How much Does Pete Nelson make Per Episode?

How much Does Pete Nelson make Per Episode?

Pete Nelson is an American TV star and a master at building treehouses. He owns Nelson Treehouse, a family business that designs and builds houses, resorts, retreat centers, and many other types of buildings on trees.

At age five, his dad built him what he calls an “adventurous tree fort” right behind their garage in New Jersey. This is where the idea of a tree house was born. Find out how much Tree House Master Pete Nelson is worth by reading this.

Over the years, he became more and more interested in this idea. After college, he started a career focused on trees that led him to where he is now. He also brought in his wife and children to help with the business. In this article, you can learn more about How much Does Pete Nelson make Per Episode?

How much Does Pete Nelson make Per Episode?

Pete Nelson, Treehouse Master Career

Learn about Pete Nelson’s career before you talk about his net worth. Even when he was very young, he helped his grandfather build small model boats. He made his first plan for a treehouse when he was in high school in Massachusetts, but it was never built.

Nelson says that one night in 1987, he had a “night brainer” and couldn’t sleep. That same year, a high school friend sent him a book called “How to Build Treehouses, Huts, and Forts” by David Stiles. That same year, Nelson built his first treehouse for adults in his backyard in Colorado Springs.

Nelson hated reality TV

Some people dream of having their own TV show where they get to run the show, have cameras follow them around all day and let thousands of people from all over the world see an inside look at their life. One of them wasn’t Pete Nelson. Before Animal Planet was called, the star of Treehouse Masters had a degree in economics and worked as a carpenter. He didn’t want a show because reality TV wasn’t his thing.

Nelson told House Beautiful, “I’ve seen these reality shows where people fight and it’s fake and I hate it.” When he was first approached by a production company in 2011, he said this. At the time, tiny houses were becoming popular, and the company thought that Nelson’s custom treehouses would be a big hit.

Nelson slowly became interested in the idea of a show, but he had one requirement: there could be no drama. The producers promised him that his show would be different, and Nelson finally gave in. In retrospect, he realized that a show about treehouses wouldn’t have much drama, to begin with. “For crying out loud, we’re building forts. Fighting is hard, “He made that clear.

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Treehouse Master Pete Nelson Net Worth, Married, Wife, Age in wiki bio 2022

Kids seem to love old traditions like making forts out of things they find around the house or going a bit further and building a treehouse. Pete Nelson doesn’t like to stick to old ways. Pete is a professional treehouse builder, as seen on Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters with his team of designers and builders. He not only makes treehouses, but he has gone from making simple treehouses that look like sheds to making beautiful masterpieces. In his wiki-bio, you can learn more about Pete Nelson’s Net worth, his marriage, his wife Judy, and his age.

Pete Nelson Kids

Emily, Henry, and Charlie, who are all adults, are a blessing to the happy couple. Henry is a good carpenter who often goes on building trips with the rest of the crew. Charlie, his twin brother, builds boats and guitars and takes care of their property in Woodinville, which is being turned into Treehouse Resort and Spa.

Emily runs the treehouse headquarters. Emily set up their online store, Be in a Tree, in addition to running the project. You can buy their treehouse plans, lifestyle goods, and the same heavy-duty hardware they use in their builds all over the world. Patrick, who is married to their daughter Emily, is the lead carpenter on their building crew.

TreeHouse Workshop

Nelson moved to Washington State in 1987 and started building houses and writing books about treehouses in the same year. Beginning in 1994, he kept writing about tree houses in more books. He helped start TreeHouse Workshop in 1997. Near Fall City, he opened Treehouse Point in 2006. Later, in 2011, he started Nelson Treehouse and Supply in Fall City, Washington, which is a high-end treehouse company.

A documentary series about Nelson and his team building treehouses all over the world started on Animal Planet in 2013. When this chance came up, he almost said no because he thought most of these shows were fake and he wasn’t in that sort of thing. After a lot of reassuring and persuading, he finally agreed.

It turned out to be a success. As of 2015, two years after it started, statistics show that an average of 1.3 million people watch each episode of this show. You probably already know that Tree House Master Pete Nelson has a huge Net Worth. Nelson did a good thing in 2016 when he worked with music star Zac Brown to build a huge treehouse at Brown’s Camp Southern Ground. The treehouse was 1,300 square feet. It is a non-profit project for children with neurodevelopment disorders and children from military families who are dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Nelson’s company was fined $5,000

In 2015, Nelson and his company were fined $5,000 by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board for building a treehouse in Neskowin, Oregon, without a license. Because the treehouses built on the show are meant to be homes and not just playhouses for kids, they need a contractor’s license just like any other home.

“While working in Oregon, our company bought extra workers’ compensation insurance that fully covered the talented team that worked on the project,” a Nelson Treehouse and Supply representative said. The company, on the other hand, did not have a CCB license, which made all the difference.

Nelson had also broken the law before. In 2014, the Oregon CCB fined the company $1,000 for building a treehouse in Central Point without a permit. “Contractors need to know how to do business legally in every state they do business in,” said Stan Jessup, who is in charge of CCB enforcement. But it doesn’t look like Nelson Treehouse and Supply did in these two cases.

