What is a Class Chip in Call of Duty Mobile?

What is a Class Chip in Call of Duty Mobile?

Class Chips are powerful tools that will give you an edge in Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale. Here’s how they work and how to upgrade them.

Warzone Mobile is coming soon, but Call of Duty Mobile already has its own battle royale mode with its own map and rules. One of the biggest differences between the two BRs is the class system in CoD Mobile. Before dropping in, players choose a class with different abilities.

The Class Chips are an important part of CoD Mobile’s BR classes. Here’s what they are and how to upgrade them to get an edge over your opponents and finish challenges.

What Is Class Chip in COD Mobile?

In the BR mode of COD Mobile, there is a feature called “BR Class,” which gives players more ways to play and more power. Also, players can choose any class by going to the loadout screen in BR mode.

The seasonal event, on the other hand, requires players to use their class 5 times. Also, the event has a number of other challenges and rewards, which are listed below.

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What Do Chip Upgrades Do Cod Mobile?

When you upgrade the grapple hook, you get more options. Most of the time, you can only keep two charges per charge, but if you add a chip terminal upgrade, you can keep three. With Dead Silence, this character gives up their powers so that no one can hear their footsteps.

How to use Class Chip in COD Mobile Battle Royale?

Under this season’s Seasonal event section, there is a tab called Royale Specialist, where players will find the mission to use class chips 10 times in battle royale matches. For completing this mission players will need to jump into a COD Mobile battle royale match. You can equip any of the 11 BR classes and once landed. Look for areas marked with light purple squares on the map. These mark the Chip Class locations on the map.

How To Get Class Chip In CODM?

Call of Duty Mobile has launched its season 4 Spurned and Burned with lots of new updates and numerous seasonal events. All players are trying their best to get hands-on with the new events in the season to get maximum rewards in the game.

There is a new seasonal event called Gold Or Nothing in CODM which has several small tasks that every player has to complete. Unlocking Class Chip in COD Mobile is straightforward. However, if you don’t know how it is done then follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Start with Classic Battle Royale Match in CODM.

2) Get your character well equipped with the preferred class and get on the field.

3) Check out the map and look for purple dots on the map. Once you find them follow the map and reach there.

4) These purple dots are the location of the class chip in the Call Of Duty Mobile. Once you get the Class Chip it will help you to boost your base class.

5) Use the Class Chip that you got 3 times in the match to complete the mission.

6) Now you are free to collect the reward and move to the next mission in the event.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock. What is a class chip in Call Of Duty Mobile? Check another article on how to get a backstabber medal in CODM.

Class Chips in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a popular multiplayer shooter where you need to fight against other players. The game allows you to choose your class ability that you will be able to use to get an advantage over your opponents.

Class Chips in Call of Duty Mobile are special items that you can use to upgrade your class skill. You just need to pick up one of these chips and it will make your ability stronger.

10 best guns in CoD Mobile

1. CBR4

If you’re looking for the best possible Gun in CoD Mobile Season 6, you can’t go wrong with Season 11’s CBR4. This fast-paced SMG will smash any enemy you encounter, and it’s a favorite in competitive play.

It can be built almost any way you choose, but it is best suited for short-range maps like shoot house and hijacked. It may soon see a nerf, so be sure to use it as much as possible in Season 6.

This completes our list. These are the best weapons categorized and ranked in Call of Duty: Mobile. Be sure to check out the best guns in Vanguard and also the best guns in Warzone!

2. Shooting Rifle in SKS

Somewhat of a ‘skill cannon’, what makes the SKS so powerful is its ability to fire two-shot to the chest and one shot to the head.

If you’re precise enough, SKS can be downright devastating. You’ll be able to fly around the map killing enemies in just 200ms, and there aren’t many weapons that can challenge that TTK.

3. BTS World

This is a storytelling sim game. ARMY members get to live out their dreams by becoming the manager of BTS. Players will have to deal with Big Hit, check daily itineraries, and missions, manage band members, check conditions, and other such tasks to navigate the game successfully. In addition, players also get to experience an alternate reality where BTS never made it and the members are all stuck with regular jobs.

These are the best BTS games that every ARMY member should try. For more game recommendations, check out Best Games Like HuniePop For Steam & Android.

4. DR-H4

With its new and improved damage profile, the DR-H is now capable of hitting enemies continuously in just three shots. This gives it a great TTK, making it a challenge to the best assault rifles in the game.

5. BTS Universe Story

This is a choice-based storytelling game where players decide the fate of the BTS members. However, unlike other games on this list, this game is much darker in its tone and treatment.

It touches on sensitive topics like mental health. This is an official BTS game released by Big Hit and Netmarble.In addition, players can also create their own BTS story for others to play.

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6. Mach-10

The MAC-10 has almost everything you’d need in a CoD Mobile SMG, where it melts perfectly at close-range with a great straf speed to boot. It doesn’t have the same range capability as the CBR4 but does have some weapons that can make it a challenge at close-range. Bring Mach-10 to any small map and you will become an unstoppable force.

7. BTS Island: In The Seam

This is a newly launched BTS game that ARMY members have to try out. It is the story of the BTS members getting stranded on an island and slowly making a life for themselves. Players have to earn stars by winning Match-3 games that will allow them to carry out tasks essential to their survival on the island.

