How to Move a Mobile Home for Free?

How to Move a Mobile Home for Free?

It’s time to get up and go. You may have decided to move for many different reasons. Now you want to know how to move a mobile home for free? Is that even possible?

You might want to find a place where living costs are less. Or maybe you just want to live near your family. You might have also moved because you got a new job. Also, you might not have a job but have heard that the job market is better somewhere else.

Or maybe you’ve always had a strong desire to see the world. A feeling that makes you pull up stakes and look for better places to live. After remodeling your master bedroom, you can’t wait to get out of bed every morning and see something new. You might not be able to say why, you just want a different view.

What if it was Free?

Free to move my mobile home? Is it even possible? It’s a good question that you might not have thought of until you read this article. But if you haven’t moved yet because you don’t have the money to pay a mover, pay attention. We have good news.

Yes, it is possible. We’re about to tell you how to move a mobile home for free. Plus, it’s not even rocket science.

How is it Possible to Move a Mobile Home for Free?

How is it Possible to Move a Mobile Home for Free
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The process of moving a mobile home is no joke. You have to pay the mobile home moving company and the mobile home movers, and you also have to make sure that the mobile home is moved with extra care.

You’ll also have to pay for set-up services, the moving truck, gas, and the rental of the right cars to get everything where it needs to go.

Even though all of these extra costs can add up, you can avoid many of them by moving to the right neighborhood. One of them is the Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community, where we will move any new residents’ mobile homes for free.

How to Move a Mobile Home for Free?

You probably haven’t ever thought about what it’s like to live in a mobile home park. Why would you do that? You have a lot to do in your mobile home. Up until now, the mobile home park was just a part of the neighborhood you liked enough to move into.

Most likely, you’ve never been in charge of trying to find people to move into an empty spot in a mobile home park. But say you were in charge of getting new mobile homes to move into empty spaces. You may need to give people a reason to come to your park. You could, for example, offer to let them stay in your park for free.

Friends, this is how we get you to what you’ve been waiting for: how to move a mobile home for free.

Check Your Local Laws

Each state or county has its own rules about how a mobile home can be moved. Your state may not require you to pay taxes or transfer the title a year early or at all. It all depends on the laws in your area. Calling your local building authority to find out what you need to do to move your mobile home is a good idea.

Hire the Right Kind of Mobile Home Movers

You might have put off calling your local mobile home movers until now. The high cost of a moving permit may make the idea of getting a permit seem overwhelming.

Your mobile home movers should be able to do more than just move your home. They should also be able to help you get a moving permit or any other kind of permit you need, since this kind of moving does need a permit. So, read up on them ahead of time and ask the movers how to get them in the easiest way.

Seek Out Referrals

Mobile home movers can disappoint you. Working with them will give you all kinds of problems. This is why it’s important to find the right mover. You want to work with someone who is honest, has a good name, and has the right skills. The only way to tell the good ones from the bad ones is to ask local mobile home parks and mobile home dealers for recommendations. They will be able to find movers they can trust.

Permits and Inspection

Even though states and local governments can’t set their own rules for building and safety that are different from those set by the US. The HUD is short for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

On the other hand, the federal standards make sure that the quality of manufactured homes is good. They make sure that these houses will last and are safe.

Weight of the mobile home

Free Mobile Home Info says that most older homes weigh between 35 and 40 lbs. per square foot, but newer manufactured homes weigh between 45 and 50 pounds per square foot. per square foot. That means that your 800-square-foot mobile home could weigh up to 40,000 pounds. Yikes! Remember that the more weight your mobile home has, the more tools and supplies the movers will need to move it. This will always add up to more money being spent.

Choose Your Destination Very Carefully

At Tyrone Woods, we want new residents who will fit in with the community we already have. To this end, we are willing and able to help with permits, vendors, and anything else you need for a smooth, safe move, which is something we can’t say about most other manufactured home communities.

Connect Your Home to Utilities

When you move a mobile home, you’ll have to reconnect the utilities. A good company that moves mobile homes will include this as part of their set-up services.

If you have to set up the room yourself, call electricians and plumbers in your area before you start. Make sure to say if you have a double-wide or a single-wide, because the fees may be different depending on which one you have. How much you have to pay to safely turn off and turn on your utilities will also depend on how many appliances and outlets you have.

Notify Your Current Park Manager

If you live in a mobile home park, you will need to tell the manager that you are leaving. Start by reading your rental agreement for a manufactured home lot to find out how much notice you need to give and how. Most of the time, you’ll have to put your plans to move in writing at least 30 days before you move.

The rental agreement for a manufactured home lot should also tell you about your security deposit, what factors affect how much you get back, and how long the park has to pay you back what you are owed. If you look over this information ahead of time, you may have time to make any repairs to the property that are needed to get the full deposit back.

How to Save Money When Moving a Mobile Home?

To move just your home, you should plan to spend about $7,000. In fact, if you want a professional mover to move your (empty) mobile home, it can cost between $1,000 and $20,000 USD. There are a lot of different factors that affect the price, such as the distance of the move, the time of year, the condition of your mobile home, local fees and permits, and so on. Still, $5,000-$7,000 USD is a good estimate if you are moving a single-wide mobile home that is in good shape less than 100 miles (160 km).

It might be tempting right now to think about moving the mobile home yourself, since it is mobile. But moving a mobile home is a special job that needs special tools and skills. In many places, it’s also against the law to try to move your own mobile home, so it’s best to stick with the pros.

What Goes Into The Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

The price of moving a mobile home can be anywhere from $1,000 to more than $20,000, depending on the size, condition, length of the move, and other factors. If you want to move your mobile home less than 100 miles, most movers can do it for less than $5,000. Longer moves will cost an extra $6 to $15 per hour in transportation fees.

