Who is Ishowspeed Daughter?

Who is Ishowspeed Daughter?

IShowSpeed, an American YouTuber, is well-known for live-streaming both his everyday activities and the video games he likes to play.

More than 6 million people follow him on Instagram, where he mostly posts videos of himself playing video games and giving out personal information. On YouTube, where he regularly posts videos of himself enjoying video games and blogging about his daily life, he has a bigger audience.

Darren Watkins Jr. is the real person behind the IShowSpeed Daughter YouTube channel. During the epidemic, he started making videos about video games and things that happened in his everyday life. He didn’t know that his channel would get tens of thousands of subscribers and millions of views.

Does IShowSpeed have a daughter?

IShowSpeed, a popular YouTuber, denied rumors that he is gay by saying that he has a daughter. One source told Celebshaunt that the streamer had the child when he was only 16. This is around the time that he started putting his videos online.

Speed’s birthday is January 21, and he is thought to be 19 this year. His year of birth has never been known.

IShowSpeed has 10.6 million people who follow him on YouTube.

Who Is Ishowspeed?

He is a YouTuber and streamer from Ohio, United States. When he was 16, he began to scream. After his 19th birthday on January 21, he is now 19 years old. Speed is known for his live streams of entertainment and games.

After only a few days, sometime in 2021, he had more than a million subscribers. The vlogger got even more popular when his fans put memes about him on TikTok.

IshowSpeed Net Worth 2021

If you’re part of the NBA 2K community, you’ve probably heard of IShowSpeed, a new streamer. But you might know him from videos he made that went viral on TikTok or Twitter.

In fact, his video that went viral on TikTok is also the reason why he has grown so much on YouTube recently. In the video, Ishowspeed showed how upset he was that some of his fans were making fun of him. While Darren was reacting live, some of his fans decided to stop watching out of anger.

That’s just a small part of how Ishowspeed became so popular on YouTube. The streamer’s dedication to his Twitch streams is also a big part of why he has been so successful.

Darren said that on a good day, he made between $75 and $200 per stream, depending on how long the stream was. But in just two hours, Darren made more than $2,000 from his last YouTube Stream. All of this was because of the buzz that his channel had built up over the past week.

When it comes to money, Darren is doing the best he can for his age. At the moment, IshowSpeed is thought to be worth about $90,000. Donations from his streams and ad money from Youtube are his main sources of income. But he is so popular on YouTube that we are sure he will get some good sponsorship deals soon. If that happens, Darren Watkins’s wealth will also go up by a lot.

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IShowSpeed Biography (Age, School & Education)

IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr., has never said for sure how old he is or when he was born on Wiki. Many websites said that he was born to his parents on January 21, 2005. On the other hand, in 2021, he said in a song that he is 19 years old and also said that he is 15 years old.

In any case, he was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States. 17 is how old he is (as of 2022). He and his siblings went to a private school in the area to study. He is a high school student at a well-known school, which makes sense given his age. His YouTube videos make it clear how much he hates studying.

Who is IShowSpeed’s baby mama?

When people found out that he had a child, they wanted to know who IShowSpeed’s baby mama was. We don’t know who it is yet, and we don’t even know how old she is.

The Internet star has kept his love life mostly private, but some of his ex-girlfriends are well-known.

Is Ishowspeed A Father?

Since the streamer started getting famous, his fans have been eager to find out if he has a child or not. Before, people said that the well-known YouTuber was gay. But he told the public that he has a daughter to disprove these claims.

From what I’ve heard, the vlogger is the father of a beautiful girl. Ishowspeed kid stayed a secret. No one even knew what her name was. Even now, he has never posted a single photo of his baby girl on any of his social media accounts.

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IshowSpeed Wiki – Parents & Siblings

IShowSpeed is from Cincinnati, Ohio, but he hasn’t told his fans more about his personal life yet. On his streams, Darren has sometimes talked about his mother and father, but other than that, we don’t know much about them.

At the moment, he is staying with his parents in Cincinnati, where they live. If you’ve watched one of Darren’s recent streams, you can hear his mother telling him to be quiet.

