Can You Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint?

Can You Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint?

Rolling papers are the most common way to smoke a joint, so any experienced stoner should have some on hand. But what if you can’t find rolling papers when you really need them? Can you use tissue paper to roll a joint?

Yes, you can! But there are a few things you need to know about tissue paper, and it smokes very differently than regular rolling papers. Read on to find out how to use tissue paper or even better, safer materials to make a temporary joint.

How to Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint?

We’ve already talked about how tissue paper is thinner than rolling paper, so it might burn a little differently. But if you want to use tissue paper to make a joint, there are ways to make it work, and we’ll show you how in the steps below. In general, the process is not that different from using regular rolling papers:

  • Get out your tissue paper to get it ready to roll. Just make sure it’s white so it doesn’t have any dye in it.
  • Standard rolling paper is 68 mm long and 34 mm wide, so cut the tissue paper into squares that are the same size.
  • Use your grinder to break up the marijuana.
  • If you need a crutch, add it.
  • The form you’re joint, pinch it between your fingers, and start rolling from the crutch to the end.
  • Pack the joint end and twist the top to close it.
  • Your joint is ready to go for the next time you smoke.

Even if your joint burns a little faster, you’ll still be able to have a good smoke without having to buy rolling papers.

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Alternatives To Rolling Paper?

Toilet Paper

Even though tissue paper feels a lot like toilet paper, you shouldn’t use toilet paper to make a quick joint. The paper is thick and fluffy, which means that your joint will fall apart and burn horribly. But most toilet paper rolls come wrapped in tissue paper, so you can use a piece of that instead if you have an unwrapped roll of toilet paper nearby.

Gum Wrappers Paper

If you or a friend have a couple of pieces of gum in your pocket, they can also be used as rolling papers. But make sure you rub the foil off the back of these wrappers since it’s not good to breathe in tin foil. Most of the time, you can do this with a coin, and as long as you are careful, the other side of the paper shouldn’t get damaged.

Smoke Paper

If you don’t have rolling papers on hand, you might be tempted to use any kind of paper instead. However, smoking paper all the time can be very bad for your health. Plain paper or recycled paper is usually made from wood pulp, which can have more than 200 chemicals added to it while it is being processed and made.

Chemicals that are used often include chlorine, dolomite, DTPA, EDTA, FSA, guar gum, gypsum, hydrogen peroxide, sodium dithionite, chlorine dioxide, ozone, and many more. Nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), and polycyclic organic matter (POMs) are some of the toxic chemicals that are often released when the paper is burned. If you smoke it, these chemicals go straight into your lungs.

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Rolling papers

Rolling papers made just for rolling joints make the job quick, easy, and predictable, but once you run out, it will be hard to find alternatives that are just as good. But sometimes, when we have no other choice, we have to get creative. Even though most homemade paper options aren’t the best for your health, these tried-and-true alternatives will work if you’re careful and patient.


To smoke weed with hot knives, you need two knives, a stove or other heat source, and weed. Let the stove heat up until it is medium hot. When the knives are hot, hold them right above the stove for a few minutes (1-2 minutes is usually enough).

Also, make sure the knife handles aren’t too close to the stove. The reason for this is that it can damage the knives or hurt your skin. Carefully put some marijuana on the blade of a knife. Then, put the blade of the second knife on top of the one with the cannabis to “sandwich” it between the two blades.

Tissue Paper

If you really need to but don’t have any tissue paper, you could also use a newspaper, a gum wrapper, a page from a dictionary, or a page from the Bible. Just tear off a page and cut out a piece that’s the same size as a normal piece of rolling paper. As we’ve already said, this is about 68 mm long and 34 mm wide. All you have to do now is get going. If you use a torn Bible page, you might make some people feel bad. Your friends who smoke pot will literally be saying, “Holy smokes!”

Bible Pages

If you can believe it, bible pages are the right thickness for rolling papers. The trick is to find a page where there is little or no ink. You shouldn’t smoke anything with ink on it because the chemicals in most inks are bad for your lungs.

This kind of page is usually near the beginning or end of the Bible, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Once you’ve cut out the page you want, you can use tissue paper in the same way.

Paper towel Paper

You can probably guess that paper towels have a lot of problems, especially if you’ve ever seen one catch on fire. But if you cut them down to size, roll the grind tight, and use a little water to dampen the paper just enough to keep it from catching fire on its own and doing damage, this common household item can work in a pinch.

Tracing Paper

Since most tracing paper is not colored, it might be a better substitute than tissue paper. If you happen to have some around, you can roll a joint.

Aluminum foil Paper

This one is a little bit of a cheat because you’re using something that looks more like a bong than a joint until you light it. A roll wrapped in an aluminum can be lit just like a joint, but once the filling has burned down so far, the tip will need to be cut off with scissors so that the ash doesn’t stop the coal from getting hot. They will get hot when they are almost out of fuel, but they work the same way as rolling papers.

