How to Download Instagram Profile Picture

How to Download Instagram Profile Picture

On Instagram, users do not have access to the enlarged version of their profile photo; all they see is a small picture in the top left corner of their profiles. Out of curiosity or for other reasons, many people are looking for a practical way to zoom in Instagram profile pictures or download the original version. You’ve come to the right place if you’re one of them.

When you tap and hold your profile picture on a mobile device, you can change or remove your current profile picture, but there is no download option. When you right-click on your own profile photo on a PC, you can save the small version to your computer. However, that might not be to your liking.

What should you do if you want an Instagram user’s profile picture in its original size?  

Instagram profile picture download

You can view Instagram profile pictures in full size or download them using tools. However, if you search for Instagram profile picture downloader, you also see downloaders for Instagram stories and posts. These tools do not seem to work properly when downloading profile pictures. We tested some of the tools and reviewed them.

Instadp tool

While Instagram is one of the top tools to download and view full-size profile pictures, when I attempted to access some of the usernames, it wasn’t able to retrieve the information.

Their suggested list worked for me. The picture will, however, not be of the same quality as the original. It makes sense because when users upload pictures to their profiles, the size is changed. When the picture is downloaded, the quality will be reduced.

Simply open your browser on your PC or mobile device and follow the steps below to see and download any user’s Instagram profile picture

How to see an Instagram profile picture?

With instadp tools, you can view Instagram profile pictures in full size.

  • Visit
  • Put in the username of the target profile picture (you will now see the image in its original quality and size)
  • Save it to your device by clicking on download

How to Download Instagram profile picture on Android

In order to download Instagram profile photos from the Google Play Store, follow these steps:

  • Install the Instagram app
  • on your phone and locate the person whose profile picture you want to download
  • Write down this person’s username or copy it to the clipboard.
  • Download a profile picture downloader app like InstaProfile from the play store.
  • Paste the username you copied earlier into the app.
  • Select download (click the diskette icon for this app)
  • Done!

How to Download Instagram profile pictures on iPhone

On the App Store, iPhone users can download Instagram profile photos for free. Follow these steps:

  • Install the Instagram app
  • and search for the person you wish to download their profile picture from
  • Make a note of this person’s username or copy it to your clipboard.
  • Download IGProfile for Instagram, a free profile photo downloader, from the app store.
  • Open the app.
  • Paste your Instagram username into the field.


For the Instagram app and website, full-sized profile pictures can no longer be viewed or downloaded. There are many ways to get around this limitation, regardless of whether you’re using a PC or mobile device. Instadp and IZUUM can be used on both Android and iOS devices, and some apps, such as InstaProfile and IGProfile, can be used on both platforms..

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