What Can I Do With My Cat on Halloween?

What Can I Do With My Cat on Halloween?

Halloween can be a lot of fun for people, and our dogs might enjoy chasing after a few extra ghosts. But no matter how much we enjoy dressing up ourselves or our kids, our cats may not be having as much fun, no matter how much we want them to.

Most of the time, our get a cat would probably rather not celebrate this holiday at all. The strange and sometimes scary faces and costumes, scary sounds, and gadgets might not only scare your pet cat, but they could also kill it. We have some tips for keeping your cat calm, safe, and happy during this scary holiday.

Halloween Candy Is Not Good for Cats

Cats shouldn’t eat chocolate or xylitol, and both of these things are common in Halloween candy. Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute that has become popular in a lot of products for people. Your cat should not be able to get any Halloween candy. Most cats don’t like sweets as much as people or dogs do, but sometimes you’ll find one that does. Still, if a cat eats something sweet, it’s usually because someone gave it to them. Make sure everyone in your home knows that cats shouldn’t eat Halloween candy or other treats, especially kids.

Keep them happy

If your cat is used to being able to go outside whenever he wants, he might not like having to stay inside on Halloween. If your cat looks upset, play with him and pet him for a while to make him feel better. You can also try giving your cat treats to make him feel better about being stuck inside.

Don’t force your cat to cuddle you if he’s clearly scared, and try to treat your cat as you normally would by just spending some quality time with him. A pheromone diffuser for cats can also help your cat feel better.

Keep them inside

For cats that live outside, Halloween is one of the most dangerous times of the year. Not only do people wear scary costumes that could scare cats, but there are also more cases of animal abuse, especially against black cats, around Halloween. Keep your cats safe in their home to protect them from any harm that could happen.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Cats Safe This Halloween

 1.  Keep candy out of your cats’ reach

The chocolate and xylitol in Halloween candy can be very bad for cats. Most people think that this is something that only dog owners have to worry about, but cats do sometimes eat candy too. Most people know that chocolate is dangerous for pets and that even a small amount can kill them.

Few people know that candy-like sugar-free gum that is sweetened with xylitol can also be very dangerous. Xylitol makes the body release insulin and lowers blood sugar. This can cause the liver to fail. Make sure your pets can’t get any Halloween candy. If your cat steals candy and eats it, call your vet or take your cat to a veterinary emergency clinic right away.

2. Most cats don’t like parties.

Have guests over? People don’t usually think of cats as party animals. Most are usually quiet, shy, and easy to startle. Make sure your cat has a quiet, private room to go to before people come over.

3. Keep your cat away from candles.

Candles are often used to decorate for the evening (either in a pumpkin or on a table). These candles can be knocked over by a scared cat, which could be very bad. Make sure your cat can’t knock over a candle, start a fire, or hurt itself.

4. Candles can tempt cats

Cats can be both attracted to and hurt by Jack-o’-lanterns with flickering candles. If a candle gets knocked over, it can burn a curious nose or paw and also start a fire in the house. To be safe, never leave lit candles unattended, keep them out of reach of all pets, and think about switching to safer “candles” that run on batteries.

5. Don’t leave cats in costumes alone

Some people like to dress up their pets for Halloween, like I do. Just make sure you use a costume made for cats and that you never leave them alone in a costume. Costumes for pets are made to fit well and are easy to take off. But you should never leave a pet alone in a costume because they can get into trouble easily.

Some animals might try to take off their costumes on their own and get stuck, while others might get their costumes caught on something and choke. Make sure a costume is comfortable for your cat. If you think it might make your cat nervous, talk to your vet first. As you get ready for Halloween, remember these tips to make sure you and your cats have a safe and fun night.

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Purrfect DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Cat

Business Cat

Even if your cat spends a lot of time sleeping at work, it can still dress like it means business. To make this costume, all you need to do is make a simple collar out of fabric or felt and put on a pair of glasses with a plastic frame. Your cat should keep them on long enough for their to work.

Pet Guitar Costume

With this very chill musician costume, your cat will be the life of the party. Plus, they’ll be ready to play the guitar like crazy. Take a cue from the model and add a pair of tiny sunglasses to the picture you take of them.

