How Much Mobile Data Does Discord Use?

How Much Mobile Data Does Discord Use?

Discord is a well-known app that lets users do many different things. Some of these are making calls, sending messages, and making or joining a community. This app has a ton of features that can be used by its users. There are many people who can join the communities, which are also called servers.

Most of the time, moderators keep an eye on these to make sure there are no problems with the server. The best thing about the app is that you can use it for free and on both your computer and your phone. The only thing you need to be able to use Discord is a stable internet connection. After that, you can start using their services without any problems. In This Article, you can learn more about How Much Mobile Data Does Discord Use?

How Much Data Does Discord Use? 

Just like Zoom, Discord lets you talk to your friends, family, and coworkers, but it does so in a more organized way. It also connects to third-party apps, such as Spotify, so that you can stream music and videos.

Because it works as a VOIP, Discord has helped many people make international and long-distance calls. Voice Over Internet Protocol is what VOIP is short for. A VOIP lets you make phone calls even if you don’t have an analog phone line. Instead, it uses data.

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Data Usage by Discord

If you want to use Discord on your mobile phone while you are away from home, you can only do so by using mobile data. This is the point where people start to wonder how much data the app uses. This is important to know because not everyone has a device with unlimited bandwidth. The question can be a little hard to answer, though.

Most of the time, when a user is only sending or reading texts on their phone. The amount of data should be given in bytes. These are so small that you won’t even notice a change in your bandwidth. But if you want to know how much data you use when you make a voice call. The answer to this question is about 28 MB per hour. If you try to measure this with your device and get different results.

Data Usage by Text Messages in Discord

Sending and receiving plain text messages shouldn’t use up too much data. If all you do on Discord is send and receive text messages without any gifs or attachments, you’ll use less than 3 MB per hour for text messages. If your texts include images and gifs, you can expect the amount of data used per hour to go up by 5 to 10 MB.

How to Check Discord’s Data Usage on PC?

Keeping track of how much data you use on Discord can help you plan how much money you want to spend on data. Here is a list of things you need to do to set up data tracking on your PC for Discord. Go to the Settings menu on your Windows PC and then click on Network and Internet.

Click on Data Usage in the next window to see how much data each of your apps have used. Scroll down to where Discord is on your list of apps to see how much data you have used. Click Activity Monitor > Network on a Mac to see how much data each app is using.

Discord Data on PCs vs. Phones

Radio waves are used by both Wi-Fi and cellular data to connect to the internet. But Wi-Fi only works in certain places, like your home or office building. Cell towers are what connect you to the internet no matter where you are when you use mobile data.

So, it has a wide range and can connect you to the internet even when you’re far from your home Wi-Fi network. Prices for data plans depend on how fast they are and how many gigabytes they give you each month. Even though plans with unlimited data are becoming more popular, many people still stick with cheaper plans that charge by the amount of data used.

Most of the time, you can only use so many gigabytes with these plans, and if you go over, you have to pay extra. Your computer also uses data, but unless you’re using your phone as a hotspot, it’s probably not on a limited data plan. Most websites can tell if you’re using a computer or a phone to browse. So, they’ll change the packages of data that are sent to match.

Recorded Data After 5 Minutes Of Voice Chat

Glasswire was able to track how about 300Kb were downloaded in 5 minutes during a normal voice chat with 3 to 10 people in one channel. After 5 minutes, 10KB had been used for uploads, which was not much. Since nothing was uploaded during that time, that’s what you’d expect.

How much Discord data usage per minute?

Most people use Discord to chat via text, voice, and video. So, when we keep track of how much data is used on Discord, we look at text messages, voice calls, and video calls. You can keep track of how much data Discord uses. One of them, Glasswire for Android, is good in every way. You can choose any other tool that works well and fits the bill.

When I started the experiment, I had 542 KB of data on my cell phone. After a 1-minute voice call, the amount of data used went up by almost 100 KB, which is a lot. So, this is how much data was used: one voice calls every minute. Then, in a different case, I did the same thing with video calls. This time, I had 645 KB of data to start with. Next, I made a 1-minute video call. When I checked Glasswire, I saw that the amount of data being used had gone up by 5.5 MB, which is a lot.

Data Usage by Audio Calls in Discord

If voice calls on Discord are taken into account, an hour of voice calls will use at least 6 MB of data. That’s just fine. Well, it usually depends on how good your internet connection is. People shouldn’t be surprised if video calls take up a big chunk of their data. I mean, Discord sends both your video and audio, so an hour of video calling on Discord will use at least 400 to 700 MB of data.