8. KG 141 – Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile

The Kilo 141 is one of the most accurate weapons in a warzone and modern warfare, and it’s even more effective than COD Mobile Season 6.

The power of the kilo comes from its accuracy, where you can take aim at any range with ease. It’s not the fastest killing weapon in CoD Mobile, but players of any skill level can be incredibly accurate with it, no matter the map or mode.

9. ARMY Quest: BTS ERAs

This is a relatively unknown game that takes players through a highlight reel of the different Eras of BTS. It comprises some unforgettable moments and milestones for the Bangtan Boys. Players will get to relive the iconic moments through mini-games, pictures, and quizzes. Each Era in the game consists of many levels each involving a puzzle or a mini-game that players will have to solve.


This is quite a simple quiz game. Players just have to answer Yes or No type questions about BTS. If players get more than 2 wrong answers, they fail and have to start the game again. When players win, they get harder questions to solve. It is a good game to get bragging rights as a BTS ARMY. It is quite an easy game for those that have been following the band for a while.

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List of Challenges And Rewards in Survival Of The Fittest Event in COD Mobile

Players can grab an exclusive and all-new Bailout- Raven’s Wing character skin by completing all of these challenges given below.

  • Play 3 BR matches – 200 Credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP.
  • Land 3 times in a high-tier loot zone marked in orange on the BR map – Scout Scarab and 2000 Battle Pass XP.
  • Kill 5 enemies in a high-tier loot zone marked in orange on the BR map – Backpack 1 Scarab and 2000 Battle Pass XP.
  • Use class chip 5 times in BR matches – Mechanic Scarab and 3000 Battle Pass XP.
  • Place in the top in BR matches 5 times – AK47 Scarab and 3000 Battle Pass XP.
  • Kill 5 enemies using epic smg in BR matches – Inbound Calling Card and 4000 Battle Pass XP.
  • Kill 5 enemies using an epic assault rifle in BR matches – Bailout- Raven’s Wing and 6000 Battle Pass XP.

Therefore, the Survival of the Fittest event is already live and will be live for the next 10 days. So, players can accomplish all of these challenges and gain the charming Bailout- Raven’s Wing skin!

Which Is The Best Skill In Code?

  • A special grappling hook makes Ninja as special as any Ninja. Ninja has such power in that area that you don’t need to practice in this ring.
  • It is the first step to becoming a Scout.
  • I am in the class of Poltergeist. Poltergeist.
  • A trap master class. A trap master class…
  • This is the class clown…
  • The trickster class is a class of tricksters…
  • Having a good defender in your portfolio.

How to Find Class Chips in Call of Duty Mobile?

In order to use Class Chips in Call of Duty Mobile, you will have to find one of these. Fortunately, it is quite a simple task.

If you want to get a Class Chip in Call of Duty Mobile you will need to search for the purple square icon on your map. There you can find a special structure that contains the Class Chip. However, before you try to get to it we highly recommend you find some weapons and armor as you have a high chance to encounter your opponents there.

Call of Duty Mobile has a huge amount of different mechanics and hopefully, this guide helped you to understand how Class Chips work. Good luck in your further matches in Call of Duty Mobile!


mobile brings a favorite Cod Gameplay on mobile devices, complete with exciting Battle Royale mode. Players parachute onto the large map with just a knife and cunning and have to scavenge for supplies when they hit the ground. There are other ways to improve your workload, such as Class Chip locations, which will increase your class capabilities.

Once you load up the Battle Royale match, open up the map to find the purple squares scattered throughout the play area. These are class chip locations that can be used after a short period of time. It’s a good idea to gather supplies before traveling to these areas to avoid simple kills of hidden players.

Before activation, the station counts down and you just have to communicate with the station to upgrade your class skills. If done correctly, your ability will turn purple, which is now more powerful or useful.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about What is a Class Chip in Call of Duty Mobile?

What Is Class Chip In Cod Mobile?

Class Chip allows users to boost their playing preferences in COD Mobile. Upgrade your class and it’ll glow purple.

What Does The Chip Terminal Do In Code?

A chip upgrade terminal would also enable you to disable even more disabling power, allowing you to shut down huge territories by turning on the Ice Pick for 30 seconds at a time and allowing it to burn into ice chunks at an astounding rate.

What Does Upgrade Terminal Do In Cod Mobile?

An upgrade to this at the terminal will allow you to gain much of this armor, which will take them some time to deal with.

What Do Class Upgrades Do In Cod Mobile?

The effects of upgrading this class have reduced the cooldown, and thus, the duration. This should give you enough justification for you to strive for upgrades whenever possible.

Which Class Is Better In Cod Mobile?

The Ninja is perhaps an example of the best BR class in the game, and it is one of the most iconic skins in the battle royale version of coD Mobile. Due to Ninja’s ability to support freedom of mobility and invisibility, it will be especially valuable to players with mobility issues.

Which Operator Skill Is Best In Cod Mobile?

As far as weapon damage and effectiveness go, the Purifier is one of COD Mobile’s best Operator Skills to use. Many argue about whether the Equalizer or Death Machine brings mass destruction to a battlefield, but the Purifier does so as well.

How Do I Improve My Aim In Cod Mobile?

If you are looking for ways to improve your aim, you should use a weapon that has a bad recoil so you are used to it. Whenever you are familiar with recoiling the weapon, you can make certain that your opponent will not be able to get hit.

Operative Info