How Many Innings in Softball Game?

How Many Innings in Softball Game?

Depending on the level, softball games have six or seven innings. In high school and college, there are seven innings, but in youth leagues, there are only six. When there are seven innings in a softball game, each team will be on the field and at bat seven times.

Softball games don’t always go the full number of innings, though. If the home team is ahead after the visiting team bats in the seventh inning, there is no reason for the visiting team to bat again. The game is over. Or, sometimes a rule of mercy is in place. After a certain number of innings, usually eight runs in the second half of the game, if one team is winning by a big margin, the game will end and the team that is ahead will win.

How Many Innings in Softball Game vs. Baseball Game?

In softball, there are seven innings, but in baseball, there are nine. There is a top of an inning and a bottom of an inning with three outs, just like in baseball. The team that is not at home bats first, and the team that is at home bats last.

Does Softball Have Extra Innings?

If both teams are tied after seven innings, the game goes into extra innings. In the NCAA, extra innings start with a runner on second base, and the game ends if one team is ahead at the end of an inning. Putting a runner on second base helps the game end more quickly.

This is how extra innings work in softball. For example, if the away team scores two runs in the top of the eighth and the home team only scores one, the away team wins.

How Many Innings Are in a Youth Softball Game?

Depending on how old the kids are, softball games for kids have either six or seven innings. Softball games for the youngest players, who are usually in tee-ball or early elementary school, last for six innings. At these levels, the girls are still learning how to play, so the pitching isn’t as fast, and they only play six innings. But when the players are older, usually between the ages of 9 and 11, depending on the league, softball games have seven innings. Now that the players are older, they know how to play the game and can pitch faster, so they can play another inning without the games getting much longer.

What is the Longest Softball Game on Record?

The game between Creighton and Utah, which took 31 innings to finish, was the longest softball game ever. In the end, Creighton won the game 1-0, but it took over and was over for almost 6.5 hours. The next time they played each other, it took 25 innings to finish the game.

Is there a Mercy Rule in Softball?

Most High School softball games end when one team is ahead by 20 runs after three innings or by 10 runs after five innings. But the mercy rule can be used in different ways, so it depends on the umpire, the situation, and what the High School coaches agree on. Some leagues might put a limit on how many runs a team can score in an inning to make the game go faster.

How Do Innings Work in Softball?

Innings in softball work like innings in baseball  The home team is on the field while the visiting team bats at the beginning of each inning. When the team on the field gets three outs, the top of the inning is over.

The next part of the game is the bottom of the inning, and the teams switch. This means the visiting team is on the field and the home team is up to bat. As in the top of the inning, the home team keeps hitting until the visiting team gets three outs. After the top and bottom of an inning, they move on to the next inning. This keeps going until the game is over.

What Happens if there is Rain in Softball?

If it rains or gets too dark during a softball game, a few things can happen. The game will be over after five full innings, or 4.5 innings if the home team is ahead. If the game doesn’t start up again, it’s over and someone has won.

If the game didn’t start because of rain or didn’t go the full number of innings, it might be possible to make it up during the regular season. If the rain stops, the umpire can get the game going again. As long as the weather doesn’t get in the way, the game can still happen.

How Do Doubleheaders Work in Softball?

If a slow-pitch or fast-pitch softball game has a doubleheader, the rules might be different. For example, batters could be out after one strike instead of three. Hitters could also be out if they hit a foul ball when they already had two strikes. Some other rules are also a little bit different, like walking on two balls instead of four.

Most of the time, these rules are for leagues that play outside, where it gets dark early and there isn’t enough time to play two full games right after each other.

How Long Do Softball Games Usually Take?

Since there are only seven innings in a softball game instead of nine, it takes less time. Most softball games with seven innings take about two hours. But it’s hard to know how long a softball game will last because each inning doesn’t have a set time limit. If teams don’t score much and the innings go quickly, games could be over in less than two hours. Or, if both teams score a lot, the innings will be longer than usual, and the game will last more than two hours. Depending on how many extra innings need to be played, a game that goes into extra innings can take much longer than two hours.

How Did Softball Reach Where It Is Today?

How did softball go from being a fun game to a world-class sport? History shows how it went from being a game that happened by accident to one that is reaching new heights. Once upon a time, George Hancock was in the Farragut Boat Club with his friends in the winter of 1887, waiting for the result of a football game between Harvard and Yale to be announced. Hancock was able to make a small version of baseball with this short, even though it had nothing to do with baseball at the time. They all played a game called softball that ended with a score of 41–40.

Hancock took the game outside the next spring, but only in a small area. In 1889, he helped make rules for the game to spread far and wide. He asked Lewis Rober, a lieutenant in the Minneapolis Fire Department, to help him get the game to more people. In 1895, Rober made a team called “Kittens,” which later became “Kitten Ball.”

