Things to Do in Strawberry, AZ

Things to Do in Strawberry, AZ

Strawberry, Arizona, located near the base of the Mogollon Rim, is a small town in the pines with a lot of charm and classic beauty. For many Arizonans, traveling between communities on Beeline Highway becomes a blur.

The meandering route, animals on the side of the road, and signs promising homemade pies. On the other hand, entice travelers to take a breath of the pine-scented air.

Strawberry has something for everyone. Whether you enjoy the great outdoors and hiking, historic sites and antiquing, or delicious dining and live music. Let’s take a look at the top things to do in Strawberry, Arizona.

What to Do in Strawberry, AZ

Hike! I enjoy hiking or simply going for a leisurely walk to explore the outdoors. If you go through the Forest Service gate at the end of Ernies Rd. in Strawberry, you’ll find a trail that leads up to the mountain peak. Check out the information here if you want to make it all the way to the top. The Pine Trailhead is located just outside of Pine and is a great trail/area for all types of families depending on how far you want to explore.

Fossil Creek requires some planning, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you should check it out. A permit is required for a portion of the year. During the fall/winter season, you do not. There is limited parking in the lot. Which is first come first served. To get to the waterfall from Strawberry, park the Bob Bear Trailhead. It’s an 8-mile round trip hike that is HOT many months of the year, necessitating many rescues each year, so come prepared. However, if you enjoy adventure, it is WELL WORTH IT.

There is a shorter hike to Fossil Creek from Camp Verde. The drive to the parking lot is 14 miles on a dirt road where a 4-wheel drive is recommended.

The Strawberry Schoolhouse – If it’s open (call ahead), you can see Arizona‘s oldest standing schoolhouse! If they aren’t open, you can always drive up and look. Take advantage of the Strawberry Inn’s outdoor common areas if you stay there. They can play lawn games or simply sit outside and enjoy the weather.

Where to Stay in Strawberry, AZ

Whether you’re staying for a night or a week, The Strawberry Inn is always our first choice. We’ve stayed here since the property was reintroduced. It gets better every year! You can get a tour of the Inn’s rooms here. See a fun girls’ trip itinerary idea here.

Since then, they’ve added Tiny Cottages, full houses, and, most recently, Airstreams. There’s something for everyone. I also appreciate that they included a gathering area (dubbed “the yard”) near the tiny cottages. This is a favorite spot for us to gather and play lawn games.

The Tiny Cottages have the same charming feel as the Inn’s rooms. With a little more room for the family. They have dog-friendly cottages as well as studio and two-bedroom options.We recently stayed in the One Bedroom Tiny Cottage #2 and wanted to give you a tour. You can also see a quick video tour in my Instagram highlights.

All of the cottages have air conditioning/heating, wifi, and a small kitchen with a sink, fridge, microwave, and stovetop burners. This one is great because of the bunkbeds (my teenagers don’t like sharing a bed). There’s a small yard area next to this one that’s ideal for outdoor dining or letting your dog run around.

They now have a little coffee shop inside the windmill (they make great espresso) and the cutest little free library in the main Inn area. Every time we see it, it gets better! You can’t go wrong with any of The Strawberry Inn’s options.

Top 21 Things to Do in Strawberry, AZ

1. Strawberry School House

The Strawberry Schoolhouse is a historic one-room schoolhouse in Strawberry, Arizona, located in northwest Gila County. The Strawberry Schoolhouse, built of pine logs in 1885, is Arizona’s “oldest existing schoolhouse.” It now serves as a fully restored local history museum, complete with a late-nineteenth-century classroom display.

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 10, 2005. The structure is a rare example of an Arizona wood schoolhouse that has survived.

2. Pine-Strawberry Museum

Pine-Strawberry Museum
Photo Credit:

This location is actually in Pine (just a few miles away). The two towns are so close and frequently mentioned in the same breath, we’ll count it. Pine-Strawberry Museum traces the area’s history from when indigenous peoples were the only ones to live there (aside from wildlife) to Spanish exploration and frontier history.

