10 Best Places to Visit in Kerala

10 Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Kerala is a small, beautiful state located in the South Indian Ocean. It is the third most populous state in India and the 8th most populous country in the world. The biggest city of Kerala is Kochi (aka Cochin). The second biggest city of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram. The tourists who visit Kerala come here to have a good time and enjoy their vacation. If you are looking for a place to explore and relax in the summer, Kerala can be a good option. While Kerala has a diverse geography and climate, it is mainly known for its tropical beauty, which is why many people prefer visiting this state over other places. Here’s our list of the top 10 places to visit in Kerala.

Kerala is the state of India where not only the culture but also the tourism and hospitality industry has set an example for other states. The cultural diversity, natural beauty, and fascinating history are some of the major attractions that have made Kerala one of the best tourist destinations in India.

If you are planning a trip to Kerala, this article will help you choose the best destination for your vacation.

Alleppey was the home of Malayalam literature in Kerala. Alleppey is now known as a paradise for tourists due to its incredible natural beauty, which includes the backwaters and beaches along the Arabian Sea coast. If you are looking for somewhere interesting to visit near Kochi, then it’s highly recommended that you go visit the Alappuzha temple during your stay in Kerala.

The most effective method to arrive: The Cochin International Airport, situated a ways off of 75 kilometers is the closest air terminal to Alleppey. The air terminal is all around associated with significant urban communities in India as well as abroad.


Kochi Port Allianq – the only artificial port in Kerala, situated about 6 km from Alleppey City. It is clean and is a great place for shopping and scuba diving. Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary The sanctuary is located about 94 km from Kochi city on the way to Kanyakumari. It has a close weblink with Periyar Tiger Reserve (TN) where many tigers have been spotted in recent years.

It was earlier an island, but it too receives much rain so that now its area is more than even 100 sq km and houses 60 species of birds along with mammals like This Is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala and its there during the year it has facilities for guest like food their It is also a place which can be explored from kayaking with prawns on local houseboats. In Kayak, Prawn cost Rs. 2,500/- per head (3/4 Day Trip) ₹8400.

The most effective method to arrive: There are non-stop trips to Kochi from significant urban areas all over India and the world. From the air terminal, the primary downtown area is around 29 kilometers away.


Vyttila Olcott Lane. Home to an old cemetery and a couple of buildings, Vytilla splits into two parts – one on either side of the Malabar Hill road up which many north Indian commuters travel every day. This section is quite close to the central bus terminus at Palayam (1 km) and easily walkable from there too. The more inhabited area has shops, restaurants, bars, etc.,

Thekkady is home to the well-known Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. You can notice the elephants that wander around the safe-haven, investigate the verdant green timberlands, take a boat voyage over Periyar Lake or bring an elephant safari into the profundities of the wild. Periyar is the ideal escape for untamed life lovers and for individuals who need to restore in the hazy heaps of the Nilgiris.

The most effective method to arrive: Thekkady/Periyar has situated a good way off of around 165 km from Kochi (Cochin). Periyar Tiger Reserve is all around associated with Kochi by streets and rail routes. In any case, the most ideal way to arrive at Thekkady/Periyar from Kochi is via vehicle, an excursion of around 4 hours.


The most productive way to arrive: Munnar is an aerial ride of 250 km from Kochi. A flight operator is required and the expenses may be a troublesome item for tourists. The best time to visit this place is between April and December, especially during June–August months or in September-October generally. The most effective method to arrive: Munnar has g + t heavily positioned some extend beyond 200 km from Happy Valley via Cochin International Airport Other Important Tourist Sites.

The most effective method to arrive: The closest air terminal is the Cochin International Airport, which is 110 kilometers away by street. From Cochin, you can recruit a taxi to get to Munnar. There are state-run or private transports, utilizing from different towns in Kerala and Tamil Nadu which are the most ideal way to get to Munnar by street.