Rules of Softball

  • There are 9 people on each team, and both men and women can be on the same team.
  • A baseball game has 7 innings, which are divided into the top and bottom of the inning.
  • In each inning, each team bats once before the sides switch.
  • The fielding team has a pitcher, a catcher, a player at each first, second, and third base, three players who play deep in the field, and a shortstop.
  • A batter has to hit the ball and run around as many bases as he or she can. Once they make it all the way around the field and back to home plate without getting out, they score a run.
  • The fielding team can stop the batters by making them miss the ball, catching the ball, tagging one of the bases before they reach it, or tagging the batters while they are running with the ball.
  • There is a foul area between the first and third base. When the ball goes over this line without bouncing, it is considered “dead,” and the game starts over with a new pitch.
  • Hit the ball over the outfield and into a dead ball area to score a home run. The batters can then walk around the bases to score, as can any other batters who are already on base.

Equipment Used in The Game

1. Ball

In Chicago, where the game is famous, people like to play with a ball that is 16 inches around. For fast-pitch games with adults, the ball usually has a circumference of 12 inches and weighs between 6.25 and 7.0 oz. At the same time, it has a diameter of 11 inches and weighs between 5.875 and 6.125 oz. for slow-pitch games and younger kids. Cork and rubber are mixed together to make a yellow or white ball that is sometimes stitched with red thread. This ball is usually more important than a baseball.

2. Bat

A softball bat should be no longer than 86.4 cm (34 in) and no wider than 5.7 cm (2 14 in) at its widest point. It should weigh less than 1077.0 g (38 ounces). Bats can be made out of wood, bamboo, or aluminum. In softball, metal bats with curved ends are most often used.

The defensive players also wear gloves, which can be of different sizes depending on their position, a uniform (shirt, cap, shoes, and pants or shorts), and safety gear like a helmet, face mask, and chest protector.

3. Pitch

There are two parts to the softball field: fair territory and foul territory. Fair territory is made up of the infield and the outfield (the green area). The diamond-shaped dirt infield has four bases: home plate, first base, second base, and third base. Two of the foul lines went all the way out to the outfield. One from home plate to first base and the other to third. The plate is a backstop at the back of the home. The pitching rubber is in the middle of the field, in the middle of a circle for pitching. This is where the pitching starts, on a flat surface. In fast-pitch games, the distance between the bases is 60 feet. In slow-pitch games, the distance between home plate and the pitching rubber is 50 feet and in fast-pitch games, it is 43 feet. Now that we know what we need to play, let’s find out how many innings there are in softball.


In conclusion, a professional softball game has seven innings, while a baseball game has nine. If a game goes into extra innings after seven innings, a runner starts at second base to speed up the end of the game. A professional softball game takes about two hours or less to finish, on average. Most softball games in amateur leagues will last less than an hour and 45 minutes.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) About How Many Innings in Softball?

How long is a game in softball?

Most softball games last an hour or two, but games can go on for longer or shorter amounts of time. The length of the game depends on how many innings there are. Most games have seven innings, but the rules say that games can have anywhere from three to seven innings.

How long is a game in softball?

A normal game has 7 innings, unless it is extended because of a tie score or shortened because the home team doesn’t need all or much of its 7th inning or because one team is ahead by 10 runs after 5 innings.

How long is an inning of softball?

CAA High School softball rules say that a game can’t last longer than 1 hour and 45 minutes. That means there won’t be a new inning if it goes over one hour and 45 minutes.

Is college softball 7 or 9 innings?

There are seven innings in a college softball game, but if the score is tied, the game may go on for more innings. In general, a game could last for about two hours.

Why is a softball yellow?

Function. The main reason softballs are bright yellow is so that people can see them better. In softball, the distance from the pitcher’s mound to the batter’s box is about 14 feet shorter than in baseball, so the batter has less time to react to the pitch.

Why does softball only play 7 innings?

Softball with a slow pitch. In pitching, the pitcher throws the ball with a slow pitching motion. There must be ten fielders on the field, plus an extra outfielder. You can’t steal or bunt, and the game only goes for seven innings instead of nine like in fast-pitch.

What is the 10 run rule in softball?

At the end of a regular game, if one team has a lead of ten (10) runs or more, the manager of the team with the fewest runs must let the other team win. NOTE: The home team must bat in its half of the inning if the visiting team is ahead by 15 runs or 10 runs or more.

Why is it called an inning?

Baseball’s word “inning” comes from the Old English word “innung,” which is the gerund form of “innian,” which means “to get within, put or bring in.” It was first used in 1738 to mean “a team’s turn in a game.”

What is the mercy rule in softball?

Mercy Rule: A 10-run rule will be used in both varsity and JV games when one team is ahead by at least 10 runs after five innings. Also, at the JV level, the game will end if one team is ahead by 15 runs or more after 3 innings.

What is a fly out in softball?

Definition. A batter gets a flyout when he or she hits the ball into the air (but not a line drive) and a defender on the other team catches it before it hits the ground or fence.

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