Social Media has Made Our World a Smaller Place

Social Media has Made Our World a Smaller Place

Modern technology has brought us closer than ever before. Human connections were taking place at a very moderate pace until social media showed up on the scene. Today, social media networks are the fastest-moving channels in the world. Can you imagine Facebook has registered over 2 billion users; with two-thirds of them usually visit the site at least once a month? Social media platforms have changed the way people used to associate, and engage.

Previously, advertising and marketing were the sole preserve of print media, electronic media, and radio stations throughout the world. Now, things have entirely changed as most of these mediums are struggling to sell ad space to keep them afloat. Social media has literally shrunk the world. Let’s explore how social media continues to make the world a much smaller place.

Unprecedented Reach

Just few years back, it was unimaginable to think that if you shoot a tweet from your home or office, someone from across the continent will retweet or like it. Someone sitting thousands of miles away writes a post on the Facebook and it lands on your feed through sharing. The Internet has given us an unprecedented reach. Through blogging and guest posting, we can easily connect to thousands of websites. This demonstrates the outreach that internet offers through social media.

Negligible Cost Factor

Twenty years back, websites cost lakhs of rupees to build. Today, you can set up a website almost free of cost. And for social media, the cost is even less. It doesn’t cost a penny to open either a facebook, or an Instagram account, and you can upload and host as much content as you like without paying anything. It’s like anyone can create an online presence and interact with the rest of the world with click of a mouse.

The ease of contacting each other is what makes the world a smaller place. The power you possess to like the status update of Joe Biden, or comment on the personal Twitter handle of Amitabh Bachhan is monumental. In the past, you would have never known what they had to say. Now, what they think, and what they say is just a click away.

Micro Publishing

Previously, very few among us had the ability to express themselves until social media emerged. Just few years back, only eminent writers and journalists had the skill and reach to entertain us with their amazing stories. Social media has changed the ground rules. Today, everyone has the capacity to be a publisher. You can create news, stories, poetries, and publish to your feed and instantly receive feedback from your audience. Although, there are many good and popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, even new channels like Connected India have  joined the bandwagon with their innovative and out of the box features.

This has turned sharing information on its head and shrunk the world further. You will know what is happening in a remote village across the world simply by following tweets of people from that place. Under normal circumstances, such a stupendous reach would have cost almost a fortune, because even a 40 second TV advertisement in the prime time slot is worth lakhs of rupees. Compared to this, the almost cost-free reach of social media has made it possible for anyone to reach the masses with their message.

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