Third Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress?

Third Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress?

The Third Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress In this essay, I will explain how I eventually mastered WordPress on my third attempt. Have you attempted to install WordPress, but received an error message?

If you have previously attempted to install WordPress on your server or are transferring your WordPress site to a new host, you are aware of how difficult it may be. How can you rapidly get WordPress up and running? Discover more here!

Third Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress?

A few years ago, I planned to start a blog, but I was unable to locate a suitable platform. I attempted to use WordPress but was unable to do so. I spent months searching and asking for assistance from friends, relatives, and coworkers, but ultimately I had to give up.

This year, I decided I wanted to resume blogging, but without repeating the same errors. This is why I titled this article “Third Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress.” I believe it will help you avoid making the same mistakes I did when launching a WordPress blog.

Here’s how I finally made WordPress work for me;

1. Register a domain along with a hosting and domain

People will use the domain to locate your blog once it is created. It is one of the most crucial tasks in creating a functional WordPress website. Choose a name that is appropriate, concise, and unambiguous. It should demonstrate the essence of your brand.

Hosting, on the other hand, is having a home for your domain once it has been created. Typically, you pay for it every month, but you can also purchase an annual plan.

2. Install WordPress

Installing WordPress enables you to immediately utilize your website and hosting plan.

3. Choose a Simple Theme

Initially, it is recommended to choose a theme that is simple and straightforward. Some WordPress themes are straightforward to comprehend on their own. You should implement this theme. Easy-to-use themes that require minimal design can help you avoid WordPress failure.

4. Install The Theme

After selecting an appealing theme, the next step is to configure it. After setting it up, you can modify it to suit your requirements. The menu and footer should be the most significant elements of your blog’s design, as this is where readers will join and navigate. “The health of a blog” frequently discusses this topic.

5. Setting Up Categories

You may create groups on your WordPress site to organize your material and make it easier for visitors to find what they need. It also makes it easier to track your publications. The term “category” relates to how we label WordPress posts based on their subject matter.

6. Installing Plugins

Installing plugins in WordPress expands its functionality.

7. Write the first blog post

Almost sure, you began your WordPress site for a specific reason. Now is the time to let others know by writing your first blog post and hitting “publish.” However, creating quality material should be your top priority. You may learn how to create excellent content by reading the best books for novice bloggers or by viewing YouTube lessons.

Third Time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress Manually?

Important Steps

  • You have the option of remotely installing it on a computer or a server.
  • You should have a domain address if you’re on a server (website name).
  • If so, you must install a server, such as xampp, on your computer.
  • After downloading the WordPress bundle from, unpack it into the server’s directory. This directory varies across numerous server types. In the article, this topic will be discussed.
  • your internet browser to your website. A page for configuration will be displayed. Complete the missing phrases.
  • Create a database user in MySql. On the configuration page, you must provide these user details.
  • Here, the setup is completed.
  • To access the WordPress administration panel, navigate to the /wp-admin/folder.
  • If you perfectly implement these methods, you will be able to master WordPress on your first attempt.

Here are six WordPress problems and possible solutions to these issues

Internal Server Error is commonly referred to as “HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.”

I’m certain you have never encountered this error message before. This frequent error message may be produced by a variety of factors. This warning could be triggered by the use of themes or plugins, PHP code that runs out of time, or issues with the.htaccess files.

What can be fixed?

Before contacting your hosting provider, you may wish to attempt the following solutions:

  • Try reloading the page. This may be a temporary issue.
  • After clearing your browser’s cache, close and reopen it.
  • I utilized a separate web browser to locate the desired page.
  • If the issue persists, you should contact your hosting company.

Attempting to make graphic changes

If you are unfamiliar with CSS, HTML, and PHP, changing picture and table layout will be difficult. WordPress offers a variety of layouts, however many of them are identical. To give your website a distinctive appearance, you must know how to code.

What can be fixed?

  • Learn additional CSS or HTML skills.
  • Employ a web developer to assist with the modifications.

Automatic Updates Destroy Everything

It has been reported that an upgrade has been implemented, and as a result, the plugins you have installed no longer function properly. Even if it occurs frequently, it could be a significant trap. Updates do not take into consideration any modifications or plugins you’ve already installed. If they are not compatible with the most recent upgrades, they will not function.

You might need to switch plugins and then wait for your current plugin to receive an update. In the meanwhile, you can return and make changes.

Make frequent backups of your website. If an update does not make sense to you, you have the option to revert to the previous version.

You were attacked by

How can you tell whether a website has been compromised? It may not function properly, there may be links to other sites that shouldn’t be there, or you may be unable to locate the site. It would be foolish to undergo the entire procedure to get your company’s website back online. The longer you wait to restore your website’s functionality, the more sales you will lose.

What can be fixed?

  • Determine how much it will cost to remove your website from the Internet.
  • The FAQ section for WordPress may be found at.
  • This website provides excellent advice on what to do in this case.
  • Improve the room.
  • alter passwords.
  • Keep abreast on the most recent happenings.

Slow Performance Rates

In contrast to content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress is not intended to manage big amounts of content. Loading times are notorious for being slowed down by additional activities due to the widespread use of plugins and cluttered databases. If you now have or intend to have a great deal of content on your WordPress site, you will have to exert more work to ensure its optimal performance.

What can be fixed?

  • Ensure that your hosting meets the requirements of your content levels.
  • Utilize a caching plugin.
  • Remove unneeded widgets and plugins from your homepage in order to increase its loading speed.
  • Vulnerability to Plugin Viruses

The Varieties of WordPress Websites
Among the various sorts of WordPress sites are:

  • Business sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Websites with membership capabilities
  • Newsletters
  • Forums


I’m pleased I didn’t give up on WordPress because it is an amazingly robust platform. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to design whatever type of website or blog you desire. I advise you to give WordPress a try if you’re considering doing so. And if you encounter any difficulties, remember that third time is a charm!

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