Harry Potter Cat

To turn your cat into a feline Harry Potter, you don’t need a polyjuice potion. All you need is a baby’s sweater, some felt for the collar and tie, a pipe cleaner bent into a lightning bolt, and some wire bent into glasses. But your cat might need a little magic to stay still while you dress it.

Doctor Who Cat

Fans of “Doctor Who,” rejoice! You can make your cat look like Doctor Who or Docpurr Who. It might be hard to find clothes for your cat that is small enough, but if you are good at sewing, you can make a costume that looks like the character.

Pizza Cat

Do you know what that sound was? Someone put together cats and pizza, which are two of the most popular things on the internet. By making this pizza cat costume yourself, you can start your own internet trend and get lots of likes on social media. Just cut pieces of brown, yellow, and red felt into the right shapes and sizes and sew or glue them together. If you aren’t very crafty, you can also buy pizza cat costumes that are already made.

Nyan Cat Costume

As a cat owner, you should know about the Nyan Cat internet meme if you don’t already. It looks like a flying cat with a Pop-Tart on its face. Need I say more?

Get Cozy At Home

If your cat is easily scared, you might want to throw a party at home just for them. Get your cat’s favorite toys and a place to relax away from the trick-or-treaters.

Give your cat a fun place to hide and play, like the Kitty Play Zone. When your cat sees the inside climbing tower that leads up to the loft, he will feel like a king. Because the outside is white, it’s easy to change, so you can even decorate it for Halloween.

Punk Rock Cat

For those cats with a lot of anger, it makes sense for them to dress up as punk rockers for Halloween. For this costume, you will need to cut a rectangle out of an old pair of jeans. Then, cut armholes in them and sew on a patch or piece of fabric with the logo of a punk rock band to turn them from house cats into mosh cats.

Let Your Furry Friend Be a Door Greeter

Do you ever feel like your cat is better known than you are? Do they curl up with everyone they meet and cuddle? Let your talkative cat join in the fun if you’re staying home to greet trick-or-treaters. People love to see cute pets acting silly. If you dress up with your cat, he can greet people at the candy bowl and add to the fun of Halloween.

Mermaid Swimsuit for Cats

With this two-piece set, your cat will want to join that world (get it?). Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go adopt a cat just so I can put it in this mermaid swimsuit.

Princess Cat Costume

Most of our animals act like princesses (the meowing? the crying out for food?) so why not dress them like the royalty they think they are? If you have two cats, you can dress them up as Prince Charming and his princess.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) about What Can I Do With My Cat on Halloween?

What do cats have to do with Halloween?

The idea of Cat Smiths and the Samhain holiday is the most direct link between cats and Halloween. In Celtic myth, Cat Smiths are fairies that look like big black cats with white spots on their chests. Legend says that they live in the highlands of Scotland and sometimes steal souls.

Should you keep your cat in on Halloween?

On Halloween, it’s best to keep cats inside, especially black cats. On this night, many black cats go missing because of jokes or other terrible things. It’s better to play it safe than to get hurt. Lastly, make sure your cat can’t get to any candy, especially chocolate, which is dangerous for cats.

Do cats get hurt on Halloween?

But the truth is that Halloween doesn’t make black cats more likely to get hurt. It’s just an urban legend. Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies, told USA TODAY, “That’s a complete lie.” “It’s just an old fear that people with bad intentions will take in black cats.”

Why are black cats a part of Halloween?

Black cats were often burned at the stake with witches during the witch trials. Many of these beliefs and myths are still around today, which is why you will see a lot of black cats this Halloween.

Why should you keep black cats inside during Halloween?

Some people believe that black cats are bad luck and have something to do with witchcraft. This is just old-fashioned folklore. Sometimes black cats are used as Halloween props and then thrown away. Keep your black cats inside, especially around Halloween, to keep them safe.

Is it bad luck to see a black cat on Halloween?

One of the oldest and most common superstitions is that meeting a black cat will bring bad luck. The dark-colored cats have also been made into Halloween symbols, which has given them a scary reputation that isn’t deserved.

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