Best time to visit Zion National Park

Best time to visit Zion National Park

Zion is the most famous attraction in the world. It’s a must visit place if you are in Utah. There are so many options available to you while visiting zion that it can be difficult to decide which one would suit your family best. However, there are certain days and times when you should avoid visiting zion to make sure that you have a great time.

Best time to visit Zion

The best time to visit Zion is when the 70-degree days are long, typically May, June and July. Visitors should start planning to see Zion earlier in the year so they can avoid both wildfire smoke and high summer temperatures.

The best time for visiting Zion is early in the years like April and October so that visitors will not be bothered by the smog from wildfires. Those who visit during the summer months (June through September ) will find that there is a lot of smog in the city and all day long, it’s very tiring. The best time to visit Zion would be between April and October which are spring and autumn seasons for Utah.

Weather and Temperature

Primavera is the most popular season in Utah and Zion, because of number of tourists who will come during lasih. In wintertime it’s cold there so if you visit early or late into the day can be difficult to walk on way if not prepared for that weather. Early morning (5 am -7 am) should be avoided by visitors when visiting zion as summer time temperatures are at 40 degrees degree Celsius .

Best Time of The Year for Sightseeing

There are a lot of options available to you while in zion as it is very popular place. It offers so much that anybody can enjoy on their holiday and make sure they have friends or family visiting with them when trying to decide what the best option would be for sightseeing together.

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Zion National Park Visitor Centre

Best time to visit the visitor centre: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4 pm; Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays open 9 am – 5 pm

CHECKING THE WEATHER: The visitor centre has a large area for visitors to get together and to enjoy the weather outside. There is also an exhibit of some aerial photographs showing how much smoke was in Zion between September 2017, at which time Sinbad had passed through, and February 2018.  It shows that, while other areas were fairly clear after Sinbad but not really before it came through causing a halo behind the main peak, Zion remained full of smoke directly after.

Finding what to see and doing your research beforehand really is a good idea if you are like me who can get stressed out easily especially watching something on tv then imagine being there in person it would be very hard to feel relaxed while waiting also without knowing how long this will take because they don’t have big screens at zion so all that you could do is sit down found somewhere that is quiet and keep yourself busy with something like drawing or even just reading a book.

Zion NP has over 600,000 acres of visible landscape that depart from the Manti-LaSal National Forest in northeastern Kane County to Virgin River in southern Iron County. The mountain cliffs contained within Zion Canyon rise above sea level along its 210-mile length. There are many hiking trails through this area so inquire about them at visitor center first before you go anywhere.

Best Time of Year to Avoid The Crowds

As in any national park, the best time of year to avoid the crowds is during the off-season. In March and April, canyon temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit with higher humidity than on a breezy fall day. Tourists flock to Zion National Park from around the world in these hot months, which can result in lines up to 1–3 hours long at popular attractions such as The Grotto (see Best Time of Year for Sightseeing), Kolob Canyons Golf Course and Zion Lodge.

Visiting Information By Month

In the park you can apply for a pass before your visit or get one as you go into the park. You’ll also need it to save money on ATM charges and in concessionaire stores. All passes have good dates to begin with until February 1, after that they will expire and cost up to $12 per day per person at Zion Canyon. In most places of Zion Canyon, like Angels Landing, people start lining up early in the morning when cars enter through Stairs entrance (you will see them coming down off the mountain.) When leaving E-W Highway at National Park boundary take exit 162A and follow the signs to Zion Canyon Visitor Center. It is between 17 mi NW of Springdale, UT & 93 mi E from Cedar City, UT

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