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How to Check Discord’s Data Usage on a Smartphone?

When you use Discord on your phone, you can also keep track of how much data you use. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Settings > Apps.
  • Look at the list of apps and choose Discord.
  • If you click on Application Data Usage, you can see how much data Discord is using.
  • iPhone users can also see how much data an app has used by going to Settings > Cellular and scrolling down to the app in question

So, how much data does Discord use on a PC?

It’s hard to say exactly, but we can say that the desktop or PC version of Discord will use more data than the phone version. When you use a desktop, more data gets through, so images, videos, and text look better.

When you use a mobile device, many websites limit the amount of data you get to the bare minimum so as not to go over the data limit of your plan.

Recorded Data After 3 Hours Of Voice Chat

  • After three hours in a voice channel with three to ten people, Glasswire saw that about 20MB was downloaded. This is still a low number and is about the same as listening to three or four songs on Spotify.
  • It’s important to note that while the voice chat was going on, there wasn’t much file transfer, which can cause a lot more data to be used.
  • If people you know, work with or go to school with send you pictures, documents, or videos in a Discord channel you’re in, your data usage could go up a lot. Even in the worst cases, we still found that it wasn’t likely to be more than 200MB every three hours.

Again, the amount of data we uploaded was very small because we didn’t share any files. This only took up 1 MB of your upload space. If you plan to upload files all the time, your data usage will go up a lot, so keep that in mind.

How much data does Discord use for voice and video calls?

Obviously, I just told you how much data a voice and video call on Discord takes up. In short, a voice call on Discord probably takes 6 MB of data and a video call takes 330 MB of data. Sending a text message will require you to upload 3 KB of data and download 1.5 KB of data (approximately).

Since we get messages through WebSocket, it costs much less to get them. It just takes about (480 + n) Bytes per message to get to you. Here, n is the message’s length. n will be bigger if the message is long.

How to Prevent Additional Data Usage?

If you use your phone’s data all the time, you’re a heavy user. Then, if you use Discord a lot, it could sometimes use up all of your mobile data. But there are some things you can do to stop this from happening. One of these is to turn off the setting that lets you preview links. This will make sure that the user doesn’t automatically download the links or images that are sent to them.

You can also set a limit on the amount of data your app can use. This will turn off your mobile data once your input amount has been used up. Don’t forget that this setting doesn’t just work for one app. The bandwidth limit keeps track of all the data your device uses, so it could turn off your mobile data even if you’re using another app. You can get around this by switching your internet package to one with more bandwidth.

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Why Does Discord on PC Use More Data Than Discord on Mobile?

The desktop app for Discord uses more data than the app for phones. This is because when you run Discord, your computer’s operating system runs the background process. When you make voice or video calls, things like your speakers and camera are running, and software updates make the PC app more data-intensive.

Estimated Data Usage After 24 Hours Of Voice Chat

Using the above information, we can get a rough idea of how much data will be used after 24 hours of voice chatting.

After 24 hours of steady communication and a small amount of file sharing, it looks like the total amount of data used to download and upload shouldn’t be more than 200MB. You could use less than 1GB if you were very careful, but it might be hard to do so.


From what we’ve talked about so far, it’s clear that Discord uses a lot of data. But it’s not as good as other apps like WhatsApp and many others. So, you shouldn’t worry too much about how much data Discord uses.

In fact, the total amount of data used by Discord is sometimes even less than what some of your device’s main tasks use. I hope this article helped you. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share what you’ve learned by leaving a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about How Much Mobile Data Does Discord Use?

How much data does Discord use in an hour?

How much data does one hour of Discord use? Discord has not made an official statement about how much data the platform uses. Estimates say that Discord uses 20–28MB per hour for texts, 6–20MB per hour for voice calls, 200–350MB per hour for video calls, 5–50MB per hour for downloads, and 1–125MB per hour for uploads.

Does Discord take a lot of data?

After a 2-minute one-on-one video call, Glasswire showed that the app was using 11.4MB of data, up from 872kb before. This means that about 11MB of data were used during a 2-minute video call. About the same amount of data is used by apps like Whatsapp.

Can you use Discord without WiFi?

With this, users can still use Discord even when they don’t have internet. This could be helpful if someone wants to check his DMs (message history) because he’s working on something and needs to check his DMs.

How long can you be in a Discord call alone on mobile?

How long can you be the only person on a Discord call on your phone? You can’t stay in a DM call that’s empty for more than 5 minutes before you get kicked out. If your server doesn’t have an AFK channel, you won’t be kicked from a voice channel for not talking.

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