Everything You Need to Know about United Wifi

Everything You Need to Know about United Wifi

Around ten years back, U.S. airlines commenced the integration of in-flight internet services, steadily refining the overall experience. Presently, it’s become almost customary for airlines to provide onboard United Wifi services

United Airlines, like many other airlines, does not utilize a constant Wi-Fi supplier. Instead, the Wi-Fi provider relies on the aircraft type.

Let’s get into the specifics of United’s Wi-Fi, including its providers, the type of Wi-Fi service you may anticipate, and the fees you may (or may not) be required to pay

Unlimited* Mobile Connectivity

When you purchase a United Wi-Fi pass and connect to a compatible hotspot, you do not need to worry about being charged for your Wi-Fi usage. Our single sign-on functionality also eliminates the need for you to enter a password or provide personal information on every Wi-Fi sign-in page. With access to more than 50 million hotspots in more than 180 countries, it is a convenient answer for modern travelers.

Is United’s Wi-Fi Trustworthy

The reliability of in-flight Internet access has long been an issue, although the situation is unquestionably better than it was a few years ago. Although providers have been working with airlines to enhance speed and dependability, you shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter slower speeds (or even non-functioning Wi-Fi) on some of your flights.

If you have crucial work that can only be completed with Wi-Fi, we do not recommend scheduling your day such that you may complete it on the plane.

Simple registration and configuration

Be sure you download and log into the United Networks app prior to your next journey. Follow the steps outlined below to gain unrestricted access to our Wi-Fi network. Simply follow the simple instructions below to activate United Networks Wi-Fi.

  • Register at www.unitednetworks.net.au for a United Networks account.
  • Purchase a Wi-Fi Pass at the Shop
  • Download the application and sign in
  • Wait till your device is activated.
  • Start browsing the web!

Not yet departing on your trip? You can purchase a Wi-Fi Pass as a Voucher from our Shop. You can redeem your Voucher when you’re ready to activate your Wi-Fi Pass. Vouchers have a 180-day validity period.

United Airlines’ WiFi Service onboard:

In this day and age, in-flight internet connectivity has become a need for travelers, and United Airlines routinely upgrades its service to meet this demand. Beginning in December 2021, United Airlines passengers will be able to send and receive messages on IP-based instant messaging apps (iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.) for free using the airline’s in-flight wifi. In addition to the free texting service, United Airlines also offers a wifi day ticket and a monthly-annual wifi subscription. MileagePlus members can use their mileage points to purchase any wifi plan.

Monthly and Annual Unite Airlines wifi Subscription Plan:

United Airlines eased the purchasing process for frequent fliers. This airline offers monthly and yearly subscriptions that allow customers to use the internet for the duration of the flight on any United Airlines wifi-equipped aircraft for an entire month or year. United Airlines’ monthly subscription fee begins at $49 and varies from area to region. On their website, passengers can purchase the wifi membership plan at any moment. By purchasing the annual plan starting at $539, you can save up to $139.

United States Wi-Fi coverage

The maps below depict Wi-Fi coverage in the United States and elsewhere.

Each of United’s four Wi-Fi providers, Gogo, Panasonic, Thales, and ViaSat, offers unique coverage. To determine coverage for a specific flight, search for the aircraft type on your reservation and compare it to the coverage maps below.

Please note: that your flight’s aircraft and internet service are subject to change. Three separate providers service Boeing 757-200 and 757-300 airplanes, resulting in varying Internet availability.

T-Mobile customers receive complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi.

Beginning this fall, qualifying T-Mobile customers will have complimentary Wi-Fi on all United domestic and international flights.

Availability on United Express-operated flights will soon follow. Be sure to return to this page for updates.

Wi-Fi plans and subscriptions from the United

Onboard, you can purchase a United Wi-Fi service to obtain full internet access, text messaging capabilities, and more. We offer Wi-Fi subscription services for added convenience, allowing you to stay connected on any United or United Express® flight equipped with Wi-Fi. On some flights, MileagePlus® members can spend their miles to purchase a Wi-Fi package. United Wi-pricing Fi’s varies.


United WiFi Blast includes fully controlled WiFi.

Connected? It’s safeguarded.

As the sophistication of viruses and malware increases, your network will require novel solutions. ProtectIQTM assists you in maintaining a secure network and notifies you of any unauthorized access attempts.

Want to observe it in use? Here you can view setup videos.


Protect ALL network-connected devices. Every file that traverses your network is inspected, and known viruses are prevented and eradicated before to your interaction.


Protect your important information. Our Intrusion Prevention System prevents cybercriminals from accessing your network.


Prevent harmful websites from functioning. We evaluate and prevent the data from tens of thousands of phishing, hijacking, spyware, adware, and malware websites from approaching your network.

Benefits of a Wi-Fi Pass

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi internet*
  • Simple registration and setup
  • One login for all hotspots
  • 50 million plus hotspots in 180 nations
  • Prepaid and flexible, with no contract lock-in
  • Available at great pricing

Is Wi-Fi Purchase Worth It?

Whether purchasing Wi-Fi is worthwhile to you is a personal choice. If staying connected with pals on flights enhances the enjoyment of flying, then it may be worthwhile.

If you hope to do some additional work or if your employer pays for it, it may also be worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

Over the past number of years, in-flight internet has advanced significantly, with more coverage options and more airlines, including United, offering complimentary service to qualified passengers on select flights.

United has equipped nearly all of its planes with Wi-Fi, which is fortunate for its passengers. Thus, you will have the option to purchase Wi-Fi access regardless of when and where you fly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about United Wifi

Do United aircraft offer complimentary Wi-Fi?

United Wi-Fi does not require a subscription or bought pass to access onboard. If you’re a member of MileagePlus, you can check in to your account after you’re connected, then use your miles or a stored credit card to purchase a Wi-Fi access plan.

How much does United’s in-flight Wi-Fi cost?

How is United Wi-price Fi’s determined? On domestic flights, Wi-Fi access plans cost $10, while regional trips and MileagePlus members pay $8. Prices for international flights may vary. The United Wi-Fi portal offers a variety of payment methods.

United international flights equipped with Wi-Fi?

This Airlines has offered free messaging services for its passengers starting in December 2021. United now offers a free, albeit restricted, wifi option onboard for its passengers. This capability can only be used to send standard text messages via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage.

How can I obtain complimentary Wi-Fi on an airplane?

Some airlines have arrangements with credit card companies that refund Wi-Fi purchases. Other airlines provide elite members with complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi, while others offer complimentary Wi-Fi to premium-class passengers. Certain airlines provide T-Mobile subscribers with at least one hour of complimentary Internet access.

Can Netflix be accessed over United Wi-Fi?

Yes, but only on select flights. Currently, only aircraft equipped with Viasat Wi-Fi can provide streaming services.

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