Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Makeup artists who blog about their travels are all over the place these days. But what sets these bloggers apart is how much they love and want to travel. In this way, they’ve been able to capture the beauty of different places around the world with their lens, including makeup tutorials and beauty tips. Dubai is no different. In this article, you can learn about the makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the best brands of beauty products and makeup in Dubai, as well as the best places to take pictures of makeup artists. We will also talk about why Dubai is a great place for beauty lovers and why makeup artists and beauty bloggers love it so much. We will also give you the names of the seven best beauty bloggers and makeup artists in Dubai. Check out this article if you’re looking for ideas about what to do next in the world of makeup and beauty tourism.

13 Popular Make-Up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

1. Najla Gun

Curious about makeup expert and travel blogger Dubai, who gives her clients looks that can’t be found anywhere else? Well! It’s Najla Gun, a well-groomed woman whose looks are both simple and flattering.

This makeup artist and beauty travel blogger in Dubai has been working in this field for a number of years, and her work can be seen in both printed patterns and many online publications. She has worked for both the royal family of Abu Dhabi and well-known people from the area, giving her more than 10 years of experience and knowledge.

2. Huda Kattan

Dubai is home to a number of well-known beauty influencers from around the world.  She is more well-known now, and on social media, she goes by the name “Huda Beauty.” Huda Kattan is a good makeup artist who was born in California but is from Iraq. She is well-known in the business of making up.

More than 43 million people follow Huda on Instagram, which makes her a big name in the world of social media. She is married to Chris Goncalo, and they live in Dubai with their daughter, Nour Giselle. Huda Beauty sells skincare and makeup lines by Huda Beauty, which you can buy on her website.

3. Aliya Fatima

Aliyah Fatima is a famous Dubai-based makeup artist, beauty travel blogger, and YouTuber. She has over 2 million YouTube followers and more than 1 million Instagram followers. Aliyah is known for her creative, one-of-a-kind styles and for giving advice on how to do your makeup. The Mermaid Look, which shows step-by-step how to get the look in just five minutes, is her most-watched video tutorial.

Some of the other videos she made are OOTD: Daytime (a step-by-step makeup tutorial with outfit ideas), Makeup Tutorial Gradient Smokey Eye, and Aqua Blue Smokey Eye. Aliya also does favorites and reviews every month. The Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer and the Nyx Cosmetics Shade + Light Contour Palette are two of her favorite products.

4. Tezzy

Tezzy is a self-taught makeup artist and hairstylist who has been making people’s lives better for years. In high school, she liked to play with her mother’s lipsticks and eye shadows, which is when she became interested in beauty. Also, it was clear that she liked the process and the result, but she didn’t know how to do it well. She has learned about makeup and come up with a few of her own styles over the years.

She is an expert in the field of makeup, and she is always eager to learn new techniques. By the time she went to high school, she was very interested in fashion and style. She also started reading a few fashion blogs and became a fashionista very quickly. Tezzy also learned how to style her hair at this time and tried out many different looks on herself.

5. Caren William

Caren William is a young artist who found out on her own that she loves doing make-up. She is from Egypt, and her natural skill and creativity have put her at the top of her field.

Caren William, a makeup artist in Dubai, started putting tutorials on her Instagram account in 2017 after her family and friends told her to do so. She has fans all over the world because of how unique and interesting her makeup tutorials are. Caren has been happy and successful for a long time with makeup as a hobby and source of happiness. She has done a lot in recent months, including getting almost 40,000 followers on Instagram and starting her “Essence” campaign in the spring of 2019. We are proud of what she has done.

6. Judy Poulos

Judy Poulos is a Syrian makeup artist who lives in Abu Dhabi, which is one of the biggest cities in the area.

She is very good at putting together beautiful makeup looks that show off the culture and history of her home country. Judy got started with makeup because she loved art. She started posting videos of her work on Instagram so that other people could see it. This gave her the chance to work with different beauty brands on projects, and she worked with friends to practice.

