What Does it Mean When A Pug’s Tail is Down?

What Does it Mean When A Pug’s Tail is Down?

If you want to know what it means when a pug’s tail is down, ask yourself: This could mean that something is wrong. When a pug’s tail is down, it could be because of age, mood, fear, illness, or an injury. The pet’s tail can tell its owner a lot about how the animal is feeling. When it comes to where their tails are, pugs are just like any other dog.

The pug is a small breed of dog that is often kept as a lap dog. It usually sleeps at its owner’s feet, and its curly tail gives it a unique look. The shape is usually a spiral, which can be single or double, and is usually packed tightly on the haunch.

What Do Different Tail Positions Mean?

As was already said, a pug’s tail position, also called “pug tail language,” can show how it feels. This is true whether they are happy, sad, feel threatened, or even sick. So, what does each position of the tail mean?

When a pug’s tail curls and wags, it means they are happy, excited, or full of energy. You’ll notice that their tail curls tightly over their back and wags quickly from side to side. If their tail is up, it almost always means they are happy or ready to play.

When a pug’s tail is down, limp, or not curled, it can mean a few different things. The first reason is that they’re sad. This could be because they feel threatened, because they are hurt or injured, or even because they are sick. When a pug is sick, its tail will usually uncurl and hang limp, so if you see this, you should figure out what’s wrong.

When pugs are teenagers, their tails may also hang down. Young pugs don’t usually have tails that are fully curled yet. Instead, their tails sit on their backs and are more or less straight. Most of the time, this will get better as they get older, but they may need extra help if they still have problems with their tails after seven weeks.

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Why is my do’s tail suddenly down?

If your dog’s tail suddenly hangs down, it could be because of a number of things. First, look for obvious signs of injury, like a cut or bruise. Even if your dog doesn’t seem to have been hurt, he or she may still be in pain or discomfort.

If your pet has problems with his prostate, like Anal gland inflammation, prostate problems, or osteoarthritis, he might keep his tail in place to make himself feel better. Every dog can get a limp tail, but dogs with longer tails are more likely to get them. If you’re worried about your dog’s health, the best thing to do is talk to a vet. They will be able to tell you why your dog’s tail is down in a clearer way.

When Do Pugs’ Tails Curl?

Compared to other dogs, Pugs have a very noticeable spinal deviation, which makes their tails curl in a strange way. Most mutts have tail bones that are the same on both sides. This makes their tails as straight as a railway. But no Pugs! These have bones that aren’t all the same shape. Each bone column is shaped like a prism, or a wedge. So, by the time a Pug is two weeks old, that “cinnamon bun” curl will have already started to form. Sometimes it might take a while for your cute dog to start curling its tail. Still, by the time they are 2 to 2.5 months old, all pancake-faced have the tail shape for which they are known and loved.

But there are times when the shape of your pup’s tail changes, and you may be wondering, “Why is my Pug’s tail straight?” Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why people do this.

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At What Age Does the Pug Start Wagging His or Her Tail

Around the age of seven weeks, most pug puppies start to wag their tails. They talk to each other by wagging their tails. Pugs show how they feel and what they think by wagging their tails. They also talk with their bodies in other ways. When a puppy is happy, its tail wags faster.

The puppy can communicate better when its tail is wagging. After seven weeks, if the tail is still not wagging, it’s time to call a vet. When a Pug wags his tail, the best part is when the little cinnamon bun moves back and forth. Does a Pug’s tail ever move straight? This is something I have only seen when my Pugs are fast asleep and dreaming. They might be thinking about popcorn or French fries.

Why Is Your Pug’s Tail Down?

When their tails are down, pugs do say something. This part of the body is very important to the owner because it tells them if they are healthy or not. There are a few main reasons why the tail is where it is.

They are feeling sad or anxious

When a Pug’s tail acts up, it could be a sign that they are sad or worried. This could be because their routine has changed, like if they got a new pet, or it could be a more serious problem, like separation anxiety. If you think this might be the case, you might want to talk to a behaviorist if you can’t solve the problem yourself.

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This breed loses the ability to curl its tail and keep it curled over time. Most of the time, an old pug will keep its tail down or straight. Since their muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be, they can’t control where they put them.

This is also true for older pugs that don’t get enough food, which makes them weak and stops them from being able to curl their tail. Since they are getting weaker, they can no longer hold their strange shape naturally.

