesting.

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Destructing Materials

Like in most sandbox survival games, the players will have to destroy most objects in the game – houses, trees, fences, vehicles, poles, etc. are all up for Destruction as you start collecting materials.

The materials you gather will later come in handy for you as you will be required to build structures to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

You also need game currencies in sufficient amounts as there are lots of things that only can be obtained using game currency.

In-game ways are there to earn free currencies from the game itself, know all of them to benefit from.

The more material you collect, the better options you have when building materials.


Not a Shooting Game

A common misconception about Creative Destruction is that it is a shooting game. Using guns and other weapons to shoot fellow players is just one aspect of the game.

You don’t need to amass kills (although the more kills you get, the faster you level up) to win the game.

As long as you can survive till the end, you can play as passively as you want and still win the game.


Game Modes

Now that we know the basics of the game let’s learn about the game modes you need to choose from. Creative Destruction game has two basic game modes –

  • Classic – The primary mode of this game, in the classic mode, you can either play solo, in a duo (with in-game friend or auto-match with a random player), and squad (with in-game friends or auto-match with random players from your level).
  • Defend the Captain – The Twenty-five vs. Twenty-five Defend the Captain mode is completely different from a solo game. You will have to work in a team and clean up major areas of the map like Teddy Land, collect all the loot, and try to be a step ahead of the opposite team. Once you clear the location, move to another major area of the map and set up your defence. The goal is to protect your team captain and kill as many opponent captains as possible.
  • You may find lots of free ways to earn lots of resources in the game using this youtube video.


Another additional mode is the Fireteam. Creative Destruction keeps adding new modes with every update to keep the game as interesting as possible.


There’s also a training ground where you can master your building, shooting, and movement skills. Ready to be the most Creative Destructor? Download the game and get started!



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