Dedicated Server | Why You Should Have a Dedicated Server?

Why you should have a dedicated server
Why you should have a dedicated server

A shared hosting server is affordable in comparison to a dedicated server. But the main disadvantage in having it is that all resources of the physical server (memory, processor) are shared. If other websites face a resource strain on the shared server then their performance will be impacted.

Do businesses often get what they are paid for? Especially when it comes to web hosting? It would be wise of them to invest in dedicated hosting, which is quite an expensive option, but it does come in with a lot of benefits.

The hosting may not be for everyone but will benefit corporations and other big businesses having websites handling high volumes of traffic and sensitive data. The dedicated hosting has a lot of benefits to offer and this is something all corporations should be looking at.

The hosting offers complete customization, increased bandwidth and no need of sharing it with other businesses. It is dedicated to you, your business and the website, solely yours. In other words, businesses can expect phenomenal customer service and level of personalization.

Advantages of having a top-notch dedicated server

A dedicated server is a machine assigned for use by an individual client. The client pays for the server’s rent.

Businesses are present with a myriad of options for hosting their websites, mail servers or web applications (regardless of their size). One of the most common & non-durable options is shared hosting, where the resources of an individual server are shared by a number of different websites.

Often organizations and businesses alike however look for more power and control. They may then need a service provider offering true dedicated hosting services of the highest caliber. Hence, a client rents a server from a dedicated hosting provider and has exclusive use of that server’s resources.

The provider then works with the client in providing them the CPU, RAM and disk space they require. Then the same provider builds and maintains that server, which then helps eliminate a business’s upfront cost of purchasing their own.

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1. The server’s resources are not shared

When a business chooses a dedicated hosting provider, they get the full resources of a single server. They don’t have to worry about other websites straining the server’s CPU and RAM. With the aid of best dedicated servers, businesses can stop bad scripts from running on their websites. They can also prevent spikes in bandwidth usage so as to keep server speed consistent and smooth.

2. Server security and performance are enhanced on a newer level

Selecting a dedicated hosting provider guarantees the business the best maximum uptime for its website. Shared hosting is best for websites having low volumes of traffic while those having high volumes of traffic can go for dedicated servers. This helps them obtain more stability and reliability, as compared to shared hosting.

With the aid of a dedicated server, businesses can be sure that they are not sharing space with a malicious website or a potential spammer. It also allows them enhanced security, particularly important for organizations handling sensitive business and financial transactions via FTP or SSL.

3. There is room for flexibility

A committed server permits clients the athleticism of modifying servers as per their needs, expressly in relationships of CPU, RAM, disk planetary and software, and the alike.

A dedicated server allows organizations to use customizable server environments that suit their particular needs. They can choose the platform and software they need, allowing more control over how their dedicated server is configured.

4. These servers offer their clients a unique IP address

Each server has its own unique IP address. Shared hosting means that clients share their IP addresses with other websites.

Whereas, through dedicated hosting, clients get a dedicated server and a unique IP address which is not shared with others. This is important for those running an e-commerce site needing SSL for processing debit/credit card transactions.

5. No additional overhead costs needed for buying or maintaining equipment

Companies have good news. Dedicated hosting is affordable and helps them access resources of a full server. Because, a dedicated hosting service provider handles the cost of making and maintaining the server’s equipment.

This is instrumental in cutting overhead costs for a business wishing to purchase server space which thus improves their return on the investment.

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