They are in pain

If your Pug is holding their tail down, whimpering or whining, and walking with a limp, it could mean they are in pain. This could be caused by a wound, an infection, or arthritis. If you think this might be the case, take them to the vet so they can be checked out and treated.


If their tail is down, it could be because they are hurt. Since they are hurt and feel pain when they try to curl their tails, they won’t be able to do it. Even though this doesn’t happen very often, pugs can get hurt if something happens to their tails.

For example, when they play rough with other pets, fall on their backs, or have their tails hit by a door. Also, if someone tries to untwist their tails, it can be dangerous. This is also true of children, so never leave your pug or children alone when they are not with you.

They are sick

If your Pug’s tail is down and they are acting sick in other ways, like losing their appetite, throwing up, or having diarrhea, it could mean they are sick. This could be caused by a virus, an infection, or even something more serious, like cancer. If you think this might be the case, call a vet right away!

Do pugs like having their tails touched?

They don’t like it when people touch their tails. They are not only in pain, but they may also have health problems in their spine. So, people should never pull the tails of their pugs. Pets are not toys, so don’t play with their bodies like you would with a toy.

People should look at the tail often and clean it, just like they do with other wrinkled parts of the dog’s body, to prevent infections in the skin folds.

Should I contact a vet for my Pug’s uncurled tail?

Tails that don’t curl up are usually not a big deal. It’s fine as long as the tail curls back up the way it should. If the uncurl state lasts longer, it’s best to call a vet you can trust. There could be something hurting your dog. Keep an eye on your Pug and see if he shows any other signs of pain. In any case, if his tail has been straight for a few hours, you might want to call your vet.

There’s no question that vet bills can be hard to pay. So, pet owners should think about getting insurance for their pets. With this insurance, you’ll be able to pay for the cost.


Pugs are a unique type of dog with a different kind of tail. It curls up and over the back of their bodies in one or two tight curls and usually doesn’t wag as wide or as randomly as the tails of other types of dogs. Even so, a pug’s tail can show just as much emotion as the tails of other dogs. You can tell a lot about how they feel by looking at how they hold their tail.

When a pug’s tail is held down or hangs limp instead of being curled and pointing up, you can be sure that they are unhappy. If someone is in this position, it could mean they’re sad, uncomfortable, tired, sick, scared, or hurt. Even though it’s normal for a pug to hold its tail down sometimes, you should try to figure out what’s making it feel bad if it does it often.

It might be best to do this by taking your pug to a vet. They will be able to tell if something is physically wrong with your dog, like a cut or infection on its tail or in the area around it.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) about What Does It Mean When A Pug’s Tail Is Down?

What does it mean when a dog’s tail is lowered?

Not surprisingly, a tail that goes down could be a sign of surrender. But it can also mean that the dog is scared or worried. The position of the dog’s tail will show how he is feeling. If the tail is close to the body, the dog is feeling submissive, afraid, or anxious.

Which way should a pug’s tail curl?

The breed standards for Pugs say that they should have curly tails, so many people breed Pugs to have this trait. “The tail is curled as tight as possible over the hip,” says the AKC standard. The KC breed standard says, “High set, tightly curled over the hip.

What tail down mean?

To get smaller, weaker, or less active; to get smaller, weaker, or less active. As usual, the company’s shares started going down again soon after yesterday’s huge rise.

What your dog’s tail is telling you?

In general, the higher the dog’s tail, the more confident it is. When a dog’s tail is pointing down or even tucked between its legs, it is showing fear or stress. When a dog’s tail is up like a flag, it means that the dog is feeling strong and maybe even aggressive.

What causes a dog’s tail to droop?

A dog’s wagging tail is often caused by a sprained or strained muscle in its tail. Overuse can cause these injuries, but they can also be caused by: Swimming. Long-term confinement in a crate.

Why do pugs follow you everywhere?

Why is my Pug so attached to me? Pugs are known for being very attached to their owners because they were made to be companion dogs. Because of this, Pugs tend to follow their owners around and get anxious when they have to be apart from them.

Why won’t my dog put her tail up?

Limp tail is an injury to a dog’s tail that happens when it works out too hard. Acute caudal myopathy is the name of this medical condition. It happens when a dog does a lot of hard work and hurts the muscles, ligaments, and tendons at the base of its tail.

How do you tell if my dog’s tail is broken?

If the tail is broken, it will swell, bend, and get a kink in it. Your dog may be having trouble moving or wagging its tail, or it may be holding it in an odd way. Dogs often lick their wounds to make them feel better, so watch out if your pet’s tongue and tail are stuck together.

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