How to Choose The Right Web Design Company?

How to Choose The Right Web Design Company?

You want to make a great website, but you don’t know where to begin. Not only do you have this problem, but so do a lot of other businesses. If you find the right web design company, your website can become a powerful tool for marketing your business online. 

And because there are so many web design companies to choose from, it can be hard to decide. But that’s not necessary. You might start by looking on Google for the best web design companies, but before you do that, there are a few things you should know. If you are looking for a web development service in Adelaide, you can take proper help from website development Adelaide.

Web Designer Versus Web Developer

Because designing a website involves so many different parts, some companies divide the job into two roles: a web designer handles the visual and graphic design, and a web developer handles the technical coding and building of the website. 

Still, most web designers also know how to build websites, and in some agencies, one person with a lot of skills may be in charge of both design and development.

10 steps to finding a good website design company

We’ve put this guide together to help you with your search. Here are a few things you should know when looking for a web design company that fits your business goals and company culture.

1. Research the company.

The web design agency you choose to build your site will really be in charge of the future of your business, so it’s important to choose one that is well-established, experienced, and trustworthy, with an excellent reputation and proven expertise in web design and related skills like web development, SEO, and digital marketing.

Visit the website of each potential web design agency to find out how long they’ve been in business, what services they offer, and what level of experience and specific skills their team members have. Check the website for customer reviews or case studies, and read reviews on Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages, and Trustpilot, among others.

2. Check their websites to shortlist

You can do a quick sweep of possible companies using an online search or even recommendations from friends who have used website design companies in the past. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want or how it should look, visiting the websites of competing agencies can tell you a lot about the work they do.

You can see right away what grabs your attention or fits with your brand identity. Web design agencies should be upfront and transparent in what they can offer you while proving their expertise in design, organization, and easy-to-use online interfaces. If the web design company doesn’t do a good job of making itself stand out, it might not be able to help you do the same.

3. Consider Your Website Requirements

Your first step is to figure out what your business needs. Do you need a site for online shopping? Do you want to allow online bookings? What’s the number of pages you need? How would you like to set up your products if you have a lot of them? etc. etc.

You can look at similar businesses or compare yourself to your competitors to get ideas. This may seem a little daunting, but don’t worry, a good web design agency will help you through this process as getting the brief right from the get-go will ultimately save money and get you better results.

4. Check out the prospective agencies’ own websites. 

Many websites for web design companies will have a section called “portfolio” where you can see examples of their work. Are the websites they’ve made look like they were made by professionals and are they easy to use? Do the clients they show seem about the same size as you? Do the sites seem to be about the same? Have the sites got the features you need for your own site?

5. Give Them a Call or Email

Getting in touch with a business is the best way to learn about it. Call them or send them an email. What vibe do you get? How’s their customer service? Do they seem like people you could work with? If you feel good after your first contact, follow up with a video call or a visit to learn more about them and talk about your needs in more depth.

6. Evaluate reviews and create a shortlist

Checking out what their current clients have to say about their work is one of the best or most helpful ways to find the best web design company.

Reading reviews from real customers can give you an idea of how good the company’s products and services are, how professional they are, and even how dedicated they are to making your dream website.

Find testimonials on the design company’s website with client URLs, usually attached to the actual review. You can contact these businesses that have used the web design company to dive deep into their experiences. Sharing this raw information can help you figure out how this business works and how it can help you.

Also, watch out for fake reviews or ones that say the product is perfect. Finding reviews and ratings that are in the middle can sometimes give you the most honest feedback and help you choose the best web design company for you.

7. Decide On Your Budget

Before you start talking about web design, you should make a budget so you know what you can afford. As we’ve already said, there are a lot of options, and prices can vary a lot. Because web design is so custom, many designers won’t put prices on their sites. Instead, you’ll need to talk to them about your initial needs to get an idea of how much it will cost.

If the price is too high, you can always talk about how to scale back your project to make it more affordable. Still, it’s important to keep your expectations in check and remember the “Good Fast Cheap” rule. Even the best web designers can only do 2 of these things in one project, so decide what’s most important to you.

8. Check out their blog posts.

You can learn more about the design company and other projects they are working on by reading these short articles. The content they put on their blog can also show how much they know about certain trends and topics.

It can also help you find out more about what they do best. Check out how they organize their writing and how easy it is for you as a consumer to read and interact with their blog posts.

9. Get Advice From Friends, Family, And Other Businesses

Don’t be shy about asking for recommendations. Ask your family and friends if they know a good web designer. It’s always best to work with someone who has done good work in the past. You can also talk to other businesses in the area to find out who they use. You can also look for websites that you like on the Internet. Most designers will be listed in the site’s footer, with a link back to their information so you can find it quickly.

10 Make an initial call to talk about your project and set up a meeting. 

Watch how they handle this first call. Are they easy to talk to and friendly? Do they ask you about your design company and the details of the project, or do they just try to sell you something right away?

You should think about this company as a long-term partner for your agency, so chemistry is important. Even though the person who answers the phone might not be the one you work with the most (or at all) once you become a client, that person still shows what the design company is like as a whole, so make sure you feel comfortable with them.


Choose the right website design company for your business by taking your time. There are a lot of things that go into making the best website for your brand, so it’s important to do your research on who can do the best job. Since it’s your brand, you should get the right website made. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, be picky, and look for a company that can help you reach your goals.

If you’re not ready to hire a company to make your website yet, an unlimited graphic design service provider is a good choice. It’s often cheaper than a website design company’s retainer fees, and you can get a lot of value from having unlimited graphic design requests.

Philip Deeley is the founder of Global Graphics, a website design company in Toronto, Canada, that offers top-notch web design, E-commerce, and digital marketing services. He and his team have been helping people start new businesses online, with branding, web development, and eCommerce for more than 20 years. When he’s not working, he loves to play music and take his dog for a walk around the downtown Toronto neighborhood.

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