Rick Steves Wife and Her Ex-husband

Rick Steves Wife and Her Ex-husband

A lot of people want to know if Rick Steves is married. Rick Steves is an American travel writer, author, activist, and TV personality. His fans wanted him more than any other actor, and now they want to know if Rick Steves is married or not. Read the article below to find out if Rick Steves is married and, if so, who his wife is. Check out how much money Rick Steves wife has, his kids, his race, his wiki, and more.

Who Is Rick Steves? Biography & Other Details?

Rick is a well-known United States travel writer, author, activist, and TV personality, as we’ve already said. On May 10, 1955, Rick took his first breath somewhere in Barstow, California. Richard John Steves and June Erna Steves are his father and mother. Jan and Linda Steves are the names of his two siblings.

But Steves’s parents say that he has always loved to travel and write about different things. He started writing at a young age and went on to write many books, including The Boy, The Mole, the Fox, and the Horse, among others. Many of you may have already read all of these, but if you haven’t, you should do so right now.

Is Rick Steves Married?

After getting divorced from his ex-wife Anne Steves, the travel writer is single at the moment. Rick married his longtime girlfriend Anne in the 1980s, but they split up in 2010 because of problems in their marriage.

Since his divorce from Anne eleven years ago, Ricky has not had a romantic relationship with another woman. But some people said they had seen him out and about with a woman named Trish. But just because two people travel together doesn’t mean they are dating.

Steve has never said anything about this in public, and after he got divorced from his ex-wife, he has kept his personal life quiet. Instead, he spends most of his time working.

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Who is Rick Steves’s Wife?

Anne Steves works as a nurse, but her husband turned her into an activist. She came into the world in the United States. After she married Rick Steves, she became well-known. Anne went on tours of Europe with her husband and was always by his side. The first episode of Rick Steves aired on November 3, 2000.

As he traveled through Europe, he used social media to talk about what he saw and did. Anne Steves is worth $10 million, according to an estimate. But we still don’t know how much she makes between her salary and her other income. In the early 1980s, Anne Steves married Rick Steves. St. Thomas in Villanova was the place where the wedding took place. They had two kids at the same time, Andy and Jackie. The couple had problems in their marriage, which led to their divorce in 2010.

Who is Anne Steves?

Have you heard of this woman before? If you like travel shows, it’s possible that you already know who she is. She used to be married to the well-known American TV host Rick Steves. Rick is known for his shows Travels in Europe, which aired in 1991, and Rick Steves’ Europe, which came out in 2000.

We don’t know a lot about Anne because she keeps to herself. People don’t know what day or year she was born, but they do know she was born in Washington State in the late 1950s and that she is a Christian. We don’t know anything about her family, her education, her friends, or if she has any siblings.

Married Life with ex-wife until their divorce in 2010. Kids

Rick Steves was married, though. He was married to Anne Steves until 2010 when they got a divorce and went their separate ways. Rick and Anne walked down the aisle at St. Thomas of Villanova, but the date of the wedding is still behind the times, and the reception was at Saint David Gold Club.

At their wedding, Anne’s bouquet was made of roses, and she wore a beautiful white dress. Rick, on the other hand, wore a suit. Online, you can’t find any information about their dates or the day they met. Rick doesn’t say anything about his personal life.

The couple decided to end their marriage after being together for many years. So, neither Rick nor Anne said why they were getting a divorce, but some people thought it was probably because of Rick’s job.

They had two kids together, a son named Andy Steves and a daughter named Jackie Steves. Even though he got divorced, he is still close to his children. His son, Andy, also follows in his father’s footsteps and works in the travel business.

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Net Worth and Income

Steves has a few different ways of making money. Rick Steves’s net worth in 2021 is $10 million. He earns a lot of money from the books he has written. So far, he has written a number of books that have sold all over the world.

These books are all about the countries and adventures in Europe. Avalon Travelling Publishing has put out most of his books. He also makes extra money from his TV shows, which will help his net worth grow in the coming days.

Anne Steves and Rick Steves’s wedding Read

Anne and Rick had been dating for a long time and were friends before they made it official. They got married in 1984 at St. Thomas in Villanova, Pennsylvania, in a private ceremony. Saint David’s Gold Club was the place for the wedding reception. Even though everyone knows that Rick Steves and Anne Steves got married in 1984, no one knows for sure when they got married. Anne only said that her Biedermeier was made of roses and a little bit of Hydrangea.


Why did Rick Steves split up with his wife? You might be wondering why Rick Steves and his wife of more than 20 years are no longer together. What went wrong? The news about the couple’s divorce was all over the news. Anne and Rick Steves got a divorce, but they never said why. This has led people to make up their own stories about what happened.