3. Visit the Tonto Natural Bridge

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park is located near Payson in central Arizona. It is thought to be the world’s largest natural travertine bridge. The bridge is 183 feet tall and spans a 400-foot tunnel that is 150 feet wide at its widest point. Three hiking trails, a picnic area, and a group-use area are available. Goodfellow Lodge at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park is a one-of-a-kind rustic hideaway in the heart of some of Arizona’s most picturesque scenery.

Tonto Natural Bridge was discovered in 1877 by David Gowan.The Scottish prospector who was being pursued by Apaches and needed a place to hide. He laid claim to the bridge and canyon via squatter’s rights after hiding in the tunnel for three days and two nights and moved the rest of his family over from Scotland in 1898.

4. Rancho Tonto Catch-a-Trout

This is a fantastic place to bring the kids for hours of fun catching Rainbow Trout. They provide you with everything you need (pole, line, hook, bait) to go out to one of their stocked ponds and reel ’em’ in for a small fee. It’s a sure bet the kids will catch some nice fish, and in the world of fishing, there aren’t many places that are!

5. Taste Italian Cuisine at Mamajoe’s

Italian cuisine is popular because it is delicious, unique, and nourishing. This restaurant’s classic recipes have been passed down through the generations. Mamajoe’s is well-known for its homemade pizza, spaghetti, Angus beef steaks, and seafood.

Soups, sauces, and salad dressings are made in-house. Mama prepares all of their snacks and desserts! If you want to try Italian cuisine, stop by Mama Joe’s for a hearty meal.

6. There are also plenty of hiking trails to find nearby

The Pine-Strawberry Trail #15, which runs from the outskirts of Strawberry down to Hardscrabble Mesa Road in Pine, is a good example. There’s also that.

7. Explore Fossil Creek

Fossil Creek is a Wild and Scenic River that can be reached via Fossil Creek Road near Strawberry, Arizona, in Gila County. This river has long been a favorite recreational swimming hole in Arizona. But with that comes a slew of new challenges. To enter the area, you will need a permit and a parking pass.

Fossil Creek is one of Arizona’s only two Wild and Scenic rivers. Water gushes out at 20,000 gallons per minute from springs at the bottom of a 1,600-foot-deep canyon at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. These calcium-rich waters have deposited massive amounts of travertine over the years. That rock-like substance encases whatever falls into the streambed, resulting in the fossil-like formations that give the area its name.

Fossil Creek is a rare riparian area in an arid environment. Many plants and animals, including otters, beavers, leopard frogs, and black hawks, rely on Fossil Creek for habitat. Some sections of Fossil Creek have successfully restored native fish populations.

8. Relax in the Verde Hot Springs

Hike the Verde River to a natural hot spring. Two pools of water were built on the side of a mountain that was once a resort. The pool outside is approximately 95 degrees, while the pool inside the rock hut is well over 100 degrees. This area is ideal for a day hike or an overnight pack trip. Along the trail to the hot springs, there are a few good camping spots.

9. Get Some Rest at the Strawberry Inn Little Cottages

Strawberry Inn, a boutique hotel in Strawberry, is a great place to unwind. The Strawberry Inn is a unique boutique hotel for travelers, adventurers, and nature lovers. Their accommodations are ideal for a romantic getaway, family vacation, hunting trip, corporate retreat, or family reunion.

In addition to the main site, they have private cabins such as The Guest House, The Creek Cabin, The Bungalow, The Bunkhouse, Tiny Cottages, and Airstreams for a glamping trip. The Strawberry Inn has something for everyone!

10. Stargazing up on the Rim is the perfect way to wind down from the day

Strawberry is a small town, so there isn’t much light pollution, making it ideal for stargazing. If you’re not sure if you’ll see the Milky Way in all of its glory, it doesn’t hurt to drive a few miles up the Rim to ensure more darkness.

11. Buy a Drink at Windmill Coffee

Since the 1970s, the Windmill has served as a BBQ joint, storage unit, tanning salon, and, most recently, a coffee shop and coffee roaster. Dan and Marina, the owners of Windmill Coffee and residents of Pine/Strawberry, are from Southern California and arrived at the Rim via Phoenix.