The most productive way to arrive: Thrissur is a county in Kerala where its new center territory John’s Town incorporates the northeast zone with Thrissur city. The Thriambuzzi Way of Travel that joins at Irinjalakuda, this route issues from Ayyanthole on NH 17 through Kollam and ends up at Perumbavoor; it has an elevation span of 300 – 400 meters around ninety kilometers in length. Thrissur is one of the well-known tourist destinations and has a bridge connecting Irinjalakuda with Mananchira where it joins NH 17 between Oppiliappara to link Kollam highway at Rampoor on the Kerala State Highway road (SH 20), essentially making it an alternate for Long-distance way Tickets/ Tourist trains.

The most effective method to arrive: Thrissur doesn’t have an air terminal. Thrissur doesn’t have an air terminal. The closest air terminal is Kochi Airport which is 95 km away from Thrissur. You can undoubtedly get standard trains to Thrissur from other significant urban communities of the country. Additionally, there are vacationer transports accessible to Thrissur from significant urban areas of the country. Thrissur. You can without much of a stretch get customary trains to Thrissur from other significant urban areas of the country. Additionally, there are vacationer transports accessible to Thrissur from significant urban areas of the country.


Kovalam is a place to visit in Kerala. It is a part of the land between the Arabian Sea and the backwaters, on the way to Alleppey. The place is known for its white-sand beaches, fishing villages, and serene water bodies. It has an iconic lighthouse on its southernmost tip, providing its name. Kovalam also has interesting places that are worth visiting.

The most effective method to arrive: The nearest air terminal and railhead is Trivandrum which is 20 km away from Kovalam. One can enlist taxis or auto-carts which are an incredible mechanism for transport in Kerala.


The Wayanad district of Kerala is known for its lush green landscape, its wide beaches, and beautiful backwaters. Wayanad has long been a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike, but it is also home to many interesting places that you must visit while in Wayanad. In this article, we bring you a list of top places to visit in Wayanad that every tourist must check out.

The most effective method to arrive: The nearest air terminal is the Calicut International air terminal, which is 87 km away from Wayanad. The nearest railhead to Wayanad is at Nilambur street which is 53kms away. You can undoubtedly get transport to Wayanad from all significant urban areas in the country.


Thiruvananthapuram is the capital city of Kerala. This beautiful place lies in the Western Ghats, surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides. The climate is hot and humid throughout the year. It’s a city of many cultures and traditions where you can experience various styles of life. We are all aware of the importance of tourism in a country’s economy. India is home to some of the most popular tourist destinations across the world, and Thiruvananthapuram is one such destination. Located on the Arabian Sea, this picturesque city attracts tourists from all over the world due to its tropical climate and breathtaking beaches.

The most effective method to arrive: Trivandrum is effectively available via air, trains, and public Highways.


Kannur is known as the Land of Saints. It’s a place where you can enjoy peace and tranquility amidst all the hustle and bustle of city life. Kannur has a lot to offer in terms of culture, nature, tourism, and even food. Here are some places to visit while in Kannur. The little town of Kannur in Kerala is known for its chit fund scams and the well-known ‘lady of the nightclubs. But it also has a lot to offer tourists, including its touristy beaches, ancient temples, and impressive palaces.

The most effective method to arrive: Kannur worldwide air terminal is as yet under development; all things being equal, you could take a train. There are trains utilizing Kannur from all significant urban communities in the nation, and six-day-by-day prepares to associate Kannur to the capital, Trivandrum.


Taking into account that you need more from your Kerala occasions, you ought not to miss an outing to Thekkady, the evergreen dwelling place of God’s Own Country! Decisively found and all around associated with a portion of the major Kerala occasion objections, this is the spot that generally wears the green shade of Mother Nature!

The ‘Zest Capital of Kerala’, Thekkady is much well known as the regular home to various colorful untamed life species. And keep in mind that discussing untamed life species, the Periyar National Park in Thekkady will doubtlessly view every one of your faculties with its interesting scope of occupants.

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