7. Sondos Alqattan

With her years of experience and skill, Sondos Alqattan, who is also a makeup artist in Dubai, has made a good name for herself in the beauty business.

Even though she is from Kuwait, she is now the top makeup artist in Dubai. She does this by sharing her daily beauty routine and makeup tips. She also gives her fans helpful tips on how to do different kinds of makeup.

Many people in Dubai admire this makeup artist and beauty travel blogger because she puts together looks that are different and up-to-date. Eye makeup with black eyeliner and a smoky look with a modern touch are two of her signature look for Arabian brides.

8. Mona Kattan

Mona Kattan is the global president of Huda Beauty, which she and her sisters Huda and Alya Kattan started together.

She is the main reason why the brand is so successful, and her love of beauty makes people want to try new things too. Mona was a big part of making Huda Beauty, which is now a well-known brand in the cosmetics industry. She is in charge of the company’s plans and the brand’s growth.

9. Estee Stanley

Estee Stanley is a blogger who lives in Dubai and writes about travel and beauty. She has been in the business for more than 10 years, and magazines like Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Grazia Middle East, and Marie Claire Arabia have used her work.

Her blog has information about everything from how to put on makeup to where to get the best spa treatments in Dubai. Estee also writes often for the website of Vogue Arabia. You can find her on Instagram as @esteeee Stanley and on Snapchat as esteem Stanley.

10. Diana Chipper

Diana Chipper is a famous makeup artist and businesswoman who runs her company out of Los Angeles, California. She has worked in the beauty business for more than ten years.

She did the makeup for the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants in 2009, and Cosmopolitan has put one of her looks on the cover.

11. Miss Mulberry

Mulberry is a blog about fashion and lifestyle that shows how to dress well. She has written essays about many different things, like her everyday style and her trips abroad.

Mulberry thinks about her blog, which she started in May 2014. Over 80,000 people follow her Instagram posts, showing off her beautiful outfits and selfies with her friends. In 2016, she met famous makeup artist and TV show host Joelle Sardinian at a Max Factor Arabia event. They took selfies together. Because they both liked make-up, they became good friends.

12. Befrenshee

Another makeup artist scam Befrenshee is a French YouTuber who loves to talk about fashion and makeup. This artist lives in Dubai, where she shares with her fans and audiences her love of glamor and beauty.

She tells them exactly what to do and how they’re doing. She likes to try new things, so she started a channel to tell her fans about the newest cosmetics trends and beauty products.

13. Mohammed Hindash

The Dubai-based beauty influencer and makeup artist is a UAE artistic beauty powerhouse that can’t be argued with. He is always giving his fans tips on how to look their best and reviews of cosmetics.

People know him for his how-to videos on eyeliner and eyeshadow. His brand of eyeliner, Hindash X Wow, is a popular one on the market.


But when she talks about her personal life, she is very honest, which makes her even more interesting to watch. She is also very generous because she is always up for partnerships where she gets free stuff in exchange for a review or a video.

In conclusion, makeup artist travel bloggers have helped give you information about important cosmetics that can help you do your makeup better. A new makeup artist should also think about how important this is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Who makes the most money as a makeup artist?

Huda Kattan is the makeup artist who makes the most money.

How much does a make-up artist in Hollywood get paid?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average salary for a theatrical makeup artist was $81,600 per year.

How do people find make-up artists?

Bring the image of your cosmetics company into line and put your self-confidence on the line. Only your most recent update shows how good you are. Make a website that looks the same.

Who is the person who does Kim Kardashian’s makeup?

Kim’s make-up artist is Mario Dedivanovic.

How do you Get Makeup on Bookings?

Try to have a constant presence on the Internet. Let’s look at the Instagram app. Time to see what happens on YouTube. You might be able to book more makeup clients with the help of a beauty salon appointment app. Find something you care about and work hard for it.

Who is the most beautiful person who does makeup?

The most beautiful makeup artist is Bobbi Brown.

Who puts makeup on Oprah?

Statistics show that the average pay for a makeup artist in the United States is just over $66,000. The top 10% of earners got a little more than $121,000.

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