How to Install And Connect to Spirit WiFi?

How to Install And Connect to Spirit WiFi?

If you want to know what is Spirit WiFi? you can ask. You’re in the right place.WiFi is as necessary as food and water in this day and age. Back in the day, air travelers couldn’t even fathom having Internet access on their flights, but now it’s the norm. Airline customer service representatives are frequently asked about their WiFi. Complaints about unreliable WiFi abound in online forums for airline passengers.

Even bad WiFi is preferable to no WiFi at all. If you’re flying with an ultra-low-cost airline, you’re unlikely to have it. It’s unusual for these airlines to provide any in-flight entertainment at all. This is about to change for Spirit Airlines.

Here’s how to install, connect, browse, chat, or stream inflight with Spirit Wifi.

What is Spirit WiFi?

Spirit is the industry leader in providing customizable travel options that allow Guests to pay only for the options they select, such as bags, seat assignments, refreshments, and now, WiFi service.

Guests can pre-purchase WiFi at the time of booking on beginning July 13, 2022, and on the mobile app beginning August 10, 2022, for flights beginning on or after August 24, 2022. The voucher codes obtained through the pre-purchase option are for use in the plane’s online WiFi portal.

How to Work Spirit WiFi?

By adding WiFi as the latest option in its La Smarte model. Spirit WiFi is continuing its business model of providing customers with customizable travel options and only charging customers for services they choose, such as carry on bags, seats, and drinks/snacks. Passengers will not only be able to purchase WiFi onboard the aircraft, but will also be able to add WiFi at the time of booking on the Spirit website beginning today.

Spirit WiFi will then make this option available on its mobile app on August 10 for flights beginning August 24. Customers who pre-purchase WiFi will be sent a voucher code, which must be entered in the online WiFi portal onboard the aircraft.

How to Install And Connect to Spirit WiFi?

In the summer of 2019, Spirit Airlines announced plans to install wifi throughout the Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) network, breaking ranks with other discount carriers. Installing in-flight wifi services on its “fit fleet” of all relatively new Airbus A320 family aircraft took the better part of three years but is now nearly complete. The “Ka” band receivers promise high-speed internet access in flight.

Neither Frontier nor Allegiant (the other ULCCs in America) have installed wifi on their aircraft. Southwest, one of the nation’s leading low-cost carriers, began competing for business traffic by installing internet capability. Spirit has made a number of business-friendly changes in recent years, including the addition of wifi.

How To Connect Spirit WiFi?

  • Install the most recent “Spirit Settings” app from Google Play.
  • In the Android system, go to Settings/WiFi and look for new networks.
  • Join the “Spirit Wifi-Link…” network.
  • Launch the Spirit Settings application.
  • Navigate to the Connection tab and select WIFI device.
  • You’re done when you click the Connect button.

Packages for Spirit WiFi

  • Browsing:  Starting at $2.99, you can browse the web and stay in touch via email, chat, and social media.
  • Streaming: Stream, browse, and chat on board with high-speed internet which is 20 times faster than our $5.99 browsing option.

Features of Spirit WiFi

  • The most advanced high-throughput Ka-band connectivity
  • FlytLIVE makes use of the next-generation aviation satellite network and technology from SES and Hughes.
  • The SES-17 satellite was built to provide Ka-band coverage for routes across the Americas and the Atlantic.
  • SES-17 is SES’s first satellite with a completely digital payload, powered by a Thales advanced digital transparent processor (DTP), allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency than was previously possible. Spirit expects to offer the best available in the Americas and will be faster than other airlines based on published data by utilizing Thales’ FlytLIVE and SES-17.

What is the cost of WiFi on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines offers two different WiFi pricing plans, with the cost determined by the length of the flight:

  • The browsing plan, which is ideal for surfing the web and staying in touch via email, chat, and social media, starts at $2.99 per flight.
  • There’s the streaming plan, which is ideal for streaming and more, with 20x faster speeds than the browsing option; it starts at $5.99 per flight.

WiFi can always be purchased onboard by connecting to the “Spirit WiFi network” or by going to in your web browser.

Spirit is now allowing guests to purchase WiFi at the time of booking — this will be available on on July 13, 2022, and on the Spirit mobile app on August 10, 2022. In both cases, this applies to flights beginning on August 24, 2022. Those who purchase a plan in advance will receive a voucher code that can be used on the flight.

How Much Would I Pay For Spirit Airlines’ In-Flight WiFi? Is A Refund Policy In Place?

There is no official price for WiFi on Spirit Airlines because the service is still being tested on selected aircraft. They are currently offering low-cost internet WiFi on selected flights.