Here are some things that affect how much it will cost to move your mobile home:

  • Double wide vs. single wide: The cost of moving your mobile home will depend on how big it is.
  • Vinyl vs. metal: The price of the move is also affected by whether your home’s siding and skirting are made of vinyl or metal.
  • Moving to or from a basement or crawl space: Is your mobile home built on a basement or a crawl space? Or do you plan to put your mobile home on a lot with a basement or crawl space?
  • Do you have an air conditioner, awning, shed, or deck at your house? The mover will need to know, and these things will probably make the price go up. The way they move your home will have to take these extras into account.
  • One of the most important things that affects how much it will cost to move your mobile home is how far it has to go. Are you moving your house in the same town or to a different state? Before you talk to movers, figure out how many miles you’ll be going.
  • Cost of a permit varies by state, but is usually between $15 and $100. The fee for a mobile home moving permit might not be too high, but you’ll still need to plan for it.
  • Extra services: Do you want the movers to clean up the lot after they move your house or do other things? Make sure those costs are included in the budget.
  • Condition: Your mobile home’s age and condition will also affect how much it will cost to move. If the movers have to do more than usual to keep your home safe, the price may go up.

How to Move a Mobile Home Yourself?

While not everyone prefers to hire a moving company to transport their mobile home, it’s an option for the home owner to do it themselves or not. It’s possible for a home owner to move their home without going through the trouble of contacting several companies trying to find the right one. As long as the needed equipment is available, there wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Part of the requirements to do so is having permits. Whether the home is to be transported by a company or not, it should always be issued with a permit. Since this is usually part of the process when a moving company does the work, a homeowner would have to file it as well as pay for the extra costs.

The homeowner must also ensure that their mobile home is roadworthy and follows the state codes. Other states would have different requirements, therefore these should be prepared for as well.

Depending on which areas the mobile home would be passing through, the mover should be responsible enough to check for extra requirements or permits to have.

What Factors Influence the Price of Transporting a Mobile Home?

Costs to move a mobile home vary from one to the next. A lot of things affect every time a mobile home is moved. Here are just a few:

  • Getting There
  • Mobile Home Dimensions
  • How much the mobile home weighs
  • Permissions and checks
  • Moving Goods

How to Save Money on the Cost to Move a Mobile Home ?

It can be hard to figure out how much it will cost to move a mobile home, and the extra fees that come with it can quickly add up. Hiring the cheapest moving company is one way to save money on the cost of moving a mobile home, but there are other ways to save money without sacrificing quality.

Get multiple quotes. Get quotes from at least three reliable mobile home movers in your area. Find out what you can. Check out mobile home parks in the area where you want to move. There are some out there that are looking to fill spots and will offer to pay part or all of the moving costs.

Talk to the seller. If you’re buying a mobile home that the seller wants off their property, they may be willing to cover some of the moving costs as an incentive to buy. DIY part of the move. Packing up belongings and moving them on your own could save some money compared to hiring one of the best professional movers.

Be flexible. If you work with representatives of the moving company to schedule transport when it fits best within their schedule, they may offer discounts.

Companies That Move Mobile Homes

There are a lot of different mobile home movers all across the country. Some of which focus on individual states, while others offer assistance nationwide; a few of those companies are:

  • Capital Mobile Home Movers
  • Compass Mobile Home Movers
  • Gordon Spardlin Mobile Home Services
  • Heavy Haulers
  • Henley Trucking
  • J&N Mobile Home Service
  • Pro-Mobile Home Transport
  • Rite-Way Mobile Home Service

Depending on the location, there are other companies that have different rates. This wide variety of choices allows the homeowner to choose a moving company that’s just right for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How to Move a Mobile Home for Free?

How much does it cost to move a mobile home?

The cost to move a mobile home can range from $1,000 to upwards of $20,000 depending on the size of the home, the condition, how far you want to move it, what materials your home is made out of, plus a lot of other factors.

Do I need a permit to move a mobile home?

Absolutely! Almost every state requires you to get a permit to move a mobile home to a new lot whether that be in-state or to a different state. Mobile home movers will acquire these permits for you should you choose to hire them.

Is moving a mobile home safe?

It should be if you hire the right people who will insure the trip and account for safety variables. Professional movers will make sure your home gets to its destination safe and sound.

Can I move a mobile home myself?

Probably not since it’s prohibited in most states. Companies that move mobile homes and who install homes know more about the process and how to do it right. Getting help makes the process so much easier.

Do different states have different laws pertaining to moving a mobile home?

Yes, and you need to check them out when moving from one state to another. You don’t want to have to pay a fee or get in trouble because you didn’t know what the state required. Your mobile home moving company should know what permits and certificates you need, but doing your own homework is important, too.

How much does a mobile home weigh?

Newer mobile homes usually weigh between 45 and 50 pounds per square foot and older ones weigh in at 35 to 40 pounds per square foot.

How much does mobile home setup cost?

Setup costs for mobile homes range from $3,000 to $4,000.

How much does it cost to have a portable building moved?

For portable garages or sheds, it can cost from $340 to $600 for a local move. Many companies will charge per mile after 50 miles.

How much does it cost to move a mobile home?

The cost to move a mobile home can range from $700 to $14,000 and beyond. The cost will depend on various factors: labor costs, setup services, moving materials, home size, permits, location, travel distance, local regulations and various transportation fees – to name a few.

Do I need a permit to move a mobile home?

Yes, but a reputable manufactured home mover should be able to help with any permits and inspections involved with the move of your home.

Can I move my mobile home on my own?

We cannot recommend moving a manufactured home on your own. If you’re looking to save money, find a reputable mobile home mover, but pack your home yourself, find free moving supplies, rent a moving vehicle, and find other ways to cut costs.

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