In 2009, Anne’s place of birth, Snohomish, was where the divorce petition was filed. On March 5, 2010, they were officially no longer together. It’s not clear who asked for the divorce or what the official reason was.

There are rumors that Rick Steves wanted to break up with Anne Steves because he fell in love with Trish Feaster, his travel partner. But the claims are not backed up by facts. Rick called her his girlfriend on his blog in 2012, which is the only proof of the relationship. It’s not clear if they started dating while he was still married to Anne.

Married life

Anne and Rick were probably together for a long time before they got married. In the end, they got married at St. Thomas in Villanova, Pennsylvania, and had the reception at the Saint Davids’s Golf Club. The exact date of their wedding ceremony is unknown. Anne only ever told someone one thing: that her Biedermeier was made of roses and a little bit of Hydrangea. Rick was soon taking Anne with him on trips all over Europe. During these trips, she loved going to the markets and spas. But this journey of love didn’t last that long.

Ex-Wife Anne Steves Biography

Anne Steves is well-known as the ex-wife of American TV personality Rick Steves, with whom she has two children. Anne was born in the United States and is an American citizen. She is light-skinned and has beautiful brown eyes.

The United States is where Rick’s ex-wife was born and raised. No one knows about her childhood or where she went to school. Anne worked as a nurse and tried to help people. After they got a divorce, she just disappeared. According to reports, Anne Steves has a net worth of about $1 million.

But both she and her ex-husband did good things for charity and even raised money for the organization. In 2017, Rick gave a $4 million apartment building with 24 units to homeless women and children. He also chose the name Trinity Place for the apartment.

Steves also gave $1 million to the Cascade Symphony Orchestra and the Edmonds Center for the Arts.

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The career of her ex-husband

Rick went to school at the University of Washington, where he took non-credit courses that gave him the chance to travel. Since traveling was his passion, he wrote a travel guide for Europe called “Europe Through the Back Door” and put it out in 1980. He then opened a tourist center in Washington and started teaching people how to play the piano.

Rick’s first TV show started in 1991 and ran until 1998 when Rick took a two-year break. Rick has a website with lots of helpful information. He writes about beautiful places in Europe that are cheap enough for families to visit. On his site, you can buy things like planning maps, travel bags, guidebooks, etc., which shows that he knows how to make money.

Rick Steves Tours

So, we all know that Rick Steves tours are now common on the internet. People used to listen to him for advice, but now they love to watch his videos with their families and friends. Rick Steves Europe tour, Rick Steves Italy tour, and Rick Steves Ireland tour are his most-watched tours. You can also see videos of his tour on YouTube.

Rick Steves Wiki

His real name is Richard Steves, and he was born in the United States. He also comes from Norwegian ancestors. Jan and Linda are the names of the author’s two sisters. When he was 12, his family moved to Edmonds, Washington.

By the time he was 14, his parents took him on a trip to Europe to see where musical instruments like the piano are made. Then, his father ran a store called “Steves Sound of Music,” which sold pianos.

Steves went to college after he finished school. In 1978, he got a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. He studied European history and business administration as his main subjects.

What Is Rick Steves Portugal?

Rick Steves’s Portugal By Rick Steves is a YouTube channel where Rick Steves gives us travel tips. He has been doing this job for many years, and thousands of people on the internet love to go to his channel to get ideas for their next trip.

Is Rick Steves gay?

You’ve probably heard about the rumors about Rick’s sexuality that started after he split up with his wife, Anne Steves. Are the claims that he is gay true? When Rick talked about gay travel in Europe on his Facebook page in March 2017, rumors began to spread that he was gay.

He hasn’t said anything about the claim. Also, it wouldn’t be fair to judge or make assumptions about a person’s sexual orientation based on their work. Everyone knows that Rick Steves has been married for more than 20 years. He is also very proud of his two kids. He also has a new relationship with Shelley Bryan Wee, who is his girlfriend. So, the rumors that he is gay are completely false.


Rick Steves is divorced and hasn’t married or even dated another woman in the eleven years since his divorce.

We can assume that the writer still cares about his ex-wife or is very driven to work on his career and other goals in life. No matter why we wish the author the best of luck in his next relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about 

Are Rick and Anne Steves still married?

He was married to Anne Steves until 2010 when they got divorced. There are two kids.

Who is Trish Feaster?

Trish loves being able to share all of this with other travelers as a veteran tour guide, guidebook researcher for Rick Steves’ Europe, and leader for Imprint Tours.

How did Rick Steves make his money?

Steves began giving piano lessons and soon started to supplement his income by offering travel seminars called “European Travel Cheap.” He traveled back to Europe regularly where he eventually rented a minibus and started to lead small tours.

How old is Andy Steves?

Traveler chatted with the 29-year-old expert in his own right from his Prague Airbnb to get the scoop on growing up Steves—and why travel is more important now than ever.

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