The Best Tips for Stockholm Holiday Travel

The Best Tips for Stockholm Holiday
The Best Tips for Stockholm Holiday

Sweden is one of the oldest nations in the world. For hundreds of years, it has been developing a long tradition of exciting culture, incredible people, and stunning architecture. When you visit Sweden, it can be difficult to focus on just one place to visit. There is so much of Sweden that is worth seeing and experiencing; however, you need to make sure you visit Stockholm.


Stockholm is Sweden’s capital and the most populous city in the countries generally considered Nordic. There are many different aspects of culture that you should explore when you visit Stockholm. In fact, the sheer number of attractions can be slightly overwhelming. To figure out where you should go in Stockholm, you should break up your ideas based on your interests. Once you’ve broken your trip down into several different areas of interest, it’s easier to figure out the top things to do in Stockholm.


Stockholm, Sweden is a city full of rich history. It has been around for hundreds of years as a hub of Nordic and Swedish culture. If you are interested in history and culture, you should look into different ways to experience this history. The Vasa Museum is one such place. The museum contains the most intact 17th-century ship in the world. It is a maritime museum that focuses on the history of Northern European sea exploration and combat. The museum, the most popular one in Scandinavia, is named for the ship itself, which is called the Vasa. Theresa was a 64-gun ship that sank on its maiden voyage.

Gamla stan (Old Town) is the oldest section of Stockholm, and it still features its original medieval street layout. The oldest building in the section, and in Stockholm, is a 13th-century building that is still partially intact. If you are looking for a piece of history, Old Town is another great choice.


If you are looking for something a little more exciting than a history museum, a sporting event or a show might be more appropriate. The most popular sports are ice hockey and football. The city features several hockey teams and football teams. If rugby league is something you enjoy, Stockholm recently formed its first rugby league team. There are also several theatres, movie theatres, and concerts every year. As the biggest city in the country, Stockholm creates one-third of the GDP of Sweden. That means that concerts and other attractions are drawn to the city at every time of the year.


There are more than 1000 restaurants in the city. Eight of those restaurants are Michelin star restaurants. Two of those have two stars. It’s not uncommon for a city to have no Michelin star restaurants; to have eight demonstrates the diversity of Stockholm food culture.

When you are looking for history, culture, and food in Scandinavia, you should consider Stockholm. It is an incredibly diverse city with hundreds of years of culture. It is the largest city in Sweden and the source of much of its wealth. There is something for everyone in Stockholm.

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