Their dream of owning a coffee shop has come true. They are overjoyed to hang up their shingle and experiment with new flavors while working and living in their neighborhood. Windmill Coffee is proud to be a multi-generational and multi-family business.

You can buy a drink from their walk-up window and enjoy it in scenic Strawberry, Arizona, or you can have delicious freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door.

Try their coffee at The Windmill whether you’re a Strawberry Inn guest, a local, a day-tripper looking for adventure, or just sipping your coffee at home!

12. Down the Street Art Gallery

Pam Fandrich, April Bower, Bob Gleason, Janice Hoyt, and Jeff Kuhns’ artwork can be found at Down the Street Art Gallery. Acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings are on display in the gallery.

13. Rim Country Museum

This museum is located in Green Valley Park in Payson. The Northern Gila County Historical Society runs it. The museum preserves the region’s natural and cultural history. Exhibits depict the area’s ancient people (the Tonto Apache), the Calvary and pioneer period, as well as other eras of Payson and the rim country.

The original Forest Ranger Station, the top of Mount Ord Watchtower, Payson’s first fire-fighting equipment and fire truck, and a bronze memorial statue honoring firefighters who died fighting forest fires are all on the museum grounds. (928) 474-3483. 700 Payson’s Green Valley Parkway. Turn right out of our driveway onto Hwy 87. Drive about 17 miles south to Payson’s Main Street, turn right, and follow it back to Green Valley Park.

14. Grab a Bite at the Sportsman’s Chalet

The Sportsman’s Chalet has a pleasant covered patio filled with people enjoying a drink in the evening. Most customers enjoy the well-cooked elk burgers, fried fish, and pork at this Mexican-themed bar and grill.

The Sportsman Chalet is also known for its excellent service. Friendly staff who are always willing to help. If you’re a Strawberry local or just passing through, stop in for a bite to eat and a drink.

15. Zane Grey Museum

“My beloved Arizona,” Zane Grey’s term of endearment for this state. His western novels were inspired by their history and people. It’s wildlife and landscape piqued his interest in the wild, and its rugged natural beauty piqued his introspective soul. He wrote 13 novels set in the “Rim Country,” and he frequently hunted and fished in the lakes that surround Payson.

16. Enjoy a Meal at the Weekender

Relax in the Weekender’s warm cabin environment or watch the big game on Sunday with fantastic food and company. Baked mac ‘n’ cheese, three taco options, and fish ‘n’ chips with beer-battered fish, steak fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce are all on the menu.

You can also order a fajita quesadilla, a Southwest grilled chicken sandwich, a black & blue steak salad, desserts, and other items. On a warm early evening, you can enjoy the landscape and wind on The Weekender’s deck while enjoying their delicious meal and refreshments.

17. Fort Verde State Historic Park

During the 1870-1880 Indian Wars, Fort Verde was an active military post. Four of the original structures remain. There are also three officer’s quarters and a museum commemorating the fort’s history, its soldiers, and the Indian scouts. Every October, Fort Verde Days is celebrated. (928) 567-3275. The Verde Valley is significantly warmer all year because it is over 3,000 feet lower in elevation than Cabins On Strawberry Hill resort.

18. Purchase Herbal Goods at Herb Stop

The Herb Stop was founded in 1992 by Leilah, a Swiss pharmaceutical assistant, and master herbalist. The herb store, which started in a small 300-square-foot space in Arizona, quickly expanded to handle in-depth Herb Stop Certification Classes and an apprenticeship program.

Natalie Hajdu, a Master Herbalist, began working with Leilah in 2002 and is now President of The Herb Stop. Leilah and Natalie created an amazing herbal product line with over 2500 items. The Herb Stop focuses on providing the best quality herbal products to the general public.

The Herb Stop’s mission is to provide the most current herbal knowledge and the highest-quality herbal goods to anyone looking to improve their quality of life. Its manufacturing and retail facilities are now located in the mountainous region of Arizona.

19. Grand Canyon National Park

The canyon’s 277-mile length is a geologic and wildlife preserve with spectacular forest above the desert. The South Rim of the canyon is open all year. The more spectacular North Rim is open from mid-May to mid-October, weather permitting (snow). Strawberry is 150 miles northwest of the canyon.

