Visiting Knoxville, Tennessee on a budget

Visiting Knoxville, Tennessee on a budget

Travel can be an expensive experience in many cities and countries if the tour is not planned properly. Same thing goes for the people who are enthusiast to visit Knoxville. But as you have come to read this article, then we can say you are among those lucky visitors who will have plenty of ways to enjoy your day or weekend or an entire week in Tennessee on a budget. There will be inexpensive activities like museum visit and free sites visit on your vacation program in Knoxville. Here are the tips and tricks to visit and explore Knoxville, Tennessee on a budget:

Getting Out into the Nature

If you are among those people who love to have an active retreat, then you will have to get out into the nature of Knoxville. The blueways, greenways, and urban wilderness can offer you a 50 miles of paved and exciting trails to enjoy the opportunity of paddle-boarding and kayaking. In other words, you will get to explore more things in the wild than what you can actually cover in a single trip in usual Knoxville, Tennessee tour. As all the trails are accessible for hikers, so you can join any bike share program to rent bicycles to make your trip more enjoyable and exciting.

While talking about the wildlife, you can start your adventurous journey with Ijams Nature Center. You can find free wildlife exhibits on this little place with an opportunity to catch nature programs hosted by the Center themselves throughout the year.

But the main attraction of getting out into the nature comes when you visit Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum. This is a must-see place for people interested in visiting outdoors. It is just a ten-minute drive from the downtown where you will also get to explore a one mile path to explore. There is no fee to get admission into the garden and they often arrange events, workshops, etc.

Ancient History Attraction

People who are attracted in studying history, Knoxville can be a great place for them to increase their interest as there are many ways of learning about the frontier beginning of this city and the role of Tennessee statehood in this. You can start your journey with James White Fort, this site was founded by the family of James White back in 1786. This place is an absolute beauty and an excellent recreation site with an 18th century fort. While learning about the history of this fort, you will learn and understand why and how Knoxville have become a thriving city back then.

You may also explore the East Tennessee Historical Society and Museum. This place is open daily and they offer exhibits that showcase the history of East Tennessee and why they are different from the other states as well.

Exploring the Music and Art Scene

If you are into music and art rather than being into the nature and history, then you can get to explore the music and art scene of Knoxville. There are many local venues available for the up-and-coming bands of Knoxville. They perform pretty well and connect well with the audience as well. You can enjoy those shows for free of cost and can even record them. Those shows are always recorded live and broadcasted throughout the world. Your kids can get real fun while visiting Muse Knoxville, one of the best places to get play areas for children. If you are with your family, then you can visit Knoxville Museum of Art, which is a place of exhibition of modern and classic art piece of regional artists.


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