Apple pipes Paper

People make pipes out of fruits to smoke their joints. You can make a hole in an apple from both the top and the sides. After that, you’ll put aluminum foil inside. Put the foil in the holes and the weed on the foil.

After you put the weed in the hole, light it on top of the fruit. You can smoke weed through the hole on the side. If you use this alternative, your weed will taste like apple pie when you smoke it.

Bongs Paper

Most of the time, groups of smokers do this in a social setting. Metal, plastic, glass, wood, ceramic, bamboo, and bamboo are all used to make bongs. There are also different kinds of bongs, such as percolator bongs, gravity bongs, bongs with more than one chamber, and so on.

Bucket/Lung Paper

You can smoke weed with a plastic lung or a bucket. These alternatives to rolling papers are like bongs in how they work. You just need to seal a plastic bag around a plastic container. Now, put the aluminum foil over the container’s mouthpiece and poke holes in it. Put the pot on top of the foil, and then pull the bag to make a vacuum. Start smoking the weed.

Corn husks Paper

Most Latin American kitchens have corn husks. Not only are corn husks a natural way to smoke weed, but they are also one of the healthiest ways to do so. The corn husks are tough and make the weed roll tight. It also makes it hard to smoke.

Tinfoil Paper

If you don’t have a can of beer or soda, you can use good old tin foil. Aluminum foil has been used for many things for a long time. Rolling weed is one of these things. People love how easy it is to use aluminum foil. All you have to do is roll the foil into the shape of a cigarette, put your weed in it, light it, and smoke.

Corn husks Paper

Most Latin American kitchens have corn husks. Not only are corn husks a natural way to smoke weed, but they are also one of the healthiest ways to do so. The corn husks are tough and make the weed roll tight. It also makes it hard to smoke.


So, there you have it. These are the different ways you can smoke your joint without papers. You can just use a toilet paper roll if you have one. We also talked about other things that can be used instead of smoking papers.

All of these alternatives are also safe. That is, your health won’t be in any danger. Keep in mind, though, that you can’t roll joints with paper. So, pay close attention. Only try the other options in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Can You Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint?

Can You Use Regular Paper To Smoke Cannabis?

Even though regular paper looks like it could be used to pull weeds, you shouldn’t use it. Rolling papers and regular paper don’t burn the same way, so you can use a regular piece of paper to burn the weeds.

Is it possible to roll a joint out of tissue paper?

To roll joint, use the wrapper from a roll of toilet paper. Take the wrapper off before giving the joint to someone else. But you can also use the pages of the Bible to roll joints. Yes, bible pages are thin papers that can be used instead of rolling papers.

How do you spin without paper, too?

Take the pan out of the oven, lick the bottoms of the petals, and glue them together in the shape of a rolling paper. Put them back in the oven for 10 seconds. You should keep in mind that they shouldn’t be too dry or “crispy.” Wait two minutes for them to cool down before rolling them like a normal blunt.

What may you use in place of Rizla paper in this case?

You can chew on paper. If you can peel off the aluminum foil without destroying the paper underneath, the paper can be a good substitute for a Rizla. The sugary goodness left on the paper will also help it stick to your mouth.

Is it possible to use a gum wrapper as a rolling paper?

The gum wrapper is much better than computer paper or paper from cigarettes. If you are worried, you should either buy rolling paper or stop smoking.

Is it possible to roll a blunt out of printer paper?

Each piece of paper should be crumpled until it is soft. Because cigarette paper is so much lighter than printer paper, you’ll need to tear your printer paper to get the rough, lumpy texture you want for your prop joints. The paper is also easier to roll if you wet it first. Choose a filler for your joints.

Is it okay if I use toilet paper to roll my cigarettes?

Toilet paper roll pipes, which are sometimes called “steamrollers,” are easy to use and don’t need many things. You’ll need the following things to make a cardboard tube pipe: Instead of regular paper or rolling papers, you could use a roll of toilet paper or old paper towels to make this pipe. Like a knife, it has a lot of edges. Light the pipe, let it burn, and take pleasure in it.

Is it possible to die from smoking toilet paper?

If you smoke a piece of paper without any ink or other things on it, you get smoke, which can hurt your lungs over time. Even though the smoke from burning paper isn’t as bad as smoke from a real fire, it can still cause pain and suffocation if you breathe it in.

Is it possible to smoke printer paper?

Because printer paper wasn’t made with smokers in mind, it may have more pollutants than other types of paper. Also, because the paper is thicker, the ratio of cellulose to tobacco is higher, so there is more paper smoke than tobacco smoke. You should find the thinnest rolling paper you can.

Is it possible to use rose petals for rolling paper?

You did read it correctly. Rose petals can be used to roll joints, and many people do. The petals of three roses need to be heated in a pot. A few seconds should be used to heat something. Once the petals are hot, connect them to make a roll joint.

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