Although our guests frequently travel up and back in a single day. We recommend that you spend the night and enjoy the Grand Canyon’s famous sunrises and sunsets. How to Get to the South Rim: Turn left onto Highway 87 and travel 19 miles to Clint’s Well. Drive to Flagstaff by turning left onto Lake Mary Road (Hwy 3). Drive beneath I-40 and through Flagstaff, then turn left on Highway 180 to the South Rim entrance.

20. Grab Unique Items inside Fancy Finds

Sherri Gray, the owner of “The Cottage,” has opened “Fancy Finds” in Pine, Arizona. It is a one-of-a-kind marketplace with a diverse selection of home décor, furniture, gifts, handmade flowers, clothing, and repurposed items. Sherri handpicks every item and vendor in her store to ensure that there is something for everyone.

They discovered that they were fortunate to find an OLD house in Pine, AZ. Which allowed them to keep all of the treasures bursting through the cracks while also providing a relaxing environment for customers to browse their collections. There is a store that welcomes you and makes your shopping experience pleasurable. New items arrive every day; come in and take a look.

21. Red Rock State Park

This 286-acre park is a protected riparian habitat named after the surrounding fiery-colored cliffs of Oak Creek Canyon. The park’s environmental education center is open daily, and hiking and nature programs highlight the wildlife that lives along Oak Creek.

A self-guided ethnobotanical nature trail is a highlight of the park. Continue on I-17 north to Highway 89 and follow the signs to Montezuma Castle.

Final Thoughts

Make the most of your time in Strawberry, Arizona by visiting the area’s most popular tourist attractions.

Strawberry, Arizona, has a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. As well as restaurants serving delectable meals, souvenir shops, and a variety of other unique attractions.

Strawberry’s neighbor, Pine, has a variety of activities. That you can include in your tour to make it even more amazing. Book your vacation now and invite your friends and family to join you for an unforgettable adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Things to Do in Strawberry, AZ

What is Strawberry Arizona famous for?

Strawberry, Arizona is a popular weekend getaway destination for desert dwellers looking to escape the summer heat of Phoenix and Scottsdale.

What lake in Arizona has the best fishing?

Alamo Lake State Park may have the best largemouth bass fishing in Arizona. If not the western United States and the crappie fishing can also be spectacular! This desert lake is near the small western town of Wenden. Is set in a remote part of the Sonoran Desert.

Strawberry AZ is located in which forest?

National Forest of the Coconino

Strawberry, Arizona is located in which county?

Gila County is located in the state of Arizona’s central region. It had a population of 53,597 people according to the 2010 census. Globe is the county seat. The Payson, Arizona Micropolitan Statistical Area includes Gila County. Gila County includes portions of the Fort Apache and San Carlos Indian Reservations.

What is the significance of the name Strawberry az?

The fishing is fantastic! The discovery of gold in the hills around 1875 sparked an influx of settlers to the area. Strawberry got its colorful name from these early residents. Who was inspired by the wild strawberries that grew throughout the area? In 1885, they also built the Strawberry Schoolhouse.

Is Strawberry, Arizona a nice place to live?

Strawberry provides residents with a rural feel, and the majority of residents own their homes. There are numerous bars and restaurants in Strawberry. Strawberry is a retirement community with a conservative population. Strawberry’s public schools are highly regarded.

Are strawberries grown in Strawberry, Arizona?

Early settlers named Strawberry, Arizona after the colorful wild strawberries that grew in the forest. The majority of the strawberries in Strawberry have been harvested. They continue to grow well and can still be found.

Strawberry was it a real town?

Strawberry, El Dorado County, California is a real-life town. That most closely resembles that in the game. It was founded in the Sierra Nevada foothills after the California Gold Rush. Grew to become a popular resort town by the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Strawberry is how far away from Flagstaff?

Strawberry to Flagstaff is 55.35 miles north of Flagstaff and 97 miles (156.11 kilometers) by car if you take I-17 N. If you drive nonstop, the distance between Strawberry and Flagstaff is 1 hour and 35 minutes. This is the shortest route between Strawberry, AZ, and Flagstaff, AZ.

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