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Treehouse Master’s Net Worth is $4 Million as of 2022

This Treehouse Master has always made the most money from his treehouse business and restaurant. As of 2022, Pete Nelson has a net worth of more than $4 million. He is called the best treehouse builder for a good reason. Details about how much the star gets paid per episode are not yet known, but it is said to be a very large sum.

His sanctuary, which is called the Nelson Treehouse and Supply, is also a big reason for his six-figure net worth. People from all over the world pay money to go to the sanctuary and spend time there. He has also written more than five books that are well known. Treehouses: The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb was one of his well-known books. The grand carpenter has a good net worth because of his skills and hard work, which have helped him increase his profit margins and do well in his field.

Pete Nelson Restaurant

Nelson built a restaurant on top of an oak tree that was 450 years old. At the Laurel Tree Restaurant in Utopia, Texas, you can have a romantic meal in the dining treehouse that has a French theme. In 2015, Nelson and his crew ate at chef and owner Laurel Waters’ guest table while building a treehouse in nearby Leakey, Texas.

Up to six people can eat in the treehouse. Made by Stained Glass Crafters Workbench in San Antonio, the stained glass piece above the dining table shows a scene from the nearby Sabinal River.

Pete Nelson is Married to their Wife Judy Nelson

Pete Nelson has not only done well in his career, but he has also built and kept up a lovely home. While getting his Bachelor’s degree in Economics at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, he met his lovely wife Judy, who was also a student there. They got married on August 30, 1985, and have been together ever since. They have never been apart or divorced.

The show often uses recycled wood

Pete Nelson and his team like to use recycled and repurposed wood, but sometimes budgets don’t let them. “Prices for good used lumber went through the roof in the early 2000s, and they look like they’re going to do it again now,” Nelson said in 2013. He likes using reclaimed materials because they give treehouses a rustic look. However, the houses he builds on the show have to be strong and long-lasting, and reclaimed wood doesn’t always do the trick.

Nelson has been collecting salvaged materials for years, so he knows there’s more to it than meets the eye. Cleaning the materials drives up the price, and even storing lumber can be expensive because it needs to stay dry, which is hard to do in Nelson’s home state of Washington, where it rains a lot. Reclaimed wood that will be used for building parts must also be free of knots and other problems. So, even though Nelson Treehouse and Supply likes to use wood that has been used for something else, it can be hard to find the right materials.

Pete Nelson Treehouse Prices

The average cost of one of his treehouses is $275,000. Some of them cost more than $400,000 each. Nelson says that in all of his treehouse projects, he tries to leave himself a 20% profit margin.

Their Children

Pete Nelson and his wife Judy have three children: a daughter named Emily and two boys who are twins. In 2016, their daughter got married to Patrick in Ohio at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. The wedding was full of color.

Their daughter Emily runs the projects from the Nelson Treehouse Head Quarters, where she lives. She was also a big part of starting the online store “Be in a Tree,” where people can buy treehouse plans, heavy-duty hardware, and goods for living from anywhere in the world. Their daughter’s husband has also joined the business as the construction team’s lead carpenter.

The Nelsons have been able to bring the love and commitment of their family to their projects, which has led to great results.

Nelson has built over 350 treehouses

Nelson and his team have been busy over the past few years. In an interview in October 2018, Nelson said that he had built more than 350 treehouses and that each one is different. Since Nelson builds each treehouse on the show for a different family, that family’s likes and dislikes have a big impact on the treehouse he designs and builds. Nelson called this Christmas treehouse “550 square feet of joy.” It has an interesting bark exterior and a cozy, charming interior with a well-equipped kitchen.

Nelson, on the other hand, built a very different treehouse for country singer Brian Kelley. It’s a square building with a bridge that leads to the main house. Inside, there is a round room with a round bed in the middle. It fits the owner’s personality, just like every other one of the 350 treehouses Nelson has been asked to build.

Pete Nelson Books

  • Be in a Treehouse: Design, Construction, and Inspiration – 2014
  • The How-To Guide for Treehouses – 2016
  • Left for Dead: A Young Man’s Search for Justice for the USS Indianapolis was published in 2002.
  • So That Others May Live – 2000
  • Kidscape: A Practical Prescription for Raising Healthy, Fit Children was published in 2000.
  • When Elvis Rocked the World/King! – 1985
  • 1993’s Six Deadly Lies
  • Scarface is a book by Sylvia Smith-Smith. Scarface came out in 1991.
  • Fix for the Fourth Quarter: 1992

Pete Nelson Biography

Nelson was born on June 4, 1962, and grew up in Ridgewood, New Jersey. He is 59 years old this year. Nelson’s journey began with a strong desire that he worked hard to reach. He started with houses on the ground, and when he wanted to do something unique, tree houses were a great idea.

Nelson and Judy started Nelson Treehouse and, amazingly, all of their children worked there, turning it into a family business. Their son Henry is a skilled and experienced carpenter who often works with other Nelson Treehouse employees on builds. His twin brother Charlie, on the other hand, is an expert at building boats and guitars, so he takes care of the business property in Woodinville to turn it into a Resort and Spa.