You can also request a refund if you had a bad experience using the WiFi onboard by visiting their website and submitting a completed refund request form.

When will WiFi be available on Spirit Airlines?

The airline’s plans have changed several times since its announcement in 2018. A large portion of their fleet was supposed to be operational by Thanksgiving 2018. Those plans fell through, and the latest estimates indicate that 97% of their aircraft will have WiFi by the end of the year.

Here’s a quick look at all of their WiFi plans and changes to those plans:

  • Spirit announced in mid-2018 that they would equip their fleet with WiFi by the summer of 2019.
  • The installation process began in the fall of 2018.
  • The plan was changed due to antenna issues (they had to be replaced on several aircraft).
  • The new launch date is set for the summer of 2020. That is when the majority of their aircraft will be equipped with WiFi.
  • Thanks to a new Thales satellite, their entire fleet should be covered by 2021. The satellite will improve speed and coverage.


Customers of Spirit Airlines should welcome this ancillary fee with open arms. It’s less expensive than other carriers’ wifi, faster than most (uploads for large attachments would be difficult, but emails are a breeze), and has a customer-friendly approach.

Some power ports must be installed to indeed remove all barriers for business travelers, but the ability to connect during flights is a critical and welcome addition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Spirit WiFi

Is WiFi available on Spirit Airlines?

No, Spirit does not have WiFi at the moment. It’s great to hear that they’re working hard to get it installed on their fleet. They announced the plans in 2018, but there have been some setbacks since then.

Meanwhile, Spirit collaborated with Thales Group. They are currently installing their Ka-band HTS system, which is expected to provide fast and reliable WiFi.

Will you be able to use Spirit’s WiFi to watch Netflix?

You’ll be able to watch Netflix and access your content on Hulu and other related sites, which is a pleasant surprise. Many other airlines, despite having excellent WiFi, prohibit Netflix and other high-bandwidth websites.

What will the cost of WiFi on Spirit Airlines flights be?

Spirit expects to be able to offer WiFi to passengers for around $6.50. This is a very good deal. According to their website, for that price, you’ll get high-speed Internet access and the ability to browse the web and stream videos. They also state that the actual price may vary depending on the itinerary and demand. It remains to be seen how much it will change.

Is WiFi available on Spirit Airlines? What is the network’s speed?

YES. Spirit Airlines now offers in-flight WiFi, though availability varies by aircraft.

Furthermore, because of the high output of the SES-17 satellite, it is a high-speed network system that allows you to stream videos.

If my plane has in-flight WiFi, will I be notified?

Customers are informed about WiFi-enabled planes prior to their flights. These planes would also have identification stickers on them.

Who Are Spirit Airlines’ In-Flight WiFi Providers?

Thales InFlyt is Spirit Airlines’ partner and provider of in-flight WiFi services.

Is it possible to watch Netflix on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you can watch or stream Netflix on Spirit Airlines’ wifi-enabled aircraft. However, keep in mind that in-flight wifi is not always stable at the same speed. As a result, you should be aware that it may occasionally buffer or halt.

How much does Spirit WiFi cost?

Passengers will have access to two service tiers: a browsing tier that starts at $2.99 and a streaming tier that starts at $5.99 and has speeds 20 times faster than the browsing tier.

Is there WiFi on Spirit’s plane?

We now provide a cutting-edge, fast WiFi experience to keep you connected. Affordably stream your favorite shows and movies, games, and connect to social media on your personal devices. Look for the WiFi symbol when booking your next flight to pre-purchase WiFi.

How fast is Spirit WiFi?

Download speeds consistently hovered just shy of 10mbps in my experience, which was a pleasant surprise given the GoGo service available elsewhere. I was busy with work so I didn’t have a chance to try streaming though I regret not at least firing up a streaming app for long enough to see if it would work.

Does Spirit have free WiFi in 2022?

Yes in 2022 Spirit Airlines does have WiFi on the majority of their planes but some of the A319 planes and newer planes that they’ve just added to the fleet might not have been equipped with WiFi yet. Sure, Spirit does not offer free wifi service.

Does spirit A320 have WiFi?

Spirit Airlines has completed the installation of WiFi on all A320 & A321 aircraft. This means that roughly 80% of Spirit’s fleet has WiFi, with the only planes not having this feature being the A319s. This is an impressive milestone, as Spirit is the only ultra low-cost carrier in the United States to offer WiFi.

Does Airbus A319 have WiFi?

All A319 aircraft offer WiFi for a fee. The former US Airways planes use GoGo’s 2Ku satellite-based technology; the legacy American planes use ViaSat.

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