Streaming and YouTube are things that parents have a hard time getting their heads around these days. And the same is true of Darren’s parents. But as time goes on and Darren’s fame grows, we hope they will support him and his career.

Who has IShowSpeed dated?

Fans of Speedy, who is from Cincinnati, Ohio, know that he used to date Harmony Renne, also known as Dream, who is a TikTok star. Even though the two seem to be competing online, this is the case. In one of his videos, he told his fans about her. No one knows if they are still together or not.

Fans think it’s possible that he was in a relationship with transgender TikTok singer Ava Barbie. But these reports haven’t been proven true.

Who Is The Mother Of Ishowspeed Kid?

Someone said he had a child when he was only 16 years old. The name of his partner was also kept secret, and neither was her age. But we’ve heard two rumors about them dating so far. We don’t know who else the vlogger went out with before them.

Fans say that he used to date Harmony Renee, also known as Dream, but this is not confirmed. Since they are both on YouTube, there is a lot of competition between them.

No one knows if they are still together or not. He may also have dated Ava Barbie. She is a transgender woman who is well-known on TikTok. Ava can sing as well.

IshowSpeed Girlfriend

In his most recent stream, Darren told his fans about the girl he’s dating. Harmony Renee is IshowSpeed’s girlfriend. She is also from Ohio, in the city of Cincinnati, and she goes to Walnut Hills High School.

Ishowspeed said that he met Harmony at the UDF and asked her for her Instagram. Later that night, he sent a direct message (DM) here and asked to rest.

But even though Darren seems to be in love right now, he has had a bad time in love before. In one of his most recent videos, Darren talked about how his girlfriend cheated on him. He talks about how the event left him with a broken heart.

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Untold Facts on IshowSpeed

He works out often, so his body is in good shape. Over 170,000 people follow him on Twitch. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, right now. He is friends with many famous people on the Internet, like KSI. He really likes anime. His Snapchat username is darrenwatkins1.

He put about a hundred games on his PC that he downloaded. Over 1.7 million people have listened to Shake Pt.2, which is his most-listened-to song on Spotify. At ishowspeed513@gmail.com, you can get in touch with him. Since he joined Twitter in September 2018, he has gained more than 570k followers and sent more than 200 tweets.

He often picks Cristiano Ronaldo over Leo Messi as his favorite football player. Over 27 million people have liked Darren’s Tiktok videos, and over 7 million people follow his account.


Ishowspeed has a child? No source could answer this question, so it was still not clear. Even though he was the one who told everyone, no one can be sure that he didn’t just say it to get rid of the rumors that he was gay. This could be a way to put an end to the discussion. But it could be true and he is just trying to keep his daughter out of the spotlight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ishowspeed Daughter

What is IShowSpeed’s name? 

The real name of IShowSpeed is Darren Watkins. He is a mix of different races, but he hasn’t said much about his parents or siblings. Harmony Renee is the name of his girlfriend, and they have been together for a few months.

What platform does IShowSpeed stream on? 

He streams on TikTok and YouTube. Darren started his YouTube channel on March 22, 2016. He is known for posting videos of games, especially NBA 2K. After uploading videos regularly, a few of them got thousands of views, which helped him get more subscribers.

Since he joined these platforms, the number of people who like him has grown a lot. On April 20, 2021, 100,000 people signed up for his channel. Some fans who want to hang out with IShowSpeed often use his Discord account to do so.

How did IShowSpeed get famous?

After his fans posted memes about him on TikTok, the YouTuber got a lot of attention. The YouTuber then started putting the funniest parts of his streams on his YouTube and TikTok channels, which helped his channels grow.

What happened to IShowSpeed’s Twitch account? 

In 2021, the YouTuber was kicked off the site. Before he was banned for rape jokes and sexist rants, he hosted a live dating show on Adin Live’s Twitch channel. On the show, Darren asked Ash Kaash what would happen if they were the last two people on Earth and had to have children to keep the world going.

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