You can stay in a Nelson treehouse

There is a place that is like no other. It is in the forest along the Raging River about 30 minutes outside of Seattle. “I found some bushes almost 12 years ago to the day,” Nelson told Seattle Refined in 2018. And because he’s Pete Nelson, he saw something in that Preston property that no one else would have: the perfect place to build treehouses that people could stay in.

Today, TreeHouse Point is a private event center and overnight retreat for weddings, meetings, or just to relax for the night. There are six treehouses to rent, and each one has its own name and personality. There is also a central Lodge and a space for events (as well as two bathhouses). Each treehouse has a heater, and the Lodge has breakfast, WiFi, and more. Fans of the show Treehouse Masters can enjoy spending a few nights in this romantic, hidden getaway spot.

And if it’s hard to get to Washington, there’s a similar property in Texas. Treehouse Utopia has four treehouses that you can rent, and all of them have a view of the Sabinal River.

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Quick facts

Some things about Pete Nelson that are important to know are:

His favorite wood to build with is Douglas Fir.

  • There is a house called the Red Panda at the San Francisco Zoo. This one was made by Pete Nelson.
  • Grace VanderWaal won the season finale of America’s Got Talent on September 14, 2016. She said that she would ask Pete Nelson to build her a treehouse with some of the money she won. Pete Nelson replied with a video tweet from Animal Planet. He first congratulated her on winning and then said he would build her a treehouse with zip lines, bridges, and a lot more if that was what she wanted.
  • Pete Nelson gets ideas for his designs from the architectural firm Green & Green.


Pete Nelson was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, on June 4, 1962. He grew up there. He grew up and went to college in Colorado, where he was born. His story of where he came from is a little vague and leaves out some details. Also, no one knows anything about his early life. His parents were raised in the Mormon faith, which is an old and popular form of Christianity’s restoration.

In the year 2022, Pete Nelson will be 59 years old. The 59-year-old has loved treehouses ever since his dad built one next to their garage when he was five years old. But when he was a teenager and got his driver’s license, he forgot about his love. After he graduated from college, he went back to his unique career path. With the help of his loving wife Judy, things couldn’t have gone any better after they got married.

Animal Planet’s scouts heard about his successful business and offered to make a reality TV show about his life as a builder. As an A-list actor in Hollywood, his wealth, happy marriage, and impressive resume/bio at his age are an inspiration to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about How much Does Pete Nelson make Per Episode?

How much do Nelson tree houses cost?

About $80,000 will get you a simple treehouse. Nelson says that the one in Texas costs more than $200,000, and he admits that it’s not normal or even his style.

What is the most expensive treehouse on Treehouse Masters?

The most costly treehouse is $1.9 million for a modular treehouse. This treehouse is even more beautiful because it looks like a sci-fi fan. $450,000 for everyone’s tree house. Microcube – $377,300. The treehouse and cable bridge cost $250,000. Cedar Spire – $93,600. Treatment – $50,000. Free Spirit Sphere – $44,700. $40,000 for the Monstro II.

What is the most expensive tree house?

Most Expensive Tree Houses: $4 million to $6 million at Alnwick Garden. About $1.9 million, plus installation and land costs, for a modular treehouse. Everybody’s Treehouse: $450,000. Microcube: $377,300. $200,000 for the treehouse and cable bridge. Cedar Spire: $93,600. Treatment: $50,000. Free Spirit Sphere: $44,700.

How much did Shaq treehouse cost?

“There’s more work to do on this than on my $2 million house out there,” he tells Pete as he shows him around this man cave in the sky, which has a custom-built poker table, a fully stocked bar with moonshine-jug decanters, and an electric humidor.

How much do the Carpenters on Treehouse Masters make?

How much does a Carpenter in the United States make at Treehouse Experts LLC? In the United States, the average hourly pay for a Treehouse Experts LLC Carpenter is about $21.08, which is the same as the average pay for all jobs.

Does Pete Nelson still build tree houses?

Pete and the Nelson Treehouse crew, who are the stars of the Animal Planet show Treehouse Masters, talked about building the Burl in the season finale of that show in 2013. The Nelson Treehouse team finished building the seventh and last treehouse at TreeHouse Point between 2020 and early 2021.

Is Pete Nelson still married?

Treehouse Masters was a TV show on Animal Planet that Nelson hosted until 2018. He lives in Fall City, Washington, with his wife, Judy. They have three grown children who all work in the family business of building treehouses.

Was Treehouse Masters Cancelled?

As fans of the show and Pete Nelson, you can continue to follow his journey through his blogs. We hope that the show will be back in the coming years, but for now, Season 12 of “Treehouse Masters” has been canceled.

Does a treehouse add value to your home?

Do trees affect the value of a house? YES! The PNW Research Station says that a tree in front of a house adds an average of $7,130 to the price of the home. Michigan University found that if that tree is part of a beautiful, well-kept landscape, it can add 6–